Pro Evolution Soccer 5 review
Pro Evolution Soccer 5

The good:

Everything, you can even score those 30-40 yard screamers you've always dreamed of scoring, that's if you're good enough.

The bad:

Stupid hand ball decisions


If you love football, you'll love this. Of course not all the major teams are officially represented but PES and Konami are trying to get this changed for PES6. What makes this game great is the fact that fans of the smaller premiership teams can play as their team or they can play as a huge Italian team, AC or Inter and the list goes on. You can lift the world cup with the country of your choice, preferably England. And if you can do this on 5* it doesn't mean you're a bad person, but if you can do it on 6* it means you've beaten the best in the world playing at their best, even some of the weaker teams provide you with a challenge. The Master league, where do I start? The player development is spot on, take a load of youngsters, throw in 4 or 5 experienced players and you've probably got yourself a team that can go and win everything. If you reach that moment in the 3rd season when you first have the opportunity to win the everything, it will be a very emotional experience, believe me. So with all the ups and downs of real football, this is the ultimate game for any football fan.

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