Pro Evolution Soccer 5 review

The good:

Graphics - 9.5/10 - Nigh on perfect, all the top stars look so realistic, it is unbelievable, from Ronaldinho's unmistakable teeth, to the stubble on Del Piero's face - it is all fantastic. The only problem, is really the slight lack of detail Konami have focused on the not so known players...

Gameplay - 10/10 - Absolutely exceptional, despite slowing the pace of the game down from PES4, it still keeps the quintessential fluidity, to produce mouth-watering goals. Nearly every aspect of gameplay has been improved from PES4 in my opinion, the passing is now less 'automatic', and instead you have to pick out team-mates to pass to, which inevitably brings an array of interceptions, whilst tackling is given a new leash of life. Now you have to time your tackles to perfection, or you risk giving away needless free-kicks, this may become irritating, but simply adds to the beauty of which PES5 accustoms to. The repetition of shooting has now departed, with literally thousands of different ways to score. Plus the variety of subtle little tricks to pull off, will leave you in amazement...

Game Modes - 9.5/10 - The usual PES ritual of Master League is better than ever, with stacks of options available, and with the detailed development graphs showing you how well your players have become, among others. The cups are still a little bare, whilst the league's offer a great challenge, but can quickly become tedious...

The bad:

A few glitches including 'empty crowd syndrome' - but nothing too serious...


This version of Pro Evolution Soccer, is not just a yearly update, which 'rival' Fifa usually succumbs to, it is a world away from the brilliant PES4. Simply brilliant in every department, this is a game YOU NEED to own.

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