Pro Evolution Soccer 3 review
A game that could do better with the right license

The good:


The bad:

>loading screens
>crap front cover
>crap license


The game has loads of good things and bads things. Ill tell you the bad things first to start you off. The good stuff should lighten your moods afterwards. They should, dont know if they will.

Lets say this. Pro evolution soccer is the best football game to hit the world in years. The main problem with it is the fact that the license is crap. FIFA has hogged the best club teams in the world and PES3 is left to search the bins. If PES3 had a good license then it would be the best footy game ever! which it already is.

The front cover aint a big problem but it has to make a good first appearance doesnt it? whats the point have a dull orange cover if people passing by cant admire it? The FIFA covers are good, the PES covers should be more like that. Anyway, its not the cover thats important its the game.

The shit loading screens make the game really annoying, but thats no problem because the game is worth waiting for, as you will now here about!

The general gameplay of PES3 is fantastic because of the way it is presented. Its not too easy and its not too hard. The settings can be changed on it to make it harder or easier anyway so thats no problem.

The graphics are not bad either considering its made by a japanese company (Konami). Most japanese games have crappy voice overs and they seem to scream in high pitched voices all the time. This game has an english commentary, dont worry.

The controls on the game are easy to master because they are very simple. They are different from the FIFA games but not completely different, so if you have played FIFA all your lofe and have now started to play PES, you will find it easy to master.

Overall PES3 is definetly a better game than any FIFA game because it has tonnes of extras such as PK (penalty kickout) matches and stuff. I like PK matches. PES3 would be my choice of football game, but not if you are not a fan of the genre. Rent it first.

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