Pro Evolution Soccer 3 review

The good:

The Skills!
The Gameplay!
The Master League!
The Goals!
The Fact it's better than Fifa!

The bad:

The Licensing
The Lack of Teams
The Fact that it has bad licesing so it's slagged off
The Fact it's less popular than Fifa


It's Pro evolution soccer 3 the game fans have been waiting for for another year, still playing PES2. But when it came out they were very suprised about the changes that were made...

The fact is, is that PES has always played better than Fifa and the main reason is the gameplay. In PES2 you just went in a few directions and fans were still happy! But the game producers expertly changed this in PES3 so you could puzzled! The Fifa gameplay is basically run, shoot, try and score. But now in Pro Evo 3 you have to search for an opening hoping to get the ball through and finding space to chip the ball into the box and volley the ball sweetly into the net.

But moving on, the PES series is known for it's poor licensing and unfortunatly PES3 is the same. The club names are different, and the players names and also the strips. It's just a shame that this happens but that's what you get when puchasing a PES game.

On to the main chunk of the game, the master league! The master league is as great (and challenging) as ever, now with more pressure on your team. If the player dosen't score it's back down to Division 2 again! The skills are something deserved to be spoken about as well. Now the new addition to the PES game is a silky marsielle turn 360 degrees! It is fantastic when up against a defender or two and you need a quick turn!

PES3 is on platinum so it will be reasonably cheap to get but even if it is more expensive it is definatly worth it! PES is a fantastic game and PES3 is still great despite the fact PES5 is out!

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