Pro Evolution Soccer 3 review
Pro Evo 3

The good:

-This is PES. Amazing. Everything looks and feels like real football.
-Great graphics
-Master League is life consuming
-facial expressions
-Players move like their real-life counterparts

The bad:

-Commentary (terrible)
- Lack of licensing (better than PES2 though)
-terrible celebrations
-Bad sliding tackling


First off- FIFA this ain't. Konami hasn't just released "yet another Pro Evo". Konami has released a football game- and the best football game ever made.

Bottom line, better than FIFA. Scoring opportunites are harder to come by, unlike FIFA (Wow, I've scored again) and the satifaction when scoring is like none other. Everything makes PES3 seem great is in gameplay. See Henry twinkle-toe past the defence, see Van Nistleroy blast another one into the net. See Beckham take a picture perfect freekick or corner. Blink and you are watching football. Don't blink and you are playing football. You form a bond with your players and team,. if you lose a match, you know why. No more blaming the ref, as he now plays advantage! Unfortunatley, sliding tackling ends up in a free kick even when taking the ball (most of the time).

First things first: if you like football, but are not so interested or good at the games: get FIFA. However, if you like your detail superb, you love the beatutiful game, and want to play the best football game ever made: buy Pro Evo 3.

Unlikely to ever be matched until Pro Evo 4.

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