Prisoner of War (Xbox) Cheats

Prisoner of War cheats, and Codes for Xbox.


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Enter these codes at the password screen

All Core Events- CORETIMES
All Daily Events- ALL TIMES
Alter Guard Awareness- QUINCY
Alter Guard Size- MUFFIN
Default Chapters- DEFAULTM
Defiance- FATTY
First Person-BOSTON
Game Displays- DT
In Game Save Toggle- TOGSAVECAN
Overhead View- FOXY
Unlimited Cash/Rocks- DINO
For the Stalug Luft
I'am not good at Colditz ok for Stalag Luft there and two things you can do night and day I'll tell thte dis and the advances


ok for night you have the least time and you have to go fast and you have to run a lot which isnt good and people with flash lights can see easier up close


Okay people can see you easier from far away but up close there blind as a bat and you have a lot more time and the but the guard towers can see you easier
Misc Cheats
Enter the following passwords to unlock the corresponding cheat - as if

All Levels - GER1ENG5

Always Display Current Event - SHOWTIME

Display Local of Barracks of Officer - JOE

Display Peripheral Vision Radar - KAZ