Prisoner of War (PS2) Cheats

Prisoner of War cheats, and Codes for PS2.


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Weapons = "gimmie" this gives you a gard gun and a dart gun (VERY FUN)

Money = "Dino" unlimited Money

Invisible = "Obrien"

Big Heads = "Blownup" (this is pointless they spot you easy)
Free Help
ok now you hate it when you get a tip from the escape commitee and it hurts your score but all you have to do is save the game then get help then load it it wont hurt your score
Various Cheats
Boston: Allows First Person Mode
Foxy: Allows Top Down Mode
Dino: Unlimited £s
Fatty: Defiance
Muffin: Changes Guard Size
Quincy: Changes Guard Perception
Dt: Changes Date
alltimes: Allows All Events In The Day
coretimes: Allows Core Events
ger1eng5: Allows All chapters
defaultm: Allows Only 1rt Chapter
farleymydog: Allows Only Core Current Events
Togsavecan: Something to do with saving. The details were vague at best.