Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? User Reviews


I think I can be the Hero!

The good:

This game recreates side scrolling game play at it's best. It consumes the player with intense action, picturesque scenery as well as an excellent quality audio and sound effects. The prospect of replayability, whilst not infinite, is still quite god as well.

The bad:

The limited health system can be quite annoying in situations of heavy action. Also, due to the PSP's small screen size, the field of view is somewhat limited. Certain aspects of the game can become quite repetitive and it doesn't seem like there is much intensification in the games narrative... yet. As well as this, the boss battles have changed from enjoyment to an absolute chore.


Raise your hand if you enjoy the Disgaea series?
Does this mean that you'll like enjoy Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? You can't really compare the two. Aside from the obvious Disgaea reality and it's features, these two games look the same, but play entirely different. One is a side scroller, the other is a turn based strategy. That doesn't necessarily mean that if you like one, you will not like the other.
When I first picked up this game, I had high hopes for it. Basing assumptions of it's quality on Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness (Also for PSP), I looked forward to it. Whilst I did enjo...

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