Princess Debut Cheats

Princess Debut cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS.


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Unlockable Outfits
UnlockableHow to unlock
Royal TiaraGiven at the beginning of the game
Sea Shell NecklaceBuy from accessory on first visit, reach level 4, or receive from Luciano at Flower Festival
Coral NecklaceSame as above
Silk RibbonsSame as above
Witch HatReach Level 8
Magical ChokerWin the first dance competiton on Day 6
Silver BeltCheer for Klaus at Horse Racing Derby and accept it
Golden NecklaceDance at Founding Festival on Day 18
Gorgeous HairbandWin the second dance competiton on Day 26
Lily HairpinOffered by Liam, accept it
Beaded ChokerAttend final competiton with Vince
Rose AccessoryAttend final competiton with Cesar
Stylish HairpinAttend final competiton with Luciano
Emerald NecklaceAttend final competiton with Klaus
Star PendantAttend final competiton with Kiefer or recieve from Liam on Amusment Park Date if Flower Hairpin was received
Angel RingReach Level 18 or win Ballroom Mode Latin Course
Rabbit Ear HatReach Level 20 when dancing with Tony Rabbit or win Ballroom Mode Standard
Green Feather HairpinAttend Forest Concert on Day 27
Diamond RingAccept it after winning the final competiton
Flower HairpinWhen Liam offers Lily Hairpin, reject it, say it's the same as Olive's, forgive him, and attend the forest concert with him on Day 27
Unlockable Songs
The set of songs that are available to unlock depends the playthrough. It alternates the songs everytime. If you do the final competiton and see one ending, but then do it again for the second ending, that counts as 2 playthrough so the next file you make will be the first set of songs again. To prevent this without having to do the whole enitre thing with the same prince, do the 2 ending and then reload it again and pick a random ending. The next file you create will have the second set of songs. The second set can also be unlocked by practicing the first set enough times in Practice Mode. Next to each song is what kind of dance the song goes with
UnlockableHow to unlock
Nocturne (Waltz)Unlocked by default
When the Saints Go Marching In (Slow Foxtrot)Reach Level 3
Swan Lake (Rumba)Reach Level 5
Minuet (Cha-Cha-Cha)Reach Level 7
Eine kleine Nachtmusik (Tango)Reach Level 9
Carmen (Paso Doble)Reach Level 11
Voices of Spring (Viennese Waltz)Reach Level 13
Turkish March (Samba)Reach Level 15
American Patrol (Quickstep)Reach Level 17
Funiculi Funicula (Jive)Reach Level 19
The Swan (Waltz)Unlocked by default (Second Set)
The Entertainer (Slow Foxtrot)Reach Level 3 (Second Set)
Polovestian Dances (Rumba)Reach Level 5 (Second Set)
The Dance of the Hours (Cha-Cha-Cha)Reach Level 7 (Second Set)
Military March (Tango)Reach Level 9 (Second Set)
Under the Double Eagle (Paso Doble)Reach Level 11 (Second Set)
Waltz of the Flowers (Viennese Waltz)Reach Level 13 (Second Set)
Tico Tico (Samba)Reach Level 15 (Second Set)
J'ai perdu le do (Quckstep)Reach Level 17 (Second Set)
Danny Boy (Jive)Reach Level 19 (Second Set)


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How to get Klaus to be your partner
Klaus is one of my favorites. However, some people have been saying that he never asks you to be his partner. That's not true. The problem is, he asks you ONLY ONCE and ONE QUESTION determines whether you will get your chance. Alright, you know on the third day when Isabel steals your tiara? When you get it back, Klaus asks you if the tiara is magical. The right choice actually is "It can make you fly!". Choose this and on the 17th day (Emerald Reunion), you'll see an event (I'm not giving it away) and at the end, he'll ask you.
How to keep Luciano after he leaves
It is always a heartbreak when this happens. Luciano has to leave to compete in a World Competiton. There is NO WAY you can stop this. However, if you remain partnerless, he'll come back for the Amusment Park Date. It's not as easy as it sounds. You not only have to remain partnerless until that time, but you cannot raise Liam or Vince's affection while he is gone. These two will sometimes take you if you don't have a partner, so Luciano will never come back <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />. Vince is easy to avoid and/or lower his affection. However, Liam is a HUGE challenge because he is so nice and such a gentlemen that basically anything you say will raise his affection. Avoid him at all costs. Save every game day and if you come across him, turn the power on and off and don't go into that area. If you happen to accidently have his heart level high, you need to avoid the event where he gives you the lily hairpin. No matter if you accept or reject, you'll wind up getting an accessory from him to wear at the Ball. To avoid this, ALWAYS dance by yourself at the Dance Hall (choosing Luciano as your partner wouldn't hurt either). Another reason why Luciano won't come back is if you say "Fine! Just go already!". Avoid these things and he'll be back in no time <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
How to level up quicker
We all know what happens when you earn a new song. We must dance to it by ourselves first, and when we are done, we lose stamina and don't level up. Here's how to avoid this. Go to the Dance Hall and dance by yourself. Choose the person you want to become your partner or is your partner. Choose a new song. When you are done, you still lose Stamina, but you gain some stars and you also get a 1% increase of love for the person you danced with! This is also a great way to avoid pesty princes that you hate that randomly show up either before or after you dance in the practice hall and want to dance with you <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />