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Reverse S&M


Fresh off their success with Assassin's Creed, Ubisoft decided to give the Prince Of Persia another stab. Given the immense popularity of the Sands Of Time trilogy (Forgotten Sands didn't exist then and if you ask me, it still doesn't exist, *bleep* that game), a Prince Of Persia label would help this new project fly off shelves. Well, 1.95 million people have found themselves the victim of a crazy new experiment in video gaming, to see if Ubisoft can rival Quantic Dreams's Indigo Prophecy in terms of a movie-like experience, only instead of flashing buttons you have to press on the top of ...


It's all in the rhythm


Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft

Having gone through the Sands Of Time trilogy a few times in my short lifetime, to see a completely different prince starring in a game that's called Prince Of Persia was a little bit of a shock to my system, as he looked so different.... I suppose this is how the fans of the older games on DOS felt after seeing the redesigned Prince for the Sands Of Time trilogy. But in any case, with change, has to come lowered expectations - we can't expect the same sort of thing we got with the Sands Of Time trilogy, and in a way, we expected correctly. Pri...


A charming adventure

The good:

-Excellent visuals
-Solid story
-Good character developement

The bad:

-Lacks depth of gameplay


The Prince of Persia trilogy that hit the last generation were some of my favourite games ever, and I'm sure many others agree. They combined a slick combat system with brilliant controls, entertaining puzzles and an ability to go back in time. Games dont get much better than that.

It's been just over two years since 'Two thrones' was released, ending the adventures of that prince; however to the pleasure of many fans Ubisoft released a new Prince game. It looked quite different to the last trilogy, most notably for the cel shaded graphics. It is essentially a completely new branch of the ...


New Prince, new adventure


Prince of Persia arrives on Xbox 360 with a completely different look and a completely retooled appearance. While this may be off-putting to some fans of the series, if you look a little deeper you'll find what the game truly has to offer.

The Prince is roped into his new adventure after looking for his donkey Farah (a nod to Sands of Time) and running into a mysterious woman, Elika. He follows her to the temple built in the desert, where her father releases the evil god Ahriman, who's nasty Corruption begins to infect the world. Elika and the Prince must go to each area of the world and hea...

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