[edit] Background

The Grand Visir Jaffar has taken control of the Palace during the Sultan's absence. Worse still, he's thrown the Prince, who's fallen in love with the Princess, into the worst part of the dungeon. The Princess has only an hour before she has to choose between Jaffar or death. You have to navigate 12 levels and fight everyone who gets in your way and get to the Princess in less than an hour. Classic side scrolling action.

[edit] Features

  • Updated and enhanced: All the character designs, animations, controls, and visuals have been completely updated to stunning effect.
  • New content: In addition to the graphic refresh, new puzzles, enemies, and even helpful checkpoints further augment the classic experience.
  • Athleticism and swordplay: Run, jump, and climb, showcasing your character's athleticism, and buckle your swash with exciting sword battles.
  • Three game modes: Normal Mode requires you to complete the game as fast as possible, with saves at the end of each level. Time Attack has you starting from the beginning if you fail to save the princess after the allotted sixty minutes. And Survival Mode challenges you to complete the entire game without dying. Good luck.
  • Achievements: Twelve achievements are available, ranging from the simple (finding the sword in the first level) to the truly difficult (finding all the potions in the game, or finishing the game without dying).

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Dark Arcanine blogged
Oct 20, 10 9:31am

Round twelve of Articles of Excellence sees the snag of a two-in-a-row win for upcoming regular reviewer Polarity. Despite votes being spread among several worthy contenders, Polarity won it out with his Prince of Persia review. Describing it as a change of pace, Polarity gives it a decent score because even though it has some flaws, it still brings a solid meal to the table.

 Prince of Persia     Score: 4.0/5
 Genre: Action Adventure

 Prince Of Persia 08 isn't much like the Sands Of Time trilogy; rather, it focuses more on platforming and collect-a-thons, the latter of which, I thought was extinct long ago...

quote Polarity
Having gone through the Sands Of Time trilogy a few times in my short lifetime, to see a completely different prince starring in a game that's called Prince Of Persia was a little bit of a shock to my system, as he looked so different.... I suppose this is how the fans of the older games on DOS felt after seeing the redesigned Prince for the Sands Of Time trilogy. But in any case, with change, has to come lowered expectations - we can't expect the same sort of thing we got with the Sands Of Time trilogy, and in a way, we expected correctly. Prince Of Persia 08 isn't much like the Sands Of Time trilogy; rather, it focuses more on platforming and collect-a-thons, the latter of which, I thought was extinct long ago... I guess somebody at Ubisoft thought to bring them back. But does this change make the game worthy of the name "Prince Of Persia"? Yes, I think it does, but that doesn't excuse some of the problems found throughout.

The game starts with a different looking Prince - who isn't actually a prince, but nevertheless, we're never given a name for the guy, so... why not call him Prince - out in the desert, during a sandstorm looking for his donkey who has the King's ransom in stolen gold. He runs into Elika, who is fighting off two guards. After a bit, they enter the Temple Of Ahriman, which has an evil entity called Ahriman, and his legions of minions known as the Corrupted, sealed inside a room, though that doesn't last long, because Elika's father, the king, cuts down the Tree Of Life, setting Ahriman and his minions free, and corrupting the world around them.
Read the rest of this review and leave feedback

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Terranigma Fan
Jan 21, 09 8:17pm
Hardest game i have ever played ArabianNightsPrinceOfPersia
Dec 30, 08 8:31pm
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