Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones review
The Prince of Platforming

The good:

-Unparalled platforming action
-Improved combat
-Superb storyline
-Brand new "speed kills"

The bad:

-Too much combat, mainly thanks to the inclusion of the Dark Prince
-Graphics a little dark at times
-Some slow-down when encountering more than about four enemies
-Some sound glitches


The Prince is back, and he's right back on top form. After the entertaining, although comabt-heavy Warrior Within, TTT (The Two Thrones) had a lot riding on it. The expectations of long-time Prince of Persia fans, as well as those looking for a reason to buy it, looking for an interesting mix of comabt and platforming.

Fortunately, Prince of Persia delivers. It's the best in the series yet, and ties up the trilogy nicely. Platforming has been extended, with some neat new moves, as well as involving combat in the platforming. It's just what blends it all together and makes TTT work so well. No longer do you have to run up to a group of enemies and fight them in an endlessly repetitive game of poor swordsmanship. Now, there is a whole new approach to things. Speed kills are what adds the new twist to TTT, and is what should satisfy everyone that the game is a good mix. Sneak up behind an enemy and press triangle to intitiate a mini-game straight out of the book of "God Of War". It's a little too hard at times though, and failing it results with more back-to-basics poor swordsmanship. Unfortunately, without speed kills, the fighting still feels unsatisfying.

Speed kills involve platforming at times, as aforementioned. One example with the normal Prince that stands out in mind is performing a wall run, before bouncing off a diagonal jump switch straight into an unsuspecting enemy. The new Dark Prince also involves some nice speed kills. The standard one is choking with his lethal chain...once again straight out of the book of "God Of War". A particularly cool one is dropping down from a chain, before breaking the neck of his enemy with his own.

Unfortunately, the Dark Princes health continually drops, which means more comabt. Although it is slightly more satisfying, it still doesn't deliver the standards one would expect for heavy stages of combat. Luckily, his platforming segments are very interesting, with his chain resulting in some Spider-man style combos, and if you're really good, going straight into a speed kill afterwards.

Platforming is as flawless as ever, providing a great challenge with just the right level of frustration - frustration often goes overboard however during full-blown comabt sequences.

Overall, TTT is a worthy purchase for Christmas. No matter who you buy it for, they're sure to enjoy it, even those who found Warrior Within a disappointment. It's the best Prince yet, and a wonderful way to end the trilogy. Somehow though I think it isn't the last we've seen of the Prince, and he'll be wall-running his way back to us for the PS3. In the mean-time, enjoy this gem of a game.

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