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Primal Review



The two playable characters (Jen and Scree) are great. At some points in the game they have a good sense of humour, where in other parts they are ruthless. The demon forms that can be acquired add more complexity to the game making it more challenging. The combination of a fierce warrior in Jen and a smart puzzle solver in Scree really make the game more interesting. Combined with a unique story this game is really worth buying. The graphics also do a lot for Primal as everything looks surprisingly realistic compared to the many other action/adventure games.


The worst thing about Primal would definitely have to be the amount of glitches it features. Occasionally Jen or Scree will try to do something requiring the companions help but the friend doesn't seem to move, causing the game to freeze. This doesn't seem to happen often though and doesn't dishearten me from playing the game. Another bad thing would probably be the camera angles, I am often required to manually position the camera behind my character so that I know where I am going, but again it is nothing too bad.


There have been many times when I have bought a game and it takes me less than 24 hours to complete it but Primal is different. I began to play the game and was amazed at the great graphics and game play. This isn't a game which I could just turn on and go straight from the beginning to end. I really had to concentrate on the game and use the in game help as well as the instruction manual to guide me through.

The fact that Jen can do stuff which Scree can't and Scree can do stuff which Jen can't really makes this game more interesting and makes me want to discover all of the possibilities and secrets within Primal.

I would definitely have to say that this is one of the best games I have played in my life and I recommend it to anybody that likes action/adventure games.

With all of that said I will give my personal ranking of Primal.

Game Play: 8/10

It is not often that I play a game 24 hours straight without getting bored but Primal is different. The storyline is very interesting and the demon forms acquirable make the game play very good indeed. It can get far too difficult at times though.

Graphics: 10/10

As mentioned earlier the graphics featured in Primal are perfect. Both the cut scenes and the actual game play graphics are the best I have seen to date in a game of this genre and there doesn't need to be any more graphical improvement.

Sound: 8/10

Usually when I play my games the volume is low down and it was no different for Primal. However, the voiceovers were great in Primal and only little improvement was needed. Maybe more lines when Jen asks Scree for help but it is nothing huge. The music featured in the game is quite good and well suited to a game of this type.

Overall Score: 26/30

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Deis Jun 15, 07
You've included some good information, but, again, you seem to make the assumption that readers are already familiar with the game.

Your writing is good, and you haven't made any basic grammar or spelling mistakes; at least, none that are immediatly obivious.

Again, as someone who knows nothing about the game, I'd like to see more information, and maybe some screenshots, just to illustrate your points furthur.

Finally, why is it red?
Last edited by Deis :: Jun 23, 07
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