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A Sleeper

The good:

Graphics, controls, story, weapons, new gameplay ideas, chill factor, Tommy the main charactor is pretty funny at times

The bad:

a few dry spots, story leaves out a few things, nothing revolutionary


Im not really into fps now a days but, i heard alot hype about this game, and one of my fav publishers 2k games did it so i rented it and was blown away.

First things first the presentation of this game is sweet. It feels as if your watching a top notch sci-fi flick. The graphics are great, everything from the environment to the alien weaponry.

The game even has a certain chill factor to it, its just creepy, the kinda creepy that games like silent hill try but fail to do.

The story is good, but has a few dry spots and leaves out a couple things i dont wanna ruin the story so i wont say what.



Prey for originality

The good:

Voice acting
on certain levels, multiplayer is fun
In game radio show

The bad:

Story (skips some details)
Very little replay value


On a service level Prey can seem like a godsend. With all the next generation "graphics are king" mentality comes a seemingly original game. A game where the characters and gameplay are the most important factor. Sadly, those things only exist on the surface level.

You slowly start to realise that all this game consists of is you going from room to room shooting aliens, going up walls, with the occasional fun (and sometimes frustrating) puzzles and boss fights. The more you play, the more shallow and uninteresting the game gets. Oh, and everytime you die, you get to shoot color coded bi...


What Doom 3 should of been.

The good:

-Built on the Doom 3 engine.
-Plays infinitely better than Doom 3 or Quake 4.
-Portal dimensions really do open up new ways to play a FPS and introduces some truely unique puzzles and enemy transportation.
-Portals combined with anti-gravity makes for some really hectic fire fights with enemies appearing anywhere, walls, ceilings, alternate dimensions, and even the environment can cause you pain.
-Boss battles.
-Well thought out puzzles and level design.
-Nice selection of weapons, including living weapons, recharging ammunition, alternate firing mode weapons, and one that changes entirely based on the ammunition charging stations placed throughout the game that you recharge it at.
-A spirit realm where new powers and ancient Cherokee secrets can be passed on.
-Great continue system, when you die you go to the spirit realm and reclaim souls to revive you with restored health or spirit energy.
-Amazing graphics & 1080i support.
-You play as a Cherokee indian, in a First Person Shooter. Cool.
-The ability to "spirit walk" leaving your body to help solve puzzles, recon areas up ahead with no risk, the same can be said for attacking enemies while in spirit form, no risk since they can't hurt you assuming you leave your body in a well hidden location. Your attacks in spirit form are limited though.
-Well done voice acting and dialog.
-Spirit Hawk companion to translate alien signs and consoles, distract enemies, and guide you.
-Finally a game other than Project Gotham Racing 3 and Oblivion that showcases what the 360 can do, and should do more consistently with future realeases than we have yet seen.
-If enough people embrace it, online multiplayer could be great, however I haven't seen many people playing online yet to truly judge this aspect of the game. Has potential though.

The bad:

-Occasionally due to the 4D puzzles spanning all 3D space in the level, plus other dimensions with the use of portals, you may find yourself looking for a switch or entrance/exit of an area or level for a couple of minutes with no action. This is however rarely a problem, as most often trying to solve a puzzle is actually as entertaining as the shooting, the level design is that well done. But for those who don't like the action slowing down occasionally, this may be a minor knock on the game, hence the 4.8 I give it.
-Only a decent story. Room for improvement.
Had the story been as intricate as the level design and portal technology, this game would get a 5. I know many don't care about story in an FPS, but while the story in Prey is decent, had it been even better it would of made the game even more an engrossing experience, which is what any game should shoot for, the overall experience of playing it.


This game is great and probably the biggest change to the genre yet seen. Many doors have been opened through Prey as far as gameplay goes, expect to see a lot of FPS games following along after it.
I have been gaming for 18 years and have never seen level design in a FPS as great as this. Incredibly well thought out and realized with the power of the 360. I'll be keeping an eye out for more Humanhead projects.

To ID software: Take notes. This is how to use the engine you created. Thought I'd put that out there in case you forgot. No more Quake 4 crap on a wonderful game engine. Capiche?

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