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[edit] Background

Premiership Coach™ is the game Australia has been waiting for. The first truly complete Australian Rules Football management game. Step into the coaches box and experience unrivaled depth and realism as you battle it out against the best in the business to see if you've got what it takes to make it through to that last day in September...

[edit] Game Play

In the vein of the immensely popular Football Manager series, Premiership Manager aims to give players the chance to step into the shoes of the men in charge of taking their favourite teams to glory.

By taking control of tactics, contract renewal, trades, player management etc Premiership Manager will let you test your skills in the arena of professional AFL football.

[edit] Features

- Careers can span unlimited seasons

- Fully Customizable details throughout: Club names, Logos & Colours, League names & logos, Award names

- Comprehensive player, club and league records kept and updated after each match - see how your players compare against the former greats

- Meticulously designed user interface, built on Windows Vista's next generation presentation foundation looks fantastic while providing unrivaled usability, and still accomodates for XP users.

- Game automatically scales itself to your desktop screen resolution and is playable in windowed or full screen mode

- Detailed scouting model - send your scouts out to junior or regional matches to scout players.

- The more your scouts see of certain players, and the better the Scouts' ability, the more accurate their estimation of that players attributes and potential will be

- 16 playable clubs is the Australian National Football League

- Includes all major State leagues as well as many country and local leagues from which to scout out potential draftees

- Father/Son players - draftable under current F/S rules, and will reflect their fathers to a certain extent

[edit] Hardware Info

Minimum System Requirements

- Operating System: Windows Vista, XP

- Memory (RAM): 768MB (May run under XP with 512MB, but will be slow)

- Internet Connection: Game requires an active internet connection for license verification


- Operating System: Windows Vista

- Memory (RAM): 1GB+

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  • Australia: Sep 30, 2009