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There have been a few Alien Vs. Predator games, most of them not very good. Predator: Concrete Jungle, however, delivers. The entire game is told in retrospect of a mysterious woman, who you eventually meet near the end of the game. The game starts you off at the end of your 1930 escapade as a young Predator after the proverbial shit hit the fan. The first level has you running and jumping through a war between the Irish gangsters and the Police. Needless to say, you don't make it to your ship. After demolishing the city known as New Way City with the nuclear device on your ship, and surviving, the rest of your clan comes to collect you and sentence you to a 100-year term on a planet infested with creatures looking suspiciously like the creatures from Pitch Black. After the 100 years is up, your clan returns to have your right your wrongs. In your haste, you left your mask and several weapons in the city for humans to dissect and improve upon. When the next Predator contingent went to hunt on Earth in the year 2030, they were captured by the superior weaponry of a company called Borgia Industries. To make a long story short, you must kill them all to reclaim your honor and the technology of your Clan.

Now, for the gameplay. There are 27 levels with 6 alternate costumes (one from both Predators 1 & 2 and one from the hero of AvP) and 3 other custom made Predator suits (they all look very nifty), and 26 upgrades scattered throughout the levels. In addition to the levels there are also 8 Ritual Challenges which have you running around a map collecting waypoints on a timer. Most of the levels are straight-forward "kill them all" but there is one stealth mission and a few other types that are all a nice diversion from the gruesome ways to kill people. There are 7 weapons, Combistick, Glaive, Smart Disc, Plasmacaster, Wristblades, Maul, and Speargun, all with 2 upgrades - Ritual and Clan,in addition to several types of mines. There is lots of ways to kill people including assasination, grappling and impaling. Assasination has you sneak up behind a person and do one of several things including: slit throat, rip off head, chop off head, rip in Half, and cut in half. Grappling is grabbing hold of someone by the head and either throwing them, kicking them or just killing them. With the Combistick, Glaive or Maul you can impale someone and throw them into the air then hit them again.

If up and close isn't your style then you can snipe with either the shoulder mounted Plasmacaster or, my favorite weapon, the Speargun which can nail enemies to walls. The only thing I see wrong with this game is that I would like to see the Predator battling something other than humans and Xenoaliens. The gameplay and storyline are top-notch, especially since the storyline, although confusing at times, offers an inside look at the Predator Clan that the movies do not offer. For Predator fans and ultra-violent junkies, this game is definately a must. If you are not an ultra-violence fan or a Predator fan, you may not like this game.

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