Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (N64) Cheats

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue cheats, and Codes for N64.

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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Cheats

Titanium Ranger*ULTIMATE
Level selectOMEGA
Unlimited livesIMMORTAL
Unlimited continuesFOREVER
Unlimited healthD4B7E1O9G7
Unlimited RPE movesN7F6U2A5A1
Galleries unlockedSHOWCASE

*Alternately, rescue the Titanium Ranger in level 7, then finish the rest of the game. Wait for the credits to finish and save the game again. Load the saved then start a new game and the Titanium Ranger will be unlocked. Note: The game must be played in one player mode in order to get to level 7.