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Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend


[edit] Background

In POSTAL 2: Apocalypse Weekend, gamers controlling the enigmatic Postal Dude will be sorely tempted to carry on his wicked ways in the weekend that follows on the bloody heels of the five insane, carnage-filled days experienced in POSTAL 2.

[edit] Gameplay

The single-player expansion pack offers over 20 new areas of Paradise to decimate, 10 new missions to execute with extreme prejudice and an array of "cutting edge" weaponry that would make Lorena Bobbitt salivate.

In addition to new non-player characters (NPCs) such as the Mad Cow-infected Tourettes Zombies, old favorites such as Gary Coleman, Terrorist Zealots and the Postal Babes are also on hand for a wild weekend with the Postal Dude. Other features allow users to determine NPC logic with dynamic, real-time AI; set up buildings, furniture and other visual elements to produce original game scenarios and create their own MOD for POSTAL 2.

[edit] Features

  • 20 New Maps - Visit all new areas of Paradise including the Elephant Preserve and the Taliban Training Camp.
  • New Melee Weapons - Hack your enemies to meaty bits! - Includes the amazing boomerang Machete, the Scythe and the head-popping Sledgehammer.
  • New Characters - New enemies abound, including MadCow-infected Tourettes Zombies, Killer Attack Cats and suspiciously Gary Coleman-esque Demonic Midgets.
  • Story Driven Gameplay - Amusing cinemas advance the "story". Look Ma, we made a game with a plot! Sort of

[edit] Hardware Requirements

733 MHz Pentium 3
128 MB RAM
32 MB GeForce2-class
DirectX 8.1 compatible video and sound card Recommended System
1.2 GHz Pentium 3
384 MB RAM
16x CD-ROM
64 MB GeForce3-clas

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Good Old Games goes Postal

Postal and Postal² available dirt cheap via digital download

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