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Portal 2


After having spent days playing through "Portal 2", I have one thing to say.
This game exceeded my expectations. I initially went in under the impression, as
i always do with a sequel, that this game will not be as good as the original.
This was not the case however with "Valve" integrating so many new ideas into a
full 10 hour game!

You start out the game in a room by yourself with no windows and a door that
does not open. After a brief period for you to get an idea of how to move and
look around you are sent back into a stasis sleep. Due to poor maintenance you
find yourself waking up in the same room, however the lights are out and a timer
that lets you know how long you have been asleep goes awry essentially telling
the player, "We have no idea how long you have been here." This is also the
first time in the "Portal" universe that we meet another character, the
protagonist “Wheatley".

Wheatley is a cute, stress relieving character that provides humor and dialogue
throughout most of the first part of the game. Through a twist of events I will
not go into, GlaDOS is re-awakened and proceeds in her want to continue testing.
GLaDOS provides her dark humor throughout the rest of the game, even when you
don't think she could. “I’m A Potato!"

There were however hard times within the game in which you could
just not find that "White Spot" to place your portal. This often would lead to
frustrating moments of looking around squinting closely at your screen until
finally, half an hour later; you find where you need to go. Good thing there is
a zoom function.

Game play still consists of going through various test chambers completing
challenges; however the game uses these challenges to teach the player how to
get along on their own later in the game. Using a very sophisticated physics
engine developed by Valve the player is able to use portals to do anything from
go into infinite falls to fling themselves across a room. The same can be done
with objects like cubes and turrets. This concept is nothing new however, just a
marker to connect the old game to the new.

On the whole, it still feels like portal, but since the release of the original
portal back in 2007, "Valve" has made some major improvements. it is very clear
to the player that the facility has not been maintained for many years but at
the same time it is completely new. New mechanics like Propulsion and Repulsion
Gels make for a very interesting, if not frustrating, game play feature.

The game designers at "Valve" really know what they are doing and what the
player wants in a game and they nailed this aspect spot on, taking you through
the history of Aperture Sciences to discovering the origins of our antagonist
GLaDOS. We also get a behind the scenes of the more modern day Aperture Science
aspects, such as how a turret is made.

Overall the game never stops being interesting, not even in the final cut scene.
With the addition of a Cooperative mode and a new original score for the
credits, this game will easily be one for the books and in my hopes get Game of
the Year. Thinking with portals I give this game a 5 out of 5.

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Whelan May 2, 11
You gave it a 3.0/5?
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