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More puzzles, more portals, more cake, more everything.

The good:

*Far longer than the original game
*Co-op Mode
*New puzzle mechanics
*Good soundtrack


Now, the sequel of Portal, Portal 2! Let's check it out, shall we?

Portal 2 is everything you'd want in a sequel. Keeping whatever you loved from the original and expanding upon it, as well as add a whole ton of new game mechanics.

So, what's new in Portal 2? Well, you're still Chell, in the abandoned, destroyed Aperture Science test labs, no thanks to you in the first game. After waking up what seems to be an insanely long time after the events of the first game, you're introduced to Wheatley.

Who is Wheatley? He's a personality core that was made to dumb down GLaDOS, basically designed to m...


A Second Breath of Fresh Air


When Valve fans think of The Orange Box, I'm sure Half-Life 2 instantly comes to mind. And rightly so, as it's one of the greatest campaigns in a creativity nosedive of 21st century gaming. But what came as a massive surprise and a huge plus was the addition of Portal to the game - a gap in the gaming industry that many happily explored, experienced and begged for more. The first game drew up many unanswered questions, with a mute protagonist that didn't help many matters - but you'll be glad that Valve made you wait as number 2 portrays the game's background perfectly. With the anticipatio...


My GOTY 2011 - A perfect puzzle game.

The good:

Casting and voice work
Puzzles themselves are good
Co-op is truly amazing
Graphics are top notch

The bad:

A little bit too short storywise
And the story wasn't very deep


I was recommended Portal 2 by a friend of mine who said I'd adore it and that it's a top notch puzzle game with some banter thrown in, I told him he was insane and I really don't like puzzle games but I completely take back my first hesitations towards the game after 5 minutes of playing. I hadn't played the first Portal game that was part of The Orange Box collection with Team Fortress 2 and Half Life 2 so I was thrown in a little in the deep end when it came to knowledge but I was caught up right away and felt storywise I didn't need to have played the 1st game as it was all self explanat...


Always Thinking With Portals


The cake is a... oh wait, we did that one already. So if you play games on the PC then you should be aware of the original Portal (and if not I'm interested to know what alternate dimension you just slipped out from). It was a first person puzzle game that used a portal system to create challenging and ingenious puzzles for the player to solve. It proved so popular that at one time you couldn't move without someone referencing the game in some way. So just imagine the fangasm when Valve decide it's time for a sequel.

During your first steps back into Aperature Science you see an immediate u...


The perfect sequel!


- Much longer single player
- New co-op mode adds to hours of playability
- Brain-testing puzzles
- Entertaining characters/dialogue
- More interesting environments

- Constant loading times can ruin the flow of the game

Before I review the game, it would probably be best to introduce the concept of the game for gamers who may not be familiar with the game. You are the character Chell (image shown) and your only weapon is the Portal Gun. Chell has heel springs on her legs which prevents injury from high falls, an essential component in your quest to escape....


Portal 2


After having spent days playing through "Portal 2", I have one thing to say.
This game exceeded my expectations. I initially went in under the impression, as
i always do with a sequel, that this game will not be as good as the original.
This was not the case however with "Valve" integrating so many new ideas into a
full 10 hour game!

You start out the game in a room by yourself with no windows and a door that
does not open. After a brief period for you to get an idea of how to move and
look around you are sent back into a stasis sleep. Due to poor maintenance you
find yourself waking up in the same...

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