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Portal 2 Smash TV Guide v1.00
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Portal 2 Smash TV Guide

by Blood_XIII   Updated to v1.00 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Portal 2 on the XBOX360, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PS3 version of the game.
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          . :H@@@MM@M#H/.,+%;,
       ,/X+ +M@@M@MM%=,-%HMMM@X/,
     -+@MM; $M@@MH+-,;XMMMM@MMMM@+-       SSSSS  M       M    A    SSSSS  H   H
    ;@M@@M- XM@X;. -+XXXXXHHH@M@M#@/.     S      MM     MM   A A   S      H   H
  ,%MM@@MH ,@%=             .---=-=:=,.   SSSSS  M M   M M  AAAAA  SSSSS  HHHHH
  =@#@@@MX.,                -%HX$$%%%:;       S  M  M M  M  A   A      S  H   H
 =-./@M@M$                   .;@MMMM@MM:  SSSSS  M   M   M  A   A  SSSSS  H   H
 X@/ -$MM/                    . +MM@@@M$
,@M@H: :@:                    . =X#@@@@-
,@@@MMX, .                    /H- ;@M@M=          TTTTTTT  V       V
.H@@@@M@+,                    %MM+..%#$.             T      V     V
 /MMMM@MMH/.                  XM@MH; =;              T       V   V
  /%+%$XHH@$=              , .H@@@@MX,               T        V V
   .=--------.           -%H.,@@@@@MX,               T         V
   .%MM@@@HHHXX$$$%+- .:$MMX =M@@MM%.
     =XMMM@MM@MM#H;,-+HMM@M+ /MMMX=
       =%@M@M#@$-.=$@MM@@@M; %M%=
         ,:+$+-,/H#MMMMMMM@= =,

                                    Portal 2
		                 Smash TV Guide
                                  VERSION 0.00
                        By: Royce Dearinger (Blood_XIII)

============================== TABLE OF CONTENTS ==============================

- 0. Guide Navigation Tutorial..................[GNTUT]

- 1. Version History............................[VERHI]

- 2. Disclaimer.................................[LEGAL]

- 3. Introductions..............................[INTRO]

- 4. Frequently Asked Questions.................[GDFAQ]

- 5. The Monitors...............................[TMON]
-- 5.1.  Test Chamber 01 Monitor.................[MN01]
-- 5.2.  Test Chamber 02 Monitor.................[MN02]
-- 5.3.  Test Chamber 03 Monitor.................[MN03]
-- 5.4.  Test Chamber 04 Monitor.................[MN04]
-- 5.5.  Test Chamber 05 1st Monitor.............[MN05]
-- 5.6.  Test Chamber 05 2nd Monitor.............[MN06]
-- 5.7.  Test Chamber 06 Monitor.................[MN07]
-- 5.8.  Test Chamber 11 Monitor.................[MN08]
-- 5.9.  Test Chamber 12 Monitor.................[MN09]
-- 5.10. Test Chamber 15 Monitor.................[MN10]
-- 5.11. Test Chamber 16 Monitor.................[MN11]

- 6. Credits & Thanks...........................[CRD&TH]

- 7. Contact Me.................................[CNTCT]

		    / 0. \_________________________________
		   /                                       \
		  /   [GNTUT] Guide Navigation Tutorial     \

Just in case anyone is relatively new to guide writing and/or finds my guide a
bit confusing to navigate, here is a little tutorial of how to use this guide.


               These simply represent a break between the sections.
                           You're gonna see them alot.


		    / X. \_________________________________
		   /                                       \
		  /         [CODE] Section Title            \

This is to notify the reader of which section they are about to see. The
"X" represents the section number. [CODE] is to help readers go to a certain
section quickly by using the Find (CTRL+F) function and inserting the brackets
and their enclosed code. Also, if I feel that the section itself needs a brief
description I will provide such below the box (In other words, where all this
text is now).


		  ________________/ X.X. \_________________
		 /                                         \
	  ++++++()     [CODE] Test Chamber XX Monitor      ()++++++


How to smash it: 

There are 11 monitors INSIDE TEST CHAMBERS that you must break to get this
Achievement/Trophy (There's another you can break OUTSIDE of Test Chambers and
it DOES NOT count towards this number). The above flashy box thing will be
used to show WHICH monitor is being described below it.
Like the first box thingy, "X.X." represents the section and sub-section, and
[CODE] will help readers locate what they're looking for quickly by using the
CTRL+F function.
The "Test Chamber XX" will tell the reader which Test Chamber the monitor in
in question can be found within. The Test Chamber number will correlate with
the Test Chamber's number, which can be seen on a lit-up wall panel upon
entering every Test Chamber. 

Below the box are two more things for the reader. "Location" will tell you
where you can find the monitor in the first place, so that you know where you
need to be going.
"How to smash it" will tell you.... Well... How to smash the monitor, 



                 Dividers like this will seperate each monitor.



               These act as dividers between multiple strategies
                             for a single monitor.



      These serve to separate things in any type of section in the guide.
     They mainly divide things that make a whole idea, but just look weird
                             when crammed together.

		    / 1. \_________________________________
		   /                                       \
		  /         [VERHI] Version History         \

Tuesday, April 19, 2011, 12:01am     --- {} Portal 2 released

Wednesday, April 20, 2011, 12:01am   --- {} My 22nd birthday. Seriously.

Saturday, April 23, 2011, 01:12am    --- {} Guide started (Version 0.00)

                                            [] No monitor locations or
                                               strategies added yet, just the
                                               base of the guide itself.

                                            [] Completed Disclaimer,
                                               Introduction,, Contact Me, and
                                               Guide Navigation sections.

                                            [] Added Version History and
                                               Credits sections.

Saturday, April 23, 2011, 02:08am    --- {} Guide Version 0.50

                                            [] All monitors and corresponding
                                               Test Chambers listed.

                                            [] Added strategies for the first
                                               three monitors; Will do the
                                               other monitors later.

Monday, April 25, 2011, 04:44am      --- {} Guide Version 1.00

                                            [] Listed strategies for all 11

                                            [] ASCII Art added to guide title.

                                            [] Guide submitted to GameFAQs.

		    / 2. \_________________________________
		   /                                       \
		  /            [LEGAL] Disclaimer           \

This guide is mine and is copyright(c) 2011 Royce Dearinger

This guide is not to be copied, reproduced, or edited under any circumstances
except for personal and/or private use. This guide is not to be posted on any
website except for those listed below: 

- GameFAQs.com
- Gamespot.com
- Neoseeker.com

This guide is not to be distributed in any other public manner UNLESS you have
gotten permission from the author (Me). Any breach of aforementioned guidelines
is strictly prohibited and a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this guide are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

I still reserve all rights to discontinue any site's hosting of this guide.

		    / 3. \_________________________________
		   /                                       \
		  /          [INTRO] Introductions          \

HI! I'm Blood_XIII, long time user of the GameFAQs site, fourth time guide 

I write FAQs because I HATE IT when I go looking for info on a game I am
currently playing and all I can find are some of the most poorly thought out
and worded ideas and/or ill natured jeerings of the net's worst trolls.
Accepting I get past these hurdles, I am more often frustrated by the overall
lack of both detail and general help that I am trying to procure so that I may
further my gaming experience.

I seek to correct these and help fellow gamers who feel the same way as I by
providing guides of such quality that even MY ever picky Obsessive Compulsive
Disorder cannot find flaw in, and believe also when I say that my OCD won't let
me make anything lackluster. 

(By the way, I mean no offense to the veteran Guide Writers here at GameFAQs,
I am referring to the boards and other internet sources)

Check out my other guides as well!

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Halo 3: ODST Achievement Guide

Brütal Legend Achievement Guide

"Portal 2" is the 2011 sequel to 2007's "Portal". The original Portal was a
relatively short venture, spanning only about four total hours on one's first
playthrough, and less than two hours on subsequent playthroughs. However, in
those four hours people found "Thinking with portals" to be a HUGE amount of
fun. Loosely (But VERY cannonically) tied to the Half-Life game series, Portal
and Portal 2 BOTH run on Valve's Source engine and have the quality of any of
Valve's other games, if not more simply for their quirky charm. Portal showed
the world that there's ALOT more to first-person shooters than just mindlessly
gunning down everything standing between you and your destination by making the
player's gun shoot harmless portals that are used to solve tests. The concept
may SOUND rather boring, but that's ONLY how it sounds.

Smash TV is an Achievement/Trophy in Portal 2, and it's considered rather
difficult opposed to some of the other Achievements/Tropihies for the game.

I wrote this guide whilst also writing my Portal 2 Achievement/Trophy guide.
"Why?" I hear you asking. Well for starters I noticed that someone had already
posted an Achievement guide as I was writing mine, so I wanted to do something
more original before following someone else's guide. Second, I thought that a
SEPERATE guide for Smash TV would be VERY helpful, since most people ONLY want
help with that one Achievement/Trophy AND I could just link to this one within
my full Achievement/Trophy guide. Finally, as of the typing of this specific
guide I have yet to finish Co-op mode, and until I can do that I've no place
writing strategies for Co-op mode Achievements/Trophies, so I'm doing this to
hold myself over until that time.

This is my fourth guide (My first single Achievement/Trophy focused guide).

		    / 4. \_________________________________
		   /                                       \
		  /    [GDFAQ] Frequently Asked Questions   \

Okay, I haven't gotten any questions yet, but I'm going to go ahead and list
the questions that I think I'll hear alot and a few that my close friends have
asked me that relate to things in-game and also apply to this guide.

Q: What the hell are Test Chamber Monitors?
A: Starting in Chapter 8 - The Itch, Wheatley can be seen on giant television
   screens in almost every Test Chamber DURING said chapter. Those television
   screens are the monitors you have to break.

Q: Do I have to get all the monitors in a single playthrough/one sitting?
A: No, you do not. The game will keep track of which monitors you have and
   haven't destroyed. So let's say you only break one monitor in each Test
   Chamber, but then find out about the second monitor in Test Chamber 05, so
   you go back and break the monitor you were missing. Doing something like
   this will still allow the Achievement/Trophy to unlock.

Q: Can you tell me how to beat (Insert area/Test Chamber here)?
A: Um... Yeah. I CAN tell you how to beat it, but I'm not going to do so. This
   is a guide for "Smash TV" and not the rest of the game. As such, all you
   will find in this guide are the ways to break the 11 monitors and MAYBE
   a bit of advice on the Chamber itself, as the description dictates such.

Q: Can you tell me how to get (Insert Achievement/Trophy here)?
A: Once again; Yes I can, but no I won't. I'm writing a seperate guide for ALL
   the Achievements/Trophies as I write this guide, so just wait for that.
   Otherwise, stick to the boards or check out the existing guide for now.

Q: I need help with the original Portal!
A: So go look at the FAQs for that game because, like the above questions, I
   WILL NOT provide walkthrough assistance. ESPECIALLY not for a different
   game, even if it IS from the same series.

Q: What the hell are Achievements/Trophies?
A: ........ I REALLY hope you JUST NOW bought your Xbox 360 or PS3 if you have
   to ask. Achievements/Trophies are basically awards for completing tasks in
   the game, These tasks range from things you have to do anyways in order to
   complete the game, to the so far out of the way that you wouldn't have ever
   thought of doing them otherwise. They can also be so easy that a newborn can
   do them, or so hard that even the best gamers will have trouble with them.

Q: Why should I care about collecting the Achievements/Trophies?
A: Other than OCD and something to do in your freetime, they can always help
   raise your Gamerscore/Trophy Count, giving you immense bragging rights over
   your friends who will no doubt laugh at you for actually caring. But they're
   all stupid, what do they know? They don't appreciate just how much WORK it
   took to get them all.... We Achievement/Trophy Hunters/Farmers don't get any
   respect from Non-360 and Non-PS3 owners.

Q: This game sucks / You suck / Your guide sucks.
A: That's not even a question and I sincerely hope that you get hit by a bus.

Q: This game rocks / You rock / Your guide rocks.
A: Not a question, but thank you very much kind individual. You get a cookie. 

		    / 5. \_________________________________
		   /                                       \
		  /           [TMON] The Monitors           \

Alright, enough with all the usual guide/FAQ stuff since I know over 75% of
you aren't reading ANYTHING except the tips on getting the monitors.

Seriously, is ANYONE reading this? PROBABLY NOT. I could be ranting all over
this section about Nathan "GYSGT Castle Reynolds" Fillion and NO ONE would
even notice or care. (Props to those who understood all three references

Let's get right to smashing, shall we?

For anyone wanting to get all 11 monitors in a single run, you only need to
start paying attention during Chapter 8 - The Itch, because that's where EVERY
LAST MONITOR is located. You can also just start a new game from this point if
you want to go back after you've already beaten the game.

		  ________________/ 5.1. \_________________
		 /                                         \
	  ++++++()     [MN01] Test Chamber 01 Monitor      ()++++++

Location: As you round the corner and look into the main room of the Test
Chamber, you'll see the monitor almost directly behind the Excursion Funnel
(The blue tractor beam).

How to smash it: Ride the Excursion funnel to the upper level of the room.
Once you hit the ceiling, put a portal above you and then locate the lovely
"modified" box on the raised area. Look to the right until your cursor hits
the white portal-able wall and place your second portal as far left on that
wall as is possible. You should pass through the protal above you and ride the
Excursion funnel over to where the box is. Just walk to the side or directly
towards the box to exit the Funnel. Now grab that box and drop down to the
floor below.

TIP! To keep the box from walking about of it's own volition, simply walk
forward with the box close to the ground and then let go of it while still
moving. The box's momentum should cause it to tip over backwards, preventing
the legs of the two turrets from touching the ground. 

Now, set your box down somewhere safe and look into the hole of the glass
floor. On the floor below is an area that is black and white with the look of
a chessborad/checkerboard. Keep your portal at the top of the Excursion
Funnel and place a portal of the opposite color on that spot, then throw the
box and yourself into the Funnel once more. Once you pass through the portal,
exit the funnel and allow the box to ride all the way up to the button. Once
it's there, place yourself directly in front of the monitor and look on the
wall directly opposite the monitor. Keeping the portal on the checkered part
of the floor, now place your other portal on the line between the first and
second panels on the top far left of the wall. The cube should fall down
through the portal on the floor, across the room, and right into the monitor!

Only 10 more to go!!

		  ________________/ 5.2. \_________________
		 /                                         \
	  ++++++()     [MN02] Test Chamber 02 Monitor      ()++++++

Location: Drop down into the Excursion Funnel and ride it over to the wall.
Aside from the wall you're currently being pressed against, there's only one
other portal-able surface visible from this point, so stick a portal on the
top left of that wall. Now look at the wall next to you and place your other
portal in line with yourself and the Funnel. As you pass through the portal,
look to the left and you'll see two more potal-able surfaces AND, on the same
wall you just came from, the monitor of this Test Chamber.

How to smash it: You need to keep one portal back at the start where the
Excursion Funnel source can hit it. Keeping that portal color in mind as you
pass the monitor, line your cursor up with the far middle right of the surface
that IS NOT directly across from the monitor. When you are lined up with said
point, fire the portal that ISN'T back at the Funnel source. You should fall
into the funnel once again and float over to another wall. Looking straight,
you should see a checkered floor, on which you must once again place the portal
color that ISN'T back at the start. This will make a Funnel going upwards,
which you should be caught in. Once you hit the ceiling, move onto the safety
of solid whatever-that-stuff-is nearby.

Once you're on this landing, walk over to the corner closest to the monitor.
As before, keep your first portal at the Excursion funnel source and fire the
opposite portal at the exact same spot you used earlier when passing the
monitor. Look left from this point and you'll see a button. Go press it like a
boss and then head back to that same corner to see your box fall safely into
the funnel. The box, like you did before, will float over to the wall right
above that checkered floor panel. Place one more of the portal that ISN'T near
the Funnel source and let the cube float up to hit the ceiling. Once the cube
is stuck there, go as far towards the edge of the corner as you dare and look
at the monitor. Look directly across from it and you'll see a portal-able wall
there. Put your cursor on the highest panel that's closest to you and NOW fire
the portal color that IS back at the Excursion Funnel's source. The box should
drop down into the portal on the checkered floor and come out of the portal
you just made on a deadly trajectory with the monitor.

		  ________________/ 5.3. \_________________
		 /                                         \
	  ++++++()     [MN03] Test Chamber 03 Monitor      ()++++++

Location: As you pass through the hallway and walk into the Test Chamber, just
look at the wall to your left and you'll see the monitor coming out of said

How to smash it: Once Wheatley has finished his "seamless" combining of the
Chamber, an Excursion Funnel should turn on. Fire a portal where it is
hitting the wall and then walk towards the Funnel source. Just as you're about
to hit the wall, look at the same wall containing the monitor, but on the
opposite side of the exit door. You should see a portal-able surface, the top
row of which touches the alcove containing the exit. Fire your second portal
on the leftmost of the two lower panels and ride the Funnel across the giant
pit 'o' doom. Once safely across, go to the button and look left to see two
portal-able surfaces, the smaller of which is shaped kinda-sorta like the
letter "L". Keep the portal that is aligned with the Funnel source and fire
the other color on the closest-to-you point of the smaller "L" shaped surface.
Now push the button and a box should drop right into the Funnel. Let that box
float over to the wall and follow it along. Once it hits the wall, walk over
and touch that same wall and then once agin fire the portal that ISN'T set up
near the Funnel source on the wall directly behind the cube. It should float 
right over to you. Set your box somewhere safe (Or tip it over as noted on
the very first monitor) and line up your cursor with the lowest rightmost
panel on the bigger surface (It should be almost right next to the blue
bullseye) and, keeping the portal that is across from the Funnel source, fire
another portal at this point. Now grab the box and walk onto the Aerial Faith
Plate, which SHOULD send you flying right into the Excursion Funnel.

Once you're in the Funnel, just ride it a little and move out of it, landing
yourself back in the first part of this Test Chamber again. Set the cube down
on any part of the floor that is a portal-able surface and, one last time, put
beneath the cube a portal that is the OPPOSITE color of the one across from
the Funnel source. Let the cube float up to the ceiling and stick there. Now
look at the wall that is directly across from the monitor and look up at the
panels close to the ceiling. From the right going left, count four panels over
and place the portal that IS catching the Funnel directly on the lower fourth
panel. The cube should once again fall straight down, into and out of your
portals, across the room, and right into the monitor.

		  ________________/ 5.4. \_________________
		 /                                         \
	  ++++++()     [MN04] Test Chamber 04 Monitor      ()++++++

Location: As you walk out of the hallway, you'll see the monitor come out of
the wall in front and slightly to the right of you.

How to smash it: This one requires you running towards a turret, so be ready
for a potential death or two. From the hallway, hang an immediate left and
walk towards the button on the floor. As you approach it, you'll see a glass
window/wall, through which you will see a turret.

Here's the dangerous part. You've got to run the very edge of that glass
window/wall and into the little alcove behind it WHILE the turret is unloading
on you. Once you're in the alcove, head for the wall directly opposite the
glass window/wall, so that you'll be out of the turret's line of sight. Once
the turret has stopped shooting, run out and over to the side of the turret
and grab it with your USE button. Now that you've got your weapon, simply take
it out of this little area and set it up so that it is aligned with the
monitor and then just set it down. Lo and behold, your little turret will
automatically begin firing at the monitor, which will destroy it after a few

		  ________________/ 5.5. \_________________
		 /                                         \
	  ++++++()   [MN05] Test Chamber 05 1st Monitor    ()++++++

Location: As in the last room, once you exit the beginning hallway, you'll
see the monitor on the wall slightly ahead of and to the right of you.

How to smash it: Look up and you'll see an Excursion Funnel. Place a portal on
the wall where it ends. Look down and into the center of this room and you'll
see a lone island-like platform, upon which you need to place your second
portal. This should result in and Excursion Funnel that goes up to the ceiling.
Launch yourself with the Aerial Faith Plate and you'll be caught in the Funnel.
Ride it all the way up and, once you're on the ceiling, look for the floor
button on the side of the room that is opposite the entrance. Looking left
from this button, you'll see a slanted wall, upon which you'll want to place
the portal color OPPOSITE the one directly below you. This will cause you to
fall down, through your portals and over the almost bottomless pit below.

Once you land, walk over to the podium button opposite the exit door. Using
the color of portal that is currently on the slanted wall, you must once again
place that portal where the Excursion Funnel is hitting the wall as before,
thereby making a Funnel that goes up to the ceiling. Activate the button and
a cube will fall from the dispenser, hit the Faith Plate, and fly right into
the Funnel. Once the cube is on the ceiling, look towards the entrance and
locate the tube that is coming down from the top of the wall to your left and
exiting through the wall to your right (Feel free to zoom in if it helps).
Notice the black panel above this tube. What you'll want to do is place your
cursor on the panel directly to the right of it and fire a portal that is the
OPPOSITE color of the portal on the island platform beneath the box. If
you've got it right, the box should drop down, pass through your portals, and
fly across the gap, smacking into the monitor.

(If you hadn't noticed before, Wheatley will mention something about breaking
monitors each time you smash one, so listen for his dialogue to know for sure
if you broke it).

		  ________________/ 5.6. \_________________
		 /                                         \
	  ++++++()   [MN05] Test Chamber 05 2nd Monitor    ()++++++

Location: The second monitor in Test Chamber 05 is easy to find. Following the
directions above, get to the upper ledge where the buttons are. Once you are
at the podium button (If you weren't ALREADY at this button from the last
monitor), just turn around 180 degrees and you'll see the monitor above the
floor button.

How to smash it: This one is pretty simple to get, actually. Standing by the
podium botton, make one portal where the Excursion Funnel is hitting the wall
and another on the island platform in the middle of the Test Chamber, making a
Funnel that goes to the ceiling. Press the podium button and a cube will drop
from the dispenser, hit the Faith Plate, and fly right into the Funnel. Once
it gets stuck on the ceiling, look over at the slanted wall you used to get to
where you are now. Put your cursor on the farthest right of the four panels on
that slanted wall and place the color portal that ISN'T below the cube on said
panel. The cube will fall, pass through your portals, careen over the gap, and
crash into the monitor (With a bit of luck, it might even land nicely on the
floor button!).

Keep it up! You're just over halfway done with all the monitors!!

		  ________________/ 5.7. \_________________
		 /                                         \
	  ++++++()     [MN07] Test Chamber 06 Monitor      ()++++++

Location: As you exit the hallway and go into the Test Chamber, Wheatley will
begin moving the Test Chamber through the Aperture Complex and towards himself
like any respectable (Read: Stupid) villian would do. As the Chamber begins to
move, you will see the Monitor come out of the far wall, almost directly
opposite where you exit the hallway.

How to smash it: Probably the easiest monitor to get. So easy in fact that
many people have likely smashed this one by complete accident. Just ahead and
to the right of your location from exiting the hallway is an Aerial Faith
Plate. Just walk onto it and you will be sent across the room and right into
the monitor. No portals, no boxes, no turrets, no tricks. It's REALLY that

		  ________________/ 5.8. \_________________
		 /                                         \
	  ++++++()     [MN08] Test Chamber 11 Monitor      ()++++++

Location: Walk into the Test Chamber and you should see two platforms high up
that are resting on pistons. Go over to them. As you get close to them, look
over in the alcove to your left and you will see the monitor between an
Excursion Funnel and a slanted wall.

How to smash it: A little bit tricky, this one. Place a portal on the floor
beneath that Excursion Funnel. Look back towards the entrance to this Chamber
and you'll see another floor panel between an Aerial Faith Plate and a slanted
wall. Put a portal of the opposite color there. Now just jump into your newly
routed Funnel and ride it up to the ceiling. Once you're all the way up there
with the ceiling button, look at the bullseye on the slanted wall not far from
the portal below you. On that bullseye, make a new portal using the color that
is over beneath the Excursion Funnel source. You should fall down, through your
portals, across the room, and into an alcove containing one of Wheatley's ever
charming little modboxes. Grab that box, drop down, and walk over to where the
monitor is located. Drop down into this little area and block the laser with
your cube, which will cause the Excursion Funnel to turn off.

Place a portal on the wall behind the cube and the turn around 180 degrees and
look at the far wall opposite where you just made your portal. Make a second
portal anywhere on this wall and use the two portals to get yourself out of
the little enclosed area. Walk back over TO said enclosed area and make the
portal of your choosing on that slanted wall. Turn 90 degrees left and place
the opposite color portal on the bullseye of the slanted wall there. Walk
yourself over to the Aerial Faith Plate and step on it, which will cause you
to fly through your portals and over to a ledge with one of the laser
redirection cubes. Grab it, drop down, and go over to where your first cube is
still bravely fending off the laser.

Put the laser redirection cube in the path of the laser, facing TOWARDS the
portal-able wall you used before to get out of this area. Once the laser is
hitting this wall, turn around 180 degrees and, like before, place the a
portal of the opposite color anywhere on the upper part of this wall (Be sure
NOT to put it on the wall directly RIGHT of the far wall, because you cannot
hit the monitor from there). Once you've got your portals in place, grab the
laser redirction cube and, keeping it in the path of the laser, look through
the portal that's down there with you, and align yourself so that you can see
the monitor through your portals. Now that you've got your target in sight,
just keep the laser trained on the monitor and, after a few seconds, the
monitor will suddenly realize that it's being shot by a laser, feel promptly
upset by this fact, come to the conclusion that it's had a rather upsetting
life, begin wondering if reincarnation is real, decide that it's a good enoug
idea to risk chancing, and then commit suicide by self destructing with the
hope that it will come back into this world as a hawk or shark or something
awesome (In other words, the laser will break the monitor).

		  ________________/ 5.9. \_________________
		 /                                         \
	  ++++++()     [MN09] Test Chamber 12 Monitor      ()++++++

Location: As you exit the hallway that leads into this room, just keep walking
straight ahead. You should see the side of the monitor far ahead as it comes
out of the wall to your immediate left. If you can't see it from there, just
walk straight ahead from the hallway until you're about to hit the wall, then
turn yourself 90 degrees left and look up a bit.

How to smash it: This one isn't really hard, it just warrants a VERY VERY VERY
long description, so here's a wall of text. Notice where the laser is hitting
the wall? See that pattern of a single panel between two sets of four, small,
vertically stacked square panels? Remember that pattern, because it's really
important in this room. Put a portal on the wall where the laser is hitting
and then look down and to the left of the monitor. You'll see another pattern
identical to the one that the laser was hitting. Put your second portal here.
This will cause the laser to shoot across the room, into the laser recepticle
that is on the wall opposite the monitor, and make the platform on said wall
move back and forth. Once that platform is all the way to the left (Near one
of those frosted observation windows), look up and you will see a portal-able
surface above this point. When the platform is right below that wall, use the
same color portal that is catching the laser (Your first portal placement in
this room) and put a portal on that wall. This should give you a portal-like
doorway that you can go through and drop safely onto the platform.

Upon landing on this platform, notice the wall of lasers in front of you.
Those lasers are very deadly and CANNOT be blocked or redirected. So what you
will have to do is this: Look over at the wall with the monitor. Notice that
to the left of it are two of those patterened panels (The lower of which
should still have one of your portals on it). Still looking at the monitor,
move yourself to the far right of the platform you are standing on. Keeping the
portal you already have on the same wall as the monitor, place a portal of the
opposite color on the wall where the laser is hitting (If you have to, move
yourself to the left so that you can see this wall, just don't forget to go
back to the right once the platform starts moving). The platform will then
quickly begin moving towards the laser wall of death. Carefully watch the
laser wall and your platform and, once the platform is about halfway through
the laser wall, fire a portal of either kind anywhere on portal-able surface
to make the platform stop (Hey, it might be troublesome, but at least it keeps
you alive this way, no?)

Now then, aim your cursor on the higher of the two patterened panels that are
to the left of the monitor and place a portal there. Place your second portal
on the wall where the laser is hitting and, hey-presto, the laser wall of pure
death will be deactivated! Walk safely over to the other side of the once
lethal laser wall. From here you can usually jump down to the alcove below that
contains the podium button. If not then look back over near the monitor and,
using the same color portal that is already on this wall, place a portal on
lower of the two patterened spots, which will cause the platform to move
closer to the alcove.

Once you are down there regardless, you will need one portal on the wall where
the laser is hitting and another on the lower of the two patterened spots to
the left of the monitor so that the platform can travel almost all the way back
over to the side with the frosted window. Once it's there, place a portal of
your color choice on the wall high above it once more, causing it to stop
there. Press the podium button that is in the alcove with you to have a laser
redirection cube drop onto the platform. Place a portal opposite the color you
just used on the wall to the left of the podium button, which will allow you
to get on the platform with the cube.

Following exactly what you did just moments ago, use the laser across the gap
and make the platform move about halfway through the laser wall (The cube will
remain unharmed if it passes through) and stop the platform there. Disable the
laser wall again, pass through it, and then allow the platform to move as far
left of the monitor as it can. Once the platform is all the way left and then
starts moving to the right again, stop it's movement one last time.

You will notice that across the way, to the just above and to the right of the
Test Chamber 12 light-up panel is a line of portal-able panels. Keeping one
portal on the wall where the laser is hitting, fire your other portal onto
this area so that the laser is coming across and is nicely on level with you,
the platform, and your laser redirection cube. Grab the cube and put it in the
path of the laser, as it was made to be placed. Once you have it there, just
angle yourself and the cube so that the laser is being redirected over at the
monitor. Keep the laser trained on the monitor and, after a few seconds, the
laser will somehow cut through the monitor and only manage to break the glass
instead of cut it in two or melt it, but at least you've destroyed another

Only two more to go! You're almost there! And unlike SOME people, I'm not
using the "two more" thing as a precursor to a well-laid trap.

		  ________________/ 5.10. \________________
		 /                                         \
	  ++++++()     [MN10] Test Chamber 15 Monitor      ()++++++

Location: Upon entering this Test Chamber, the monitor will come out of the
wall directly in front of you, right above the Text Chamber 15 light-up panel.

How to smash it: From the entrance, look slightly left and you will see a
podium button across the room. Go press it to make a cube fall from the ever
unhelpfully placed dispenser directly above you, but onto a newly formed glass
platform that is out of your reach. Turn around 180 degrees and you should see
a floor button. Go stand on that button and stay there, which will turn on a
nearby Excursion Funnel to the right. Put a portal on the checkered ceiling
panel above the Funnel source and from there move your cursor left to find
another portal-able surface up high and on the same wall as the entrance to
the chamber. Place a portal of the opposite color on the lower part of this
wall, directly across from the cube (Might take more than one try to get your
Funnel in just the right place, so don't freak out if it DOESN'T work nice and
perfect the first time). The cube will float over to the far wall in that
little alcove and stick there. Look directly below the cube and you will see
another portal-able surface, which is your next target. Keeping your cursor
DIRECTLY in line with the cube and also keeping the portal that is DIRECTLY
above the Excursion Funnel source, make a portal of the opposite color on that
far wall. Your cube should fall down safely into the newly extended Funnel and
float over to you. Simply step off the button to drop the cube.

Grab the cube and put it on a part of the floor that is a portal-able surface.
(Directly in front of the monitor works quite nicely, actually) Go stand on
the floor button once again and make another portal on the checkered ceiling
panel above the Funnel source. Make your second portal directly beneath your
cube and allow it to float way up to the ceiling. Once it is there, look at
the wall opposite the monitor and, just a little higher up, you should see a
portal-able surface on the wall. Keeping the portal that is directly below the
cube on the ceiling, make a portal of the opposite color anywhere on that
little portal-able spot across from the monitor. That cube will drop like a
very well-cut stone, go through the portals, and fly directly into the monitor
of this Test Chamber.

Only one more monitor to go, and the last one is pretty tough.

"When you can't run, you crawl. And when you can't do that anymore... Well,
you know the rest."

		  ________________/ 5.11. \________________
		 /                                         \
	  ++++++()     [MN11] Test Chamber 16 Monitor      ()++++++

Location: Once you get across Wheatley's newly created gap of mishap and sheer
stupidity, you will walk into the main room of the Test Chamber. Upon entering
this room, you will see the monitor come out of the wall ahead of and slightly
to the right of your location.

How to smash it: Okay, this one requires a bit of crafty timing, so don't
worry if it takes you more than one try, and DEFINITELY don't be afraid to
make manual save points as you see fit. First, make a portal on the far side
of the deadly pit, over where the blue gel dispenser is. Make your second
portal on one of the portal-able floors near where you enter the room and then
go through it. Once you are over by the blue gel dispenser make sure that the
portal you have over here is lined up with the blue gel dispenser. Once you
have that set up, turn 180 degrees and look up at the Excursion Funnel. Aim at
the portal-able surface at it's end and Place a portal that is the opposite
color of the one you just lined up, and this will make a Funnel that goes back
across the gap and also passes right under the blue gel dispenser. Look at the
floor and notice the metal grating here. There is similar grating back at the
start of this area and the blue gel will fall right through it. Where you are
currently though, there is a small patch of floor at the end of this grating.
You need to get blue gel there first. Look near where you are standing to find
a podium button. Hit that button to make blue gel flow for a few seconds (You
can hear ticking as the blue gel's flow time goes by). Once there is some blue
gel over that spot of the floor, shoot out a portal of the color that is
currently across from the Funnel source, which hould cause the blue gel to
fall out of the air and cover that spot. Remake your portal back up top,
across from the Funnel source, and make your funnel go across the room again.
The Sunnel SHOULD safely be going back to where you started. Hit the podium
button and, using the blue gel you put on the floor, jump up into the funnel
and ride back over with your new collection of blue goo.

Now this is where things get tricky. Once you are back to where you started,
exit the Funnel quickly and locate the floor button (If you were facing the
entrance door to this chamber as you went acros, it will be to the left). In
stepping on the floor button, you will cause the Excursion Funnel to go in
reverse. Allow your blue gel to go all the way back across the gap, through
your portals, and towards the Funnel source. As it makes this trip, look at
the monitor and then begin looking right of it. Beyond the glass wall to your
right are three turrets, and THEY are the key to getting this last monitor.
Looking from the right of said monitor, you can see a portal-able surface that
is lined up with the three turrets. That's your next target. Remembering the
portal color that is directly across from the Funnel source, allow the blue gel
to passed through the portals and head towards the Funnel source. Quickly fire
a portal of the opposite color at the surface that is aligned with the three
turrets and step off the floor button, which will cause the Funnel to flow in
the other direction again.

Now here's where you've got to be careful and quick. What you'll want to do is
let the blue gel flow through the portals and let a blob of it get just before
the leftmost turret ONLY, and then make another of either portal somewhere on
the portal-able floor around you (NOT directly below you). If you've done this
correctly, the leftmost turrent should be covered in blue gel and subsequently
be bounced into oblivion while the other two remain perfectly unharmed.

If you've gotten this so far, then you've gotten through the hardest part.
Back away from the glass wall/window a bit and look up and to the right of the
two remaining turrets. You should see ANOTHER portal-able surface here. Just
remember that location for now. Following what you did before, go over to the
other side with the blue gel dispenser and repeat the process of using the
Funnel and you splotch of blue gel on the floor to get yourself and the blue
gel back across the gap. Once you are here, step on the floor button again,
reversing the Funnel flow, and allow it to travel back and throught the
portals once more and heading towards the Funnel source. Once more remembering
the color of the portal that is across from the Funnel source, allow the blue
gel to pass through said portal, so that it is above the monitor. Looking 90
degrees left from the monitor, place a portal of the opposite color on the
floor panel that is to the left of, but closest to the glass panels on the
wall. Now quickly get off your button and let the blue gel flow back through
the new portal. Once a little has gone through the portal on the floor, make a
portal of that same color somewhere out of your way so that the blue gel
splashes down onto the spot where the portal once was.

Go stand on the newly made blue spot, put yourself against the wall, and then
locate that portal-able surface that is to the right of the two remaining
turrets. Make either portal on the farthest panel of that wall and then look
straight down. Jump straight up into the air (The turrets will shoot at and
hit you here, but they shouldn't kill you) and fire a portal of the OPPOSITE
color below yourself. If you've done everything right so far, you should fall
down through your portal, come flying out of the wall near the turrets (The
leftmost turret would have shot you down were it still there), and collide
into the rightmost turret.

Assuming everything has worked out thus far, you should now be standing safely
between two turrets OR (If you knocked over the rightmost turret upon landing)
safely next to a single turret. If you have two turrets, just toss one of them
off the ledge. Grab the last remaining turret and walk it out from behind the
glass wall/window, line it up with the monitor, and set it down. Just like in
Test Chamber 04, the turret wil automatically begin to gun down the monitor
like any insane turret should, ensuring the destruction of the 11th and final


So there you have it! All 11 monitors covered and decimated. You should get
the Achievement/Trophy popping up as soon as the last monitor is destroyed.
If it doesn't then you've probably missed one or hit a save glitch in which
the game has forgotten that you did indeed kill a monitor in a previous room.
You'll just have to go throught them one by one and find out which one you're

Congratulations! You've just gotten the Smash TV Achievement/Trophy!

I hope you enjoyed my guide as much as I enjoyed staying up late two nights
in a row to write it!

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		  /         [CR&TH] Credits & Thanks         \

Personal Thanks to:
[] Gabe Newell - For making the original Portal so awesome that it deserved an
                 equally awesome sequel.

[] Anyone who DOESN'T endlessly argue with others about which version of Portal
   2 is the best - Self explaining thanks is self explaining.

[] CJayC - For the gift to the world that is GameFAQS.

[] Myself - I wrote this damn thing, so I have the right to praise myself.

[] My sister - Hey, it was HER copy of the game and HER Xbox 360 I used while
               writing this, so without her the guide wouldn't exist.

[] My girlfriend - For being the best thing that ever happened to me.

Special Thanks and/or Credit to:

[] NO ONE!... Yet. This is where I will credit those who submit contributions
   to or point out mistakes within the guide.

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