Populous: The Beginning (PC) Cheats

Populous: The Beginning cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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dragon block
if you were in level 24,sometimes the matak shaman comes and use the death angel spell.its dangerous,so create a drag0on,too.she go to fight and the dragon that was earlier created will be crashed in a ten million pieces.Bye Bye green Drago0n!


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Infinite Mana, All spells, All building
Simply hold Tab and press F11 button which is just above the backspace button, and a chat box will appear. Then type in "BYRNE" and hit enter.

As soon as you have done this, prepare for the good, old fashioned carnage. Hold Tab and press either F1 to F5 and you will get your "Reward"

I only can remember a few, so here they are

F1= ?
F2= All spells i think
F3= All building
F4= ?
F5= Infinite Mana*

*Please note, the Infinite Mana cheat restores the amount of times you can use a certain spell.
For example, you have the lightning spell
You use 1 spell, and have 3 remaining
You press Alt F5
You now have 4 shots remaining

It is helpful to type this at the beginning of the level, and press all the F's from F1-F5 to get everything imaginable, and have fun sending an army of Angels Of Death's to the enemy!

And dont forget, give the enemy a volcano up the rear from yours truely, Old Man Kane
the mega cheat
go in the game. then press and hold tabf11 a little box will pop up then type byrne.
then hit on for the cheat:
tabf5 full mana
tab f4 all buildings
tab f3 all spells
tab f1 mor mana