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[edit] Background

Nexon America, North America’s leading publisher of free-to-play online games, has announced it will be publishing PopTag!, with launch set for the first half of 2010. PopTag!, known as BnB Crazy Arcade worldwide, is one of Nexon’s most successful games with millions of loyal fans. PopTag! will follow the free-to-play business model, pioneered by Nexon in the North American market.

[edit] Game Play

PopTag! is a 2-D arcade-style multiplayer game where players navigate a variety of multi-colored maps and battle each other, or NPCs (non-playable characters), with water-based weapons, such as water balloons, in a variety of game modes. PopTag! offers fast-paced game play in player-versus-player modes, or cooperative modes where gamers can join together to take on unique and deadly boss monsters and their minions. A “co-play” function is also available to users, allowing two players to play using a single keyboard.

Players defeat their opponents in PopTag! by strategically setting water balloons anywhere on the game’s maps, blasting and trapping them in a bubble. A player may escape the bubble by using special items or get help from a teammate. If the trapped player does not escape after a certain amount of time, they are out of the game. Players earn experience points for each victory and level up based on the amount of experience points they accumulate.

[edit] Features

In addition to being free-to-play, the game is supported with thousands of purchasable items and character customization pieces, as well as an in-game messenger and other systems that help foster community interaction. It also includes a “sweetie” system that allows players to get married in-game. Nexon plans to release regular content updates that will introduce new maps, gameplay modes, items and quests to help keep the watery adventures flowing for the players.

[edit] Hardware Info

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  • Publisher: Nexon
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  • Genre: Arcade (PC)
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  • North America: Q3 2010
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