Popeye review
Another simple yet fun Arcade classic

The good:

Very simple yet challenging gameplay. Does a good job of recreating the classic cartoons with the storyline.

The bad:

Very little variety in gameplay.


Another arcade-to-NES port, this one is based on the classic "Popeye" cartoons from the golden era of television. It's a vey simple tried-and-true storyline: As Popeye you have to win Olive Oyl's heart away from eternal arch-rival Brutus and everything he throws at you...including the occasional kitchen sink of sorts!
The gameplay's exceptionally simple-run around, avoid Brutus and his attacks, eat Spinach for invincibility briefly, and collect hearts before they break or you get your clock cleaned. It's always fast-paced but there are only a handful of different stage layouts, so it gets repetitive quickly. The graphics are OK as are sounds, but a nice touch is whenever Popeye eats Spinach, you get the classic "Popeye" tune just like in the cartoons! Controls are also simple-just run around and occasionally use one button to punch things coming your way.
Although it's not a very deep or engaging game, the bottom line, like so many other classics of it's time, is it's still fun to play when you want a break from today's titles for a litle bit or just want to revisit the games of the past. Fans of the TV cartoons will definitely like this one too.

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