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This game should not Exist

The good:

-The only good thing about this game is the idea. It was a very good Idea to make a game about politics and corruption.
-The ability to push the button and send nuclear boms to other countries.
-The avility to burn(with fire) the game once you realize it stinks.
-I must admit, I knew this game was going to be bad but I still bought it. It felt good when I bought it, now playing it, that is another story.

The bad:

-Lacks a real purpose
-YOu cant Beat other countries! You can send them 10 billion nuglear bombs, and they will still be there.
-There is no challenge, If you do not touch the game it could run off by itself.
-The game is expensive ($9.99) because it is not worth buying.
Spying is totally pointless. No purpose. Lets suppose that all your spying missions are succesfull, It would make NOOO difference whatsoever in the game.
-There is no such thing as world domination, Cant be done, its not an option or posivility.



I am a compulsive, addicted, possitive PC game buyer, and I realize I dont like to hear bad things about the game I am thinking of buying or planning to buy. But lets be realistic only once and try considering the good and bad things I said about this game. Although this is only my opinion, beleave me this game is not worth $00.05 its not even worth placing a section of it on neoseeker. Im writng this for you to learn from my mistakes.


Political Tycoon (A MISS)

The good:

-Nice Ideas, Atomic Bombs, Brives, Spy, bribe, etc.
-Some funny jokes and funny Interface.

The bad:

-Flat learning curve
-Close ended
-Lacks a definite purpose. (missions are easy!! They are done by tmeselves)
-There is no need to use atomic boms, spyes, bribes, or anithing to complete the game. These actions have little effect or cause little reaction to the opponent.
-Opponents cannot!! (THIS IS IMPORTANT) Opponents cannot be defeated, killed, anihilated, or anithing similar.. Whatever you do, even if you brive all the people, send 1 million atomic bombs, and send 1 million spyes you will not be able to defeat the opponents because this is not the purpose of the game.
-The opportunity cost (wasting $10 in a game you are going to play for 30 minutes, instead of buying some hamburger, fies, and soda)



BE Ware.... Althoug the consept of the game is good, fun, and enterntaining, the actual game play, replayability, strategy, and difficulty really, REALLY sucx.

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