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Editor's Note:

Pokemon Crystal for the Game Boy may be available only in Japan. This may change in the near future, so keep watching this space! Known as Pokemon Stadium GS in Japan.

Added on: December 04, 2000

[edit] Background

Pokémon Stadium 2 follows up Pokemon Stadium and allows you to use Pokemon from the first three Game Boy games, plus Gold, Silver, and Crystal! Once again, the Transfer Pak makes it possible to import your favorite Pokemon into your N64. "Rent" Pokemon in-game if you don't have any Game Boy data to import. A total of 251 Pokemon are represented in full 3D in this version of Pokemon Stadium!

[edit] Gameplay

Just like the previous game, you'll be using rental Pokemon to battle with, but this time around, you can choose Pokemon from the Johto region, bringing the total amount of Pokemon to use up to 251.

[edit] Features

  • Pit Pokémon against each other in battle tournaments
  • Includes 249 Pokémon
  • Transfer and organize your trained Pokémon from Game Boy titles via separately sold Transfer Pak
  • 4 new tournaments

This game is also known as:

  • Pokemon Stadium GS in North America
  • Pokemon Stadium: Gold, Silver, Crystal Version in North America
  • Pocket Monsters Stadium: Kin, Gin, Crystal Version in Japan

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May 14, 11 11:37pm
You just gotta love the default moves they give the rental Pokemon in this game... Slowking, water gun! PokemonStadium2
Jul 04, 10 4:19pm
Pokemon Stadium with second generation pokemon. Not many new things. PokemonStadium2
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mini games are ok...i guess. PokemonStadium2
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Own the actual cartrige and the ROM for Project 64. PokemonStadium2
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they totally underpowered the raichu here. you guys feelin me out there? PokemonStadium2
Sep 10, 09 11:21am
Yes. Way, way better than PBR. PokemonStadium2
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Release Dates
  • North America: Mar 26, 2001
  • Japan: Dec 14, 2000
  • Europe: Oct 19, 2001
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