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Pokémon Snap cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes for more Pokémon Snap cheat codes.


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Pokemon Signs
Can't find all the poke signs? I'm here to help. Note that there is no poke sign in the rainbow cloud level, although there are constellations that resemble the pokemon that are shown by the poke signs. (which is why you need to get all the signs to unlock it.) If you can figure out the similarity between sign #4 and a cubone, plz pm me.
UnlockableHow to unlock
#1: Kingler rockIn the beach level, as soon as you start, look to the left (<--). you will see some rocks. hold down the focus button and keep your eye on the rocks until the light on the focus turns red. at this point the rocks seem to form a kingler. this is a poke sign
#2: Pinsir shadowIn the power plant level, when you get to the room w/ pikachu and the big egg, throw apples to make pikachu run up to the egg. then play your pokeflute, and when pikachu uses thunderbolt, zapdos will hatch from the egg. the zapdos will then go over to the generator and start it up. in the next room, a light will shine on some things pointing out of the ground. the resulting shadow will be that of a pincir. this is a poke sign.
#3: Koffing smokeIn the volcano level, when you first arrive, you will see a small volcano releasing smoke off to your left (<--). throw a pester ball at the cater of the volcano. if it makes its mark, the smoke from the volcanow will rise a little higher, forming a koffing as it does so. this is a poke sign
#4: Cubone(?) treeIn the river level, there is a vileplume to the right (-->) creating some smoke. play your pokeflute, and it will start dancing, at this point, it will stop making smoke. above it, now visible, is a tree. this is a poke sign (prof. oak said it was a cubone, but i dont see the simalarity)
#5: Mewtwo constellationIn the cave level, in the room right before the articuno egg, there is a bunch of gems shining off to your left (<--). focus on the biggest gem and snap a picture. when it develops, it will be mewtwo. this is a poke sign
#6: Mt. DugtrioIn the valley level, look up as soon as you start. there will be a mountain that looks like a dugtrio. this is a poke sign


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Angry Jigglypuff
Note: Save at least 1 jigglypuff from Koffing.

In the cave level at the end turn right then play the poke flute and it should be mad.
Articuno is in cave were the Jinx are just play the flute and it will appear..Now take a pretty picture !
To find Chansey,throw a paster ball to the ball Eevee is playing with in the beach level and it will appear!
At the end of the Volcano level, there's a Charmeleon walking around the edge of a crater with lava in. Throw an apple or pester ball at him at the right angle and he will be knocked into the lava. A few seconds later, a Charizard will come out.
Ok if you want to get a picture of a charizard you have to go to the volcano level and at the end you will see charmeleon and when it faces you throw a apple at it and if you did it right then charmeleon will fall in the lava and evolve into charizard.So take a picture quick and have fun.
Fighting Magmar
To get the picture of fighting Magmar go to the valcano level and you will see two Magmar. Throw an apple in between them and one of the Magomars will try to eat it the other one will get mad and use firespin on the other one.
Get a load of Charmander in one shot!
DO NOT THROW A PESTER BALL OR APPLE AT THE MOLTRES EGG IN THE VOLCANO LEVEL! Instead, let it stop you in your path. Look to the left, you will see two Charmander. Throw apples like crazy in the area where you are (don't worry, you have an infinite amount of time to do this), and try to get them towards the cliff in the middle. Two more Charmander should come from over the horizon. Keep throwing the apples. 2-4 more should come to join the party. Use the apples to try and lure them towards each other (keep trying not to hit the egg). Once you get them all together, lure them towards you. You can get 6-8 happy Charmander all in one close-up shot. For a funny pic, keep throwing apples at the Charmander (if you can, try to make the apples that hit them land in the lava). 3-4 of them should come up and start roaring at you.
Get Mew.
NOTE:You must have the Rainbow Cloud!

It will pop up in an odd orb. Throw apples at it until you do it three times, and the orb will break. Repeat this for the next orb, it will go chasing the orb and.... get a Pick.
At the beginning of the valley level throw a pester ball at magikarp. he will fly at the 1st mankey you see by the mountains who kicks it over the valley. when u get to the point where there are 3 gravelers on the wall look at the ground and magikarp will be there. throw a couple of pester balls at it and it will fly to the waterfall at your right and evolve. TAKE MANY PICTURES!!! it's worth a lot! VERY RARE
How To Get Dugtrio
On the tunnel level once you see Diglet take three pictures of him quickly to find a Dugtrio take three pictures of him to find two Dugtrios.
How to get singing Jigglypuff
On the cave level there will be a coffin who has captured a Jiggly. Hit him like crazy with Pester Balls until you see him leave Jiggly alone. Then at the end, there is a platform. You will find a Jiggly there.
how to get zapdos
in the tunnel level there should be a room with a pikachu and a yellow egg in it. Fire an apple in front of the mouse and make a trail leading pretty close to the egg when u think you're close enough pay the pokeflute then he sould start to shoch the egg (this is a good time to take pictrues of pikachu). then Zapdos should come out of the egg
Legendary Birds and Dragonite
Articuno:Near the end of the cave level you will see a crystal egg. If you have the pokemon flute play it. The Jynxes by the egg will start moving and hatch the egg.Articuno is in the egg.

Zapdos:This one may be tricky. In the tunnel level on the left of a big blue machine a pikachu and a yellow/orange egg is sitting there. Make a trail of apples for the pikachu that leads to the egg. When pikachu is by the egg, play the pokemon flute. Pikachu will thundershock the egg and it will hatch into Zapdos.

Moltres: Moltres is very easy to get. In the volcano level, you will see a red/orange egg. Throw an apple at it. It will fall into the lava and hatch into Moltres.

Dragonite: In the valley level's mid/end point, there will be a whirlpool with dratinis by it. Throw 4 pesterballs into the whirlpool and Dragonite will fly out.
Pokémon Locations
001 Bulbasaur - River, Cave
004 Charmander - Volcano
005 Charmeleon - Volcano
006 Charizard - Volcano
007 Squirtle - Valley
011 Metapod - River
012 Butterfree - Beach
014 Kakuna - Tunnel
016 Pidgey - Beach
025 Pikachu - Beach, Tunnel, River, Cave
027 Sandshrew - Valley
028 Sandslash - Valley
037 Vulpix - Volcano
039 Jigglypuff - Cave
041 Zubat - Tunnel, Cave
045 Vileplume - River
050 Diglett - Tunnel
051 Dugtrio - Tunnel
052 Meowth - Beach
054 Psyduck - River
056 Mankey - Valley
058 Growlithe - Volcano
059 Arcanine - Volcano
060 Poliwag - River
070 Weepinbell - Cave
071 Victreebell - Cave
074 Geodude - Valley
075 Graveler - Valley
078 Rapidash - Volcano
079 Slowpoke - River
080 Slowbro - River
081 Magnemite - Tunnel
082 Magneton - Tunnel
084 Duduo - Beach
088 Grimer - Cave
089 Muk - Cave
090 Shellder - River
091 Closter - River
093 Haunter - Tunnel
101 Electrode - Tunnel
109 Koffing - Cave
113 Chansey - Beach
115 Kangaskhan - Beach
118 Goldeen - Valley
120 Staryu - Valley
121 Starmie - Valley
123 Scyther - Beach
124 Jynx - Cave
125 Electabuzz - Tunnel
126 Magmar - Volcano
129 Magikarp - Beach, Tunnel, Volcano, River, Cave, Valley
130 Gyrados - Beach
132 Ditto - Cave
133 Eevee - Beach
137 Porygon - River
143 Snorlax - Beach
144 Articuno - Cave
145 Zapdos - Cave
146 Molltres - Volcano
147 Dratini - Valley
149 Dragonite - Valley
151 Mew - Rainbow Cloud
rare pidgy
on the beach level near the end look back to see a pidgy useing gust on a meowth.take a piture stat!
Secret ending
At the end of the Tunnel level there is a giant hole where you should see an Electrode. Thorw an apple or pester balls at it and it will blow up and move some rocks where you will stop and fly out of the cave.
on the valley level there should be some staryous fire a pester ball at the last one u c it should start making circles around u when u come to a whirl pool it will fly in pose your camera at it and in a few second a starmie should appear
waking Snorlax
Type1: have the apple/pester ball on the beach level and you can make the lazy lump that is Snorlax wake up and scratc his belly.

Type 2:have the poke flute and wake him up and he will dance in a side to side motion.


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How to get 10,000 on mew's picture!
I'll tell ya how and show off to your friends! Okay you first go to the rainbow cloud (This only appears when you get all of the secret pokemon pictures.) You use your boost. When you hit Mew when she is chasing the glowing ball hit her. When she Spins start to boost! Don't let go keep boosting until she stops spinng this your time to attack1 Don't let go of your boost! Keep doing this until you get use to this. Then get ready to take pictures. do it when mew poses.Keep doing these steps until you get close enough to take it's picture. You must be an experence photographer to do this beacause you need to make the picture straight, Perfect, and Big.
Pika Poses! ^_~
Many times in this game, little Pikachu will do something extra special and cute! Here is a list of what you can get it to do.

Surfing Pikachu: On the Beach level, near the beginning, you'll see a Pikachu. Throw apples leading to the surfboard (a little further ahead) and if you do it right, Pikachu will jump on it and pretend to surf!

Pikachu(s) sitting on a tree stump(s):In one of the bushes on the Beach level, (the one where a Meowth jumps out catching a pidgey) Throw lots and lots of Pester balls into the same bush. If you do it in the same place, a Scyther should jump out. This will make 1 or 2 Pikachus run out and jump up onto the 2 tree stumps next to the bush. To get more points, play the Pokeflute!

Super speed Pikachu:This one is in the River level. Near the end of it, you'll see a log with lots of holes in it. Pikachu should be on it somewhere, so take a picture of it and it should run out with sparkly things trailing behind it. Quickly take a piccie to get Super speed Pikachu!

Pikachu flying on Balloons:This is probably the hardest one to do, but worth it! In the room with Articunos egg (Cave level) look up and you should see a Zubat with Pikachu hostage. Fire at it like crazy, and if you managed to hit it, Pikachu should fly down on balloons. Take a piccie and tada!

Articuno airways! (Pikachu riding on Articunos back):This one is also in the cave level. If you managed to free Pikachu from Zubat, it will land from the balloons and run over to the Jynx's. Quickly play the PokeFlute to get Articuno out of the egg. Keep facing backwards, and Pikachu/Articuno should fly up to you! Try your best to get Pikachu in the middle of the screen, because if its Articuno in the middle, you wont get as many points.

Circus Pikachu(on a ball)n the tunnel level, quickly take a picture of the first Pikachu you see. It should run, and then stop. Take another pic, and it should jump up onto an Electrode! Take some more photos to get more points.