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: : : : PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure FAQ/Walkthrough

PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure FAQ/Walkthrough

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Pokepark Wii: Pikachu's adventure
Nintendo Wii walkthrough.

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Intro                                         1.00


Hello and welcome to my the guide. If you have any questions
or comments, feel free to e-mail me at kwashiai@gmail.com
Use the search feature of the browser (ctrl+F) and the
number at the end of the header to find a specific part of the
guide. I hope you enjoy the guide.

Version History                               1.01


Version 1.00 Jan 2011

Preface                                       1.02


This is the guide for the Wii version of Pokepark Wii:
Pikachu's adventure. This guide will take you through the
game from start to finish. I will be doing the side quests and
optional tasks during my session of the game. If you just want to
rush through, or need help on a specific part of the game, just
check up the walkthrough's contents list and find the part you are
on. All the essential information will be listed.

Controls                                      1.03


+ Open up poke park pad
  2 Read signs
  A Use thunderbolt
  B Face pokemon. If there aren't any other pokemon in your immediate line of
  sight, the view point will shift also.
  B  Zoom view. Point the remote at the screen and press B to zoom view.
  2 Grab large objects
  2 Speak with pokemon.
  2 Jump. (Hold for higher jump)
  D-pad Move. Browse Poke park pad.
  1 Dash
- Take photo

Contents                                      1.04

1.00 Intro

2.01 Version History

3.02 Preface

4.03 Controls

5.04 Contents

Getting to the poke park                      2.01

The poke park                                 2.02

First battle                                  2.03

More friend gathering                         2.04

Meeting Venusaur                              2.05

Meeting place                                 2.06

Beach Zone                                    2.07

Beach Area friend making                      2.08

Saving Piplup                                 2.09

Enter the Iceberg Zone                        2.10

Cavern Zone                                   2.11

Lava Zone                                     2.12

The Haunted Zone                              2.13
(Don't worry, there's no 2.14)

To the Granite Zone                           2.15

The Flower Zone                               2.16

Sky Pavillion                                 2.17

Credits                                       3.00

Walkthrough                                   2.00


Getting to the poke park                      2.01


After the initial cut scene and the conversation with Mew, you will be speaking
with Chatot. If you have any questions, that's the pokemon you should head over
and speak with. Chatot will start to fly away, asking you to follow it. Hold
the remote horizontally and use the D-pad to move.

Head on in the direction Chatot took. There is a small mini map to the bottom
right that will notify you of where you are, and the over all architecture of
the level.  When you meet up with Chatot again, you'll be taught how to dash.
Press the 1 button to dash. You'll be indicated to dash into the crate. Grab
the green fruit that was hidden in the crate, and keep moving. Chatot will stop
you and try to teach you how to jump.

To jump press the 2 button. To jump slightly higher, keep the button held
longer. Jump over the log and head to Chatot. Next you'll be introduced to
skill games- chase being the first. In this game you have to chase after a
certain pokemon. You'll be timed. In order to win, you must dash into the
pokemon. When the timer goes down, run on after Chatot dashing.

Get close enough and dash Chatot to win. As this is the first chase, it should
be fairly simple. Enjoy the berries you've obtained, and listen to what Chatot
has to say. Buneary will pass you by, telling you to keep moving if you want to
make it to the park. Head on and you'll see Buneary standing. You'll be taught
how to speak with pokemon you see in the environment.

Press 2 when you see the dots over their heads for information they wish to
disclose. Now in a rude turn of events, you'll have to shock Snorlax to wake
him up. Face the pokemon with the B button, and then press A to use
thunderbolt. After your success keep moving through the newly opened path.
You'll bump into Chatot again. You'll obtain a poke park pad.

It's a friend's list keeper of sorts. Press the + button to open it up. After
doing so, head forth and speak with Chatot again. Next, head on to the sign
board and press the 2 button to read it. When you move past the sign, you'll be
asked if you would like to head on to the poke park. Say yes if you're ready.

The poke park                                 2.02


Once you enter the park, you'll reunite with Chikorita. After a brief
conversation, you'll be free to head off and explore the area. When you look at
your map, you'll note a blue icon. Head over to it. It's Bulbasaur. Speak with
him. He'll speak to you about attractions. Press yes to play Bulbasaur's daring
dash attraction.

Bulbasaur's daring dash

You have to complete the course to win. The time goal to beat is 0:10.00
Now in this attraction you'll have to shake the wii remote to run. You'll go
faster the more you shake the remote. Hold the remote horizontally. You'll be
given the option to pick a friend. Let's stick with Pikachu for now. Start off
by shaking the wii remote. Do so and you'll start running.

You'll be able to see your ranks against the other players. If you aren't in
first place, that's an indication to shake the remote a little harder. Doing so
will allow you to surpass the others, and finish the dash in first place. If
you beat the goal under 9 seconds, you'll be able to obtain the bonus of 100
berries. Bulbasaur will congratulate you and hand over a Prism Piece.

Bulbasaur will then become your friend. Then two obnoxious tattle tales will
grab Chikorita and run off. It's up to you to head to the rescue. Some people
just can't mind their own business, can they? Head off in the direction they
went and move toward the circular structure on the lower right of the mini map.

You'll meet Treeko. Now he says he won't let you pass unless one of the slowest
pokemon wins the dash. Look on your mini map for the blue icon. That's Turtwig.
You have to head on over and speak with the guy. Turtwig will want you to play
chase first. Do so. As you are much faster than Turtwig, running up to and
dashing into Turtwig should not be a problem.

Turtwig will then become your friend. Pachirisu and Bonsly will come out to
play. Skip them for now. Head to the brown crate in the area next to Munchlax.
Break the crate with your dash attack and grab the large berry with 2. Munchlax
will then become your friend. Tropius will come to eat berries. Head toward the
middle and speak with Buneary. You can play a skill game at this time.

It's chase. Buneary is faster than Turtwig. Dash toward Buneary, and if you
can't seem to get close enough to dash, use your thunderbolt to stun him then
dash. Beating Buneary will make him your friend. Lotad and Shinx will come out
to play. Now that you've played chase enough times, you'll probably be set to
test out battling. Head over to a pokemon like Lotad and speak with them to
initiate the battle.

First battle                                  2.03


The goal is to get your opponent's HP down to zero. If that happens to your HP,
you will lose. You can dash and use thunderbolt as a means of getting your
foe's HP down. Lotad uses water attacks that shoot out as projectiles. They can
be hopped over to be evaded. Retaliate with your thunderbolt and your dash
attack, and you'll be the victor of the battle. Now's a good time to head back
over and speak with Bulbasaur.

Bulbasaur's daring dash

Select Turtwig to participate in the dash. To receive the bonus, you must
complete the dash under the 0:15.00 mark. Remember, shake the Wii remote
rapidly, and you should be able to clear it under that time. Exit the
attraction and since  Turtwig received the bonus, you'll be able to cross the
bridge. After you're done, it would be wise to head to the large box you broke
for Munchlax.

Grab the berry again, but this time carry it around the park to give it to
Tropius. This can be done later on, so don't sweat it if you want to do
something else. Tropius will become your friend once you've done this, though.
It's best to head around the area and make as many friends as you can before
heading towards the main goal. Speak with Shinx and you'll be asked to play

You're slightly faster than Shinx, so you should be able to dash and tag Shinx
fairly quickly. Shinx will then become your friend. Pachirisu should be nearby.
You can play chase to befriend the pokemon if you wish. Bonsly will want you to
play hide-and-seek with him. In this sill game you'll have a limited amount of
time to find Bonsly. You have a little less than a minute to find Bonsly. He
should be by a rock and a tree, near a spot Pachirisu frequents.

The weird fellow will become your friend should you beat him. Sudowoodo will
come to play. Find him and speak with him if you want to play hide and seek. He
should be suspiciously nearby, semi behind where you first start the game. He
will become your friend. You can head on and speak with Treeko. Treeko will
clear the way, and you'll be free to cross. Before you do, though head back and
speak with Treeko. No sense in having him and enemy, huh? Play chase with him
to befriend him. Cross the bridge, and dash into the tree, and you'll bring
down Caterpie. Though small, he can still run, so play chase with him. It's
almost unfair.

Caterpie is VERY slow. Butterfree will then come to party. You can speak with
Caterpie and play chase. Now Butterfree is much faster than Caterpie. The
flying around doesn't help either. When you get near Butterfree, use your
thunderbolt to gain the advantage, then dash in for the win. After befriending
the pokemon, head over to the bridge section and speak with Mankey. Mankey will
want to battle you. Don't worry, he isn't too hard. He doesn't have any
projectile attacks, so you should start off with a thunderbolt or two, followed
by a dash.

If he dashes at you, just use your thunderbolt to stop him. Mankey will then
become an ally, and Chimchar should join the park at this time. Head on over to
Chimchar. He wants to battle. Watch out for his flame attacks. Try and circle
him and use your thunderbolt at him. Don't let him catch you by surprise. He'll
become your friend. Head on over to Bidoof, and he'll need you to get some
lumber. Crash into one of the crates in the area and grab some lumber with the
2 button. Bring them over to Bidoof. Head towards the crates in the area (there
should be more than one) and bring them over to Bidoof. He's gonna as for
lumber one more time.

Head round the park to find some more and bring it to him. He's gonna ask for
just one more bunch of lumber. You gave him that much already, might as well,
right? Find some more lumber and satiate the beaver. You'll gain some berries,
and the friendship of Bidoof. Bibarel will come over as well. Bibarel will want
to battle you. Don't let hit size scare you away.

As he doesn't have projectile attacks, you should start the battle with a
thunderbolt and follow it up by a dash. Follow up with a couple more dashes,
and you'll win the match. Oddish and Aipom are close together and can be spoken
to. Oddish will like to play hide and seek.

He gives you a clue before he goes off to hide, the nice fellow. Turn around
and head towards the flowers by the cliff edge. Notice anything out of the
ordinary? No? Good, cause that's what Oddish wants you to think. However, you
know now that Oddish is hiding among the flowers. His sprouts being plant-like,
it's understandable.

More friend gathering                         2.04


Head toward the waterfall in the distance. There's a rock next to a tree.
Bumping into the tree will bring down Weedle. Weedle will want to battle you if
you speak with him. Use your thunderbolt to take down the critter. A couple
more will take him out quickly. Alternatively, you can use the thunderbolt
dash. Head past Weedle toward the narrow path you see on the top right of your
map. There you'll see a lake and a splashing Magikarp.

Use thunderbolt on Magikarp, then break apart the nearby boxes to locate a
Shroomish. Speak with him and you'll be able to befriend him by playing chase.
Shroomish isn't particularly fast, so a regular dash towards him should be good
enough to catch up to him. Head over to Aipom and speak with him to play chase.
Aipom's a fast one. You can try to run around him and corner him, using a
thunderbolt when he's close, but it's not the easiest thing to pull off.

If you just keep chasing after Aipom, you'll pick up enough speed to dash into
him. He'll befriend you after the chase. I'm pretty sure you've been wondering
how you'd be able to chase Magikarp as well, so head over to Magikarp and speak
with him. Though he can't run, he'll want to play chase. Surprisingly he's
quick, cause he hops around. Thunderbolt should be good enough to stop him.

Ambipom will come to the park next. He would like to battle you. He's got three
HP bars. He throws rocks at you with his two tails. This attack can be dodge by
jumping or dashing to the side. Thunderbolt is the best way to take him out. Do
so a couple of time, and a dash attack to finish will crown you the victor.

Toward the middle circle area on your mini map there will be two paths to the
left. Looking up, the second one to the far left is a spot where you can find
the pokemon Leafeon. You can play chase with this pokemon.

Be warned, Leafeon is very fast. In order to get close enough, it's best to
watch the path Leafeon is running, then cut through the large space in between
that area by moving diagonally toward where Leafeon will be. It's not easy, but
it is possible. You just have to think ahead. You'll gain an ally in Leafeon
when you finish the game.

Meeting Venusaur                              2.05


Now after all those skill games and exploring, you should have a good amount of
berries. Head to the blue icon and make your way to find Venusaur. You'll come
across Croagunk. He'll ask for a certain amount of berries. You should have
more than enough. You'll be asked if you'd like to head on past the gate. Head
all the way straight and meet with Venusaur.

He'll tell you to beat Croagunk and Spearow in a battle. Head back out the path
and Croagunk should be waiting for you. Initiate a battle with him. Start off
getting a little close, and using thunderbolt. He's got a poisonous throwing
move that can damage you, but if you dodge by moving left or right you'll avoid
it. When he's stunned rush in and dash. Scyther should join the park after your
victory. You can head over to him if you want to battle.

He may not agree at first, and you'll have to come later. Should you battle
him, though, watch out for his wind attack by jumping, then get close and use
thunderbolt. He is a very offensive pokemon, so if you're not careful, you can
lose easily. First, though, you'll want to head over to the lower left section
to find Spearow. Now you'll get a little taste of obstacle hop.

You'll have a time limit to reach the other pokemon. Hop onto designated
targets without falling to do so. Head over the platforms in front of you, and
land on the platform that Spearow is standing on. As it's your first obstacle
hop, it's not going to be difficult. Head back to Venusaur. You'll be able to
play his Vine Swing attraction. You need 5 berries to do so.

Venusaur's Vine Swing

You must swing on the vine and try for a long jump, as the instructions
indicate. You'll get more points the farther you go. For this attraction,
you'll have to hold the Wii remote vertically. When the time starts, shake the
remote. Watch with the vine, and swing in time for better effects. After you've
got your rhythm and are swinging, you'll then have to press B to jump. These
pokemon are considered skillful:

Select any pokemon you wish. Start off shaking the remote. Swing with the
momentum of the vine. When it's all the way up to the front, wait and then
swing till it's all the way back. Then swing just as you would if you were
swinging on a swing in the park in real life.

When you've picked up enough momentum, wait till the vine is all the way to
it's peak facing front, then jump off for maximum jump distance. Clearing the
distance of 67.00 m will grant you a bonus. You'll receive another Prism Piece
and will be a given access to new areas.

You'll be able to save the game. You can head back to the meadow to take care
of any loose ends. And by loose ends, I mean making friends. You'll see the
massive Torterra and will be able to battle with him. He's immune to your
thunderbolt and has 4 health bars, so it's not going to be as easy. Now you'll
have to attack with your dash attack. You should be able to get the first hit
in. After that you're going to have to be careful.

Torterra will use his sharp razor leaf attack. Two hits from the attack can
take you out. You'll have to dodge to the left or right quickly as you see the
leaves coming to avoid them, then retaliate with a dash attack. Keep your
distance slightly when dodging, then quickly hit him back.

Be patient, and you'll win the battle. Head towards the pathway nearby, and
you'll see that a pokemon has some news for you. Starly will speak to you, and
you'll be taught how to look at the environment with a different view.

Meeting place                                 2.06


Head through the pathway that leads to the meeting place. Now in a new section
of the park, you'll notice some new pokemon. Chatot will be waiting for you
when you first run through. He'll explain how the meeting place is sort of a
hub where you can head out and venture into the other zones in the park. Head
towards the middle of the map when Chatot leaves and you'll bump into

Electabuzz will power up your thunderbolt attack if you give him enough berries
in exchange. Hand over 350 berries and the range of your thunderbolt will be
greater. Misdreavus is by a tented area. Speak with the ghost and you'll be
taught how to take photos. Press - to take pictures.

You can also take photos in point of view mode. You'll be able to take 30
pictures with the film you'll be given. Drifblim's another pokemon worth
speaking to. Drifblim can take you to other sections of the park for 20
berries. You have to have already been to the zone first, though. Next to
Electabuzz is Corphish. As you can see from the bubble, he's got something to
tell you. You'll now have access to the Beach Zone.

Beach Zone                                    2.07

Head straight into the next section and you'll notice two pokemon: Slowpoke and
Azurill. When you're done gossiping, move on and you'll be able to play chase
with Slowpoke. As slowpoke is very slow (hence the name) this shouldn't take
more than 15 seconds. He'll be your friend, and Mudkip would join the area.
Buizel is also in the area if you'd like to play chase.

Buizel is fairly swift, but now that you've got longer range on your
thunderbolt, you'll be able to stun him when you get close. The distance you
can be away is greater. Wingull flies across the area, but will occasionally
come down to the ground. Speak with him and you'll be able to play chase.
Wingull flies pretty high into the air, so you'll have to make chase while
keeping your eye on him. He'll eventually fly low, though.

That's your opportunity to use your bigger and better thunderbolt attack to
stun him, then dash into him to show him who's boss. Floatzel will join in
after you finish speaking with Buizel. If you're in the mood for some hide and
seek, you're going to want to head on over toe Psyduck. As soon as the timer is
starting, you'll be able to see Psyduck hiding behind the tree.

Some hiding spot! After you find him and finish talking, Golduck will enter.
Mudkip wants to play hide-and-seek, so if you're in the mood head on over to
Mudkip. Mudkip will be hiding in a path with trees and plants. Search the area
for these green patches and you'll find him quick. Pidgeotto is in the area and
can be battled. If you'd like to battle note that a thunderbolt on the ground,
and a jump thunderbolt for when Pidgeotto is in the air should be enough to
take it out. You can play chase with the tiny little Starly in the area.

Though not too fast, Starly can fly. A good technique is to make chase, and
then jump and use your thunderbolt attack in mid air to stun the bird. Then
dash at it to win. The little red icons on your map indicate Drifblim stops.
Activate one and Drifblim will be summoned.

Staravia is in the area as well and would like to battle. Since most of the
battle in this area are with flying pokemon, your thunderbolt really shines in
this zone. Let Staravia charge at you, and then jump thunderbolt the bird.
Staravia will turn round and attempt to attack you again whether or not it hit
you the first time. Two thunderbolts should do the trick.

Beach Area friend making                      2.08


Azurill is another candidate for chase. Bouncing around, Azurill's not
particularly fast, but it can cut you off depending on what other pokemon and
objects are in the way. You can use your thunderbolt when you're close, or
continue dashing. Head on over to the mini Feraligator, Totodile.

He'll want to battle. A couple thunderbolts should take the little tyke out
quickly. Taillow can be found if you'd like to play chase. Taillow is pretty
fast and flies high. He turns and changes his trajectory suddenly. The best
time to get him is when he comes down close to the ground.

Use your thunderbolt attack to stop him from speeding off. It you try crossing
the bridge in the area, you'll be stopped by Corsola. There's a quiz you need
to take before you will be granted passage. Select yes whenever you are ready
to take the quiz. The answer to the questions are as follows:

You'll be able to get by, and you'll see Golduck and Feraligator. Golduck will
be in a battling mood. Aside his sonic spit attack, Golduck won't have many
opportunities to attack you back if you use the thunderbolt dash combination.
Speak to the infamous Feraligator when you're done.

You'll play messenger, as Feraligator wants you to speak with Gyrados. Move
along and you'll be stopped by Piplup. Piplup and Wynaut are stranded and need
a bridge made to get out of their pickle. Who do you know that's good at
building bridges? Yup, Bidoof. You have to speak to Bidoof in the Meadow zone

Though your task is pretty important, and time is kind of 'of the essence',
Floatzel is usually on the way back, so if you'd like to battle him now, it
will be understandable. The thunderbolt dash combo works best here. Vaporeon is
also in the area. Speak to the creature and you'll have an opportunity to play
chase. Vaporeon is pretty quick, so if you follow behind, watch for
opportunities to dash when Vaporeon turns, or reaches a dead end and starts
running your way.

If you get close enough, you can use your thunderbolt. When you're done taking
your sweet time and having fun in the beach, head on over to the Meadow Zone in
search of Bidoof.

Saving Piplup                                 2.09


Find Bidoof in the Meadow section. Once you've done so, he'll dispatch one of
his buddies out over at the beach zone. Now head all the way back there and
speak to said buddy. Next you'll have materials to gather to make the bridge.
Nearby there is a crate that you can break with your dash attack.

He for it (it should be by a tree patch) and bring it over to Bidoof. You can
say hey to Wailord and he'll ask you to clean up the beach. You can do this
before heading on to deal with the bridge situation or after. You'll be stopped
from going through with the bridge building task.

Instead, you'll have to complete Pelipper's attraction before Sharpedo will
allow you to build bridges. Head to the blue icon in the lower right section
and speak with Pelipper.

Pelipper's Circle Circuit

This attraction requires 10 berries. Here you have to aim for the circles in
the air. Now, though you'll start flying as soon as the attraction starts,
you'll still have the burden of steering. You can do so by tilting the wii
remote left or right while it's horizontal.

To move up or down, tilt the remote upwards or forward. You want to aim for the
circles in this order of importance: Multicolored, red, yellow. Head into the
rings, as many as you can as you fly through in this attraction. The listed
skillful pokemon are:
Tropius, Staravia, Taillow.

Select a nice flying pokemon, and get ready. The first bunch of rings will
start from the right, and there will be a red ring to the left. It's best to
move to the right most of the left yellow rings so that you can still reach the
rings, but may also be able to grab the red rings for more points. Try your
best to hit the multicolored rings, as they give you a lot of points. Pay
attention to what rings are coming towards you next.

You should be able to gain enough points to both win and get the bonus. You'll
be rewarded with a Prism Piece. You'll be given the option to save your game at
this time. Now's a great time to head on over to the meeting area to where
Electabuzz is. Beside him should be Ponyta, who's willing to improve on your
dash attack. You'll now be able to dash faster.

Now head back to Bidoof, and Sharpedo. You'll finally reunite with your
buddies. Grab some more lumber and hand it over to Bidoof till he's satisfied.
Now you should head back to the meeting area. There Bibarel will help raise
your HP. Another 350 berries will have to go though.

There are two bottles in the area that are fairly close to each other (one by
the docks, one by the mysterious house). Grabbing them and feeding them to the
mysterious house will yield gifts. Gyrados is in the area. He's the main person
you need to speak to. Now you'll need 10 berries to play in Gyrados'

Gyrados' Aqua Splash

You're going to have a goal of 0:35.00 to beat. You have to swim along the
course. When you start the attraction, press 2 to speed up. If you want to
turn, tilt the wii remote. Heading in between two flags will give you a speed
boost. You'll slow down if you bump into any Carvanha and Sharpedo you come
across. The skillful pokemon here are:

Select your pokemon and get ready. Start off following the path and take the
left towards the two flags. As you start to swim faster and make sharper turns,
you'll have to keep an eye out for the flags, as well as the pokemon you have
to avoid. Subtle turns help for the less than abrupt turns.

Keep your cool throughout the entire attraction and even if you bump into an
enemy once or twice, you should still be able to make the time and even the
bonus time if you got enough flags. You'll gain a Prism Piece. You have the
option of saving the game. There's a Krabby on your way back from Gyrados. You
can play chase with him to gain his friendship. He moves sideways, but can
crawl pretty quickly. He's not faster than you though, and if he gives you the
slip, you've got your thunderbolt attack to put him in his place.

Next to Gyrados though, should be more bottles that you can place into the
mysterious hut. Do so if you wish. Corphish should come around. You can battle
him i you wish. A thunderbolt followed by a dash attack should deal heavy
damage to Corphish. He goes down quick now that you're a little buffed up since
your first visit to the meeting place.

Head towards the left area of the mini map to see Feraligator. Explain what has
happened, and he'll break through the large boulder. After he does so though,
the giant will want to battle you. Accept. Don't...*gulp* don't be s-s-s-
scared. Well...you are an electric pokemon, and water types like Feraligator
aren't the best against water. He's still fierce though.

You'll want to start off by getting within about 2-5 feet of Feraligator and
use the thunderbolt dash technique. While he's stunned, keep your distance and
wait for him to retaliate with his Hydro Pump. You can quickly move to the left
or the right to dodge this move. Move on after the battle and you'll finally
meet Lapras. Speak with Lapras to gain access to the Iceberg zone.

Enter the Iceberg Zone                        2.10


Now in the new area, head forth and speak with the inhabitants. Speak with
Spheal. Play chase with Spheal to befriend one of the zone natives. Quite the
diplomat, aren't you? Though Spheal can roll quickly, your faster dash should
keep you fairly close to the fleeting soon-to-be ally.

Use your thunderbolt when you get close enough, and you should be able to tag
him without issue. If you didn't get a chance to befriend the pokemon like
Mudkip or Krabby in the area before, you can do so in this zone. Explore the
area. As everything's blue you should be able to notice the large red pokemon,
Octillery. He'll want to battle. Octillery uses an ink shooting technique that
can be dodged by jumping over it. As it's a water pokemon, the thunderbolt dash
technique will deal considerable damage to this pokemon.

There should be a Teddiursa nearby that you can play chase with. As with the
other zone, you're slowly starting to fit in already. After catching Teddiursa,
head toward the top leftish area and you'll come across Kirlia by the tree.
Delibird should soon enter the area to deliver gifts. Glaceon should also be in
the area. As with most of the four legged pokemon, Glaceon is fast and wants to
play chase. Follow behind (you're now pretty fast yourself) and use the
thunderbolt when you get near to catch Glaceon fairly quickly.

Speak with Delibird to receive a gift. Give the gift to the tree to decorate
it, and it will look much better than before. If you're itching for a battle
you should look for Squirtle. Again, the pokemon is of the water type, so your
thunderbolt will take make you the victor really quick. Head to Delibird again
to grab another gift. Take it to the tree. If you're looking for some more
battling fun, head towards Smoochum. A couple of dash attacks, or the
thunderbolt combo followed by a dash attack to finish the match quicker than it
started. Grab another gift from Delibird and head to the tree.

Grab the final gift from Delibird and head towards the tree. Speak with Kirlia
to see her thoughts on your deeds. Head to Piloswine for a change of pace. He
will brief you on the dire task at hand. You can head through and play chase
with Sneasel. Though a pretty fast runner, you're still faster than your
opponent, and shouldn't have much trouble catching it. The next time you head
over to see Delibird, it will not be for a gift.

He has a quiz for you. Speak to him when you want to take it. The tricky
questions would have to be the one about which pokemon is best at Empoleon's
slide. That would be Glaceon. That's also the answer to the question that has
to do with cones. Head towards the lower right-ish section and you'll be
stopped by Teddiursa. Head to Glalie next. He's going to request you to find
some items. There should be an ice block by the tree nearby.

Grab another block and give it to Glalie. He's going to ask you for just one
more. Ursaring should be around if you're itching for a battle, and a larger
friend than you're used to. As Ursaring dashes to you, you'll want to attack
first, then head back and use the thunderbolt when the Ursaring is charging at
you. Finish him off and you'll be the victor. Head on over to Prinplup and
he'll allow you access to the lift if you beat him in a battle.

Use thunderbolt on Prinplup and jump to avoid the oncoming projectile attacks.
Dash when possible, and take down all of Prinplup's HP bars. When you beat
Prinplup, you'll be able to use the chair lift. Head towards the chairlift and
press the switch. The lift will take you down to the lower level. There's a
crate in the area nearby that can be broken.

Do so and grab the large berry it contains. Grab the berry and give it to
Quagsire. Froslass should be in the area. Speak with her. You'll be challenged
to a battle before he adheres to your demands. Get ready. Start off with the
thunderbolt dash combo. Froslass uses a sharp ice attack that can catch you off
guard if you're not careful. Dodge it and stay on the offensive to win the

Take the chairlift back to the upper level when you're done speaking with
Froslass. Head on toward the lower right quadrant where Glalie is. Speak with
the new visitor, Froslass, and the lake will be frozen. Head across the now
frozen lake. Head straight into the ice with the tusks and keep dashing until
Mamoswine is released.

After speaking with the beast, you'll gain access to Empoleon. Before heading
on, if you wish you can head back and tie any loose ends. If you haven't battle
Primape already, you can do so. As Primape doesn't have any projectiles and
rushes towards you, you can shock and dash into him before he gets the chance
to hit you back. When he does dash towards you, just use the thunderbolt.

You can also battle your buddy Glalie. For Glalie, keep your distance and use
your thunderbolt. Glalie uses a stream of icy attacks that do some damage.
You'll want to dodge them from the side, or jump over them and hit Glalie back
with a thunderbolt, then dash into him for good measure.

Don't let him get the jump on you, and you'll win the battle. Mamoswine is also
itching to fight you. Challenge the large behemoth and you'll have to rely on
only your dash attacks, as he's a ground type. When he dashes as you, head back
and dash right back into him. Head back when he comes to rush and you, then
turn and dash back. Keep this up and you'll eventually take down his bars.

Be careful as he can damage you easily due to his size. Take your time, and you
should prove the victor even without your thunderbolt. After a battle like
that, the next one should be a lot easier. Head over to Piloswine this time and
he'll want to battle.

Again, wait for the pokemon to dash, then retaliate with a dash of your own.
Keep this up until you've taken down his HP. Now if you're all set with the
pokemon in the area, you'll be able to head out through to the gate. Head forth
and speak with Empoleon. You'll be with Piplup and will be able to enter the
attraction Empoleon's Snow Slide.

Empoleon's Snow Slide

Pay the berry cost and get ready. Now in this attraction you have to slide down
a course to beat the time goal. Now after you start the attraction, you'll have
to watch for the edges and the obstacles in the way.

To turn, tilt the controller left or right. You can press the 1 button to slow
down, then you can make sharp brakes. Like the water version of this course,
passing through two flags will give you a speed boost. Delibird, Prinplup and
Glalie are the skillful pokemon in this attraction.

When you start sliding, be ready, turning with subtle gestures as you make the
turn to the first couple of flags. Take a right after the second flag once
you've gone down a distance to the open clearing. Head left past the ice rock
and follow the long path along, aiming for the flags.

Eventually you'll come across frozen columns. Be extra careful in avoiding them
while going for the flags. If going for a certain flag could risk getting hit
to slow down, you may want to skip it all together. Keep moving past those
sections and you'll come to an ever larger clearing.

Don't stop now, as the end is very close. Reach the last few flags and complete
the attraction. You'll receive a Prism Piece. Save the game if you wish. Head
back to head out of the Iceberg Zone. Head all the way to Lapras in the top
right quadrant. Head all the way back to the meeting zone.

Speak with Primape to learn a new move. Shake the wii remote to perform the
Iron tail attack. Head up the wooden staircase to the top and speak with Burmy
to make friends. You can ask him some questions if you wish. Move on to the
wooden gate near Cranidos. Speak with Cranidos. Keep moving forward and you'll
head into the cavern zone.

Cavern Zone                                   2.11


Head straight and speak with Mr. Mime. Speak with Gible to the left path when
you're done. Head to the right path and speak with Mawile. Head towards the
blue icon toward the clearing.

You can play hide-and-seek with Geodude. If you do, note that Geodude will be
hiding between one of the colored columns. Pay attention. Crack open the nearby
crate to discover Magnemite. You can play obstacle hop with Machamp. It costs a
hundred berries if you wish to partake in the activity. When you start, jump
forward and then the next platform.

Watch for the large boulders that Machamp throws at you. Run through and jump
when necessary, and make it to Machamp. Speak with Meowth for a quiz. Just note
that Blaziken is the keeper of the Magma zone, and that there are 11 zubat in
the cavern. Should you see a zubat as you're exploring the cavern, speak with
him to play chase.

This can be fairly challenging, as Zubat like to move in groups. Finding the
one you're chasing can be tricky, so either pay attention closely to the
fleeing zubat, or wait a bit to see which one is moving furthest away. To tag
Zubat, either jump and use your thunderbolt or wait till it flies low and dash
head first into it. Smash through the crates that you come across.

Meet up with Golbat for a game of chase. Golbat is fast but if you keep chasing
after him, he'll eventually come down to the ground so you can dash into him.
You can also shock him if you're sure your attack is going to connect. You can
battle Machamp's buddy when he comes to the cavern.

He's got five HP bars. You'll want to use the thunderbolt dash combo, and you
can also practice with your iron tail attack. Watch for his rock throw attack,
and you should prove victorious.

If you haven't already found all of the three hidden Magnemite brethren, you
can either do so, or head toward the Aron in need. He needs iron ore. Break
through boxes to find some, then hand it to him. Head over to Mawile and play
chase when you've got the time. Head on after Mawile and use your thunder
attack to get the advantage. Dugtrio will have some words for you, so head over
there. There's a Cranidos or two you can commence battle with.

Use your iron tail and thunderbolt attacks. Remember, Cranidos is rock, not
ground, so you can shock him. You can next battle Scizor. A thunderbolt
followed by an iron tail should do the trick. He's got less HP than Machamp so
he shouldn't be too much of a problem.

If you haven't already battled Magnezone, now's as good as any time to do so.
Use your iron tail attack here, as it's very effective. Watch out for the air
ripple attacks by moving around Megnezone. Keep your wits about you, and you'll
succeed. Move on to Bastiodon and engage in conversation. Get ready for an

Bastiodon's Block Barrage

Break the blocks that come your way. Press the 2 button to shoot the ball. Do
this when the attraction starts. Break the blocks to score. Press the right or
left buttons on the d-pad to hit the ball back. When you're striking the ball,
press 2 to use power shots.

Power shots can go through Dugtrio and Bastiodon. These also give you more
points. You lose once you lose three balls, so stay on your toes. The skillfuls
are Mr. Mime, Sudowoodo, and Gible. Select a pokemon, preferably a larger one.
Hit the ball to start. Bastiodon will hit the ball and the ball will ricochet
around the room. Bastiodon does a fairly good job protecting the blocks.

Use a power shot and should Bastiodon get hit, he should be dizzy for some
time. You can use the opportunity to hit the ball to the blocks now that
Bastiodon's preoccupied. Try aiming for a spot you have already hit for more
points. You'll gain a Prism Piece once you've finished the attraction. You can
save the game. Head on over to Torchic to hear of his dilemmas.

Drown his sorrows in a friendly battle. Aside from watching out for the fire
attacks, a couple thunderbolts will make sure this battle ends quickly. Head on
over to the chatty Marowak. He's going to want to battle. Be careful though, as
he's a ground type your thunderbolt is useless here. Watch for Marowak's charge
attack and retaliate with your dash attack.

Try to put some more focus in avoiding Marowak's attack than attacking, though
you shouldn't give up the opportunity to attack. You'll be able to find Diglett
hidden in a crate. In one of the crates rests a large berry. Grab it and bring
it to Snorlax. Use your thunderbolt attack to wake up the sloth.

Then give him the berry to get him to move. As you've solved the mystery of the
springs a lot of new pokemon will come to the cavern. In the shallow water will
be a large block. Remember this location. If you'd like to race Raichu. As he's
your evolved form, expect him to be fairly quick. The good thing though, is
because you're still going to be faster.

Chase after Raichu and you'll be fast enough to catch up. When you're done grab
the slab in the shallow water and bring it all the way to Mr. Mime. Next you'll
have to get the mine cart back. Head on to Gible and prepare for battle. Use
your dash attack to put the bite into Gabite's moves. That pun didn't really
work out; it doesn't make sense.

I just wanted to say something to that accord. I'm sorry. Puns like that won't
happen again. Now you'll be able to head on to the Lava Zone. First take care
of business: Speak to the Dugtrios and Digletts, and give the large berry to
Phanphy. Head onto the mine cart to get to the next zone.

Lava Zone                                     2.12


Speak with Hitmontop. After he tells you the main happenings of the zone, move
around the area to spread your name. You can play chase with Magby. Simply
chasing after it should get you close enough to tag.

You can also play chase with Vulpix. Simply cutting this pokemon off should
make getting close enough easy. Keep following and tag the pokemon to win the
chase. There's a Chimchar in the zone that you can battle. Make sure to evade
to the left or right to avoid Chimchar's flamethrower attack. Use your
thunderbolt followed by an iron tail or two to beat Chimchar.

There's a Baltoy in one of the crates nearby. After breaking the case, speak
with Baltoy. He'll challenge you to a battle. Simply dash into Baltoy a couple
of times, watching out for its spin attack. Speak with Claydol if you want to
battle. Watch for Claydol's beam attack. Dash into Claydol about three times to
deplete his HP, but watch out for the semi criss crossing beam move that he
uses. There should be a Camerupt nearby. He'll want to battle.

Head round to avoid the attacks of Camerupt. Dash into Camerupt, as you won't
be able to use your thunderbolt. Head on to Hitmontop to continue in your
streak of battles. Use your thunderbolt on Hitmontop when he gets into range.
Watch out for his spinning attack. If you keep a distance, you'll be able to
avoid it most of the time. Head to the middle mechanism and activate it.

You will receive iron ore. You can carry it with you, or leave it somewhere
you'll remember for now. At the moment, Torkoal has some words for you. You can
head on to the group of Torkoal a little further up and battle one of them. If
you choose to start off by using your thunderbolt.

Torkoal isn't the fastest pokemon around, so you should be able to shock him a
few times before he gets close. When he's stunned you can use your dash attack
or iron tail. The iron ore you either dropped, or have been carrying should be
put down in the furnace. You can choose the shape.

Stick with default. The iron bar can then be placed in the nearby mechanism
with the broken lever. Dash into it once it's fixed. You can trade specific
items you find around the place with Golem. Dash into the drilling machine to
the bottom right of the map, and you'll obtain a gold nugget.

Place it in the furnace but this time shape it round to get a gold top. Hand it
over to Hitmontop. Take the next piece of iron you find to the furnace and
shape it round to get an iron top. Take the top to Rhyperior. Now you'll be
able to play the attraction: Rhyperior's Bumper Burn.

Rhyperior's Bumper Burn

Here you'll have to spin around and bump others out of the ring. Tilt the wii
remote as the game indicates to move around. You have to avoid falling off
yourself. Grab the PWR boosts to bump even harder into the opponents to hit
them off the ring. To do so press 2 when you grab one.

The kind of pokemon considered skillful for this attraction are Flareon,
Magnezone and Torkoal. Choose a heavy pokemon and you'll start off in the
middle of the ring. Tilt the remote in the direction of the enemies to bump
them off. Try to stick generally around the middle so that you don't get bumped
off the ring by mistake. If you see a PWR boost, don't hesitate to grab it.

Wait till you are near a pokemon or two before using it to take them off the
ring quickly. The heavier pokemon you see on the spinners can bump you off
pretty effortlessly, so you'll want to avoid them until you gain power boosts.
You'll gain a Prism Piece for your efforts. Turn back and you'll see that
Charmander has some words for you.

He'll want to battle. Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for you, you are
much stronger than he is. Use a thunderbolt followed by a dash or iron tail to
take him out very swiftly. Head round the semi spiral path and you'll come
across meditite. He'll want to test your knowledge.

He'll ask about Bastiodon (Cavern Zone) and your thunderbolt trainer
(Electabuzz). Ponyta is the fastest in the pokepark among the three listed, for
the record. Ninetales should be in the area if you're in the mood for chase.
Though fast, you shoul be fast enough to catch it. Quilava should be in the
zone on your way past Meditite. He's going to want to battle.

His flame projectile can do some damage, so jump and thunderbolt when he does
so. Other than that, use your iron tail after a thunderbolt to deal a good
amount of damage. You can also battle Flareon using the same strategies. You
should see Hitmonchan nearby if you'd like to keep the battle chain going. Your
thunderbolt is effective here, as he doesn't use projectiles.

Don't let him catch you off guard though. You can then play chase with a speedy
pokemon, Ponyta. This one is different from the one that improved your dash.
It's still pretty quick, so get close and unleash your thunderbolt to stun it.
A Farfetch'd should be in the area.

As it's a bird pokemon, it won't go well against your electric attacks. It also
has less HP bars than you. The hulking Infernape is also in the area if you
want to battle. With four HP bars, he's slightly tougher than more of the
surrounding area's combatants.

The good thing though, it that he tends to lean on a rolling charge attack.
This attack can be stopped in its tracks with thunderbolt. Use thunderbolt
otherwise to deal damage, and rush into to dash.

Dash past the mechanism to the top of the map to activate the lever and summon
the bridge. Across the bridge is Magcargo. As you've cleared the necessary
attractions already, he'll let you pass. Head through the gate to meet up with
Blaziken. He won't be too happy and will force you to face Charmander again.
This time he's got FOUR HP bars.

Play close attention and watch for his flamethrower attack. Use the thunderbolt
dash combo and circle around him to move close and avoid his attacks to win.
Next up is the main attraction.

Blaziken's Boulder Bash

Hold the wii remote vertically. Boulders will start coming at you, and when
they do, swing the wii remote to bash the boulders away. In the event you are
hit by a boulder, rapidly shake the remote to recover. Try to bash boulders in
a row for point multipliers.

The skillful pokemon of this attraction are Scizor, Cranidos and Marowak. The
boulders will start coming at you. Be patient, and relax. That's the key to
this attraction. Don't become overly excited and swipe too soon. Take your time
and hit the boulders when the come your way. Hit as many as you can, and keep
going as it gets harder to see how far you can go.

You'll obtain a Prism Piece. Save if you wish and head back out through the
gate. Dash into the mechanism near the path blocked by fire, and head through
when they go down. Take the Drifblim station and head back to the meeting
place. Head to the gate with Duskull to get to the haunted zone.

The Haunted Zone                              2.13


Make yourself at home; head over to Riolu if you want a battle. Use the
thunderbolt iron tail combination to take him out. Watch for his projectile
attacks. After befriending him, it's worth it to place chase with Murkrow.

A quick dash session followed by thunderbolt either in mid air or when Murkrow
gets to the ground should suffice in tagging the bird. Gliscor is another
pokemon you can battle. You can't use your thunderbolt here, so wait for him to
charge down, then move back and use your dash attack to hit him head on. You
can use iron tail, but you'll have to time it a little better.

For more areal battling, head over to Honchcrow. Though it can fly high, your
thunderbolt does a great job at striking from a distance. Speak with the other
inhabitants of the area and mess around all you like, (Knock into the two trees
to drop down Metapod and Kakuna) but if you want to get things going, you'll
have to speak with Tangrowth to clear the attraction.

Tangrowth's Swing Along

In this attraction you have to swing from rope to rope. Hold the remote
vertically. The swinging part is very similar to Venusaur's, the only
difference is that you have to swing to another rope, not just from one.
Raichu, Aipom and Riolu are the skillful pokemon of this attraction.

Shake the wii remote until you are at the zenith of the forward momentum, then
jump. You should pass a couple of ropes. When you slide down the newly acquired
rope, jump to the next one quickly, and do so for the next one. If you fall you
can try again, but you have to be quick as this is a race.

Keep going and you'll clear the attraction. You should be able to acquire the
bonus. You'll obtain a Prism Piece. Speak with Drifloon to gain access into the
Haunted House. Head straight while in the house and follow Duskull. You can
play chase with the area's Umbreon.

There are a lot of walls in the area so if you keep after Umbreon, you should
be able to catch him fairly quickly. You can also play chase with Ubreon's
cousin Espion using the same method. Head on over to Duskull and hear him out.
Speak with Gastly. Enter the room that Gastly helps open. You can then play
chase with the ghost. As he's pretty high up in the air, you can run dash jump
into him, or use your thunderbolt while in the air to catch him.

If you move through the area you should see Elekid. He wants to play Hide-and-
seek, a game you probably haven't played for a while. He will be hiding by the
Dusclops sign. Now you'll have the opportunity to battle Electabuzz. Circling
him then dashing is the best way to get past his attacks and deal damage at the
same time. Head into one of the rooms and you should see a large painting of a
Gengar. It's an actual Gengar that's in the painting. Speak with him.

In a vase nearby, Voltorb should be hiding. He'll want to battle. Dashing into
him a couple of times is the easiest way to win. You can play chase with Stunky
if you wish. Winning will allow you to battle Skuntank. Though fairly large, a
couple of thunderbolts followed by a dash attck or iron tail should make the
battle go in your favor. Head over to Dusknoir when you're done speaking with
the inhabitants if you want to get on to the next attraction.

Dusknoir's Speed Slam

Here you have to run and slam into blocks while aiming to beat a specific time.
Shake the remote to start running- faster shakes equals faster speed. If you
keep running while you're coming up on a block, you're crash right through it.
In this attraction that's a good thing. However, you'll slow down when you do
so, so keep shaking the remote rapidly to regain your initial speed.

Espeon, Umbreon and Gastly are the skillfuls here. Shake the wii remote as fast
as you can and you should be ahead of the competition. Move past the Spinaraks
and break through the blocks. You'll slow down after hitting the blocks, so
shake the remote even more rapidly to keep going.

Continue in this method and you'll win the race. You'll obtain a Prism Piece.
If you head back to speak to Gengar, he'll come out of the painting. You'll be
able to battle him if you speak to him again. Pay attention to his shadow ball
attack, and move to the sides to dodge. Follow up by either a ground or
airborne thunderbolt and you should take him out.

Chase around Haunter if you haven't already. Speak Duskull now. Head on into
the next area. Play chase with your preevolution if you'd like: Pichu. As
you're the adult in the situation, you should be much faster. In the new area,
you can also play chase with Luxray. He should be fairly simple to get to. The
main goal though, is to speak with Misdreavus. Head over to Gastly after the
two of you have finished conversing. Head to the blue icon area.

Befriend Abra in the room, and then you can speak with Breloom. Use your dash
attacks, and watch out for the quick bullet seeds. Spinarak has something to
tell you. Take the tough thread, and head on all the way towards the top
section in the mini map. You're heading for Misdreavus.

The piano will be fixed. Mismagius will appear, and some doors will be
unlocked. You can now be able to play chase with Misdreavus (simply dashing
should suffice, as you're still pretty fast). Speak now to Duskull, who has
more things to tell you. Talk to Sableye as well. You'll be quizzed.

The person who showed you around the house was Duskull, and Gengar should be
the next question's answer. Note as well, that there aren't any black jewel
doors. Grab the book and place it on the book case near Duskull. Head through
the next area and head down the stairs. Speak with Rotom. You've got an
attraction coming up.

Rotom's Spooky Shoot-em-up

You have to keep Haunter and the others away, it seems. Pointing the wii remote
at the screen will show a reticule- a pointer of sorts. Press the A button to
shoot. Keep the ghost pokemon away to get some points. There will be a radar in
the lower right corner that will show you where pokemon are.

The game will end when you get caught, so try and tough it out for as long as
you can. Gengar, Electabuzz and Abra are the skillful pokemon of this
attraction. Keep your eye on the radar to know where to turn. Aim at the ghost
pokemon and shoot. They'll get too close if you don't shoot them immediately,
so keep an eye on your radar whenever there aren't enemies directly in front of
you. You can shoot rapidly if there are a lot of pokemon on the screen. Keep
this up for as long as you can go. You'll obtain another Prism Piece. Head back
upstairs when you're done. You'll then go to the head hall to speak with

Be sure to befriend the Drifloon in the area before heading over to Mismagius
to battle. She's got a powerful shadow ball attack that can be hard to dodge.
You'll want to use your thunderbolt when you're close enough and follow it up
with a dash. Then, you'll want to stay back and wait for her to attack with
shadow ball, and move to the side to avoid it.

Jumping is very risky, but you can try jumping round the shadow ball. You can
also befriend Spinarak once you get to the room with Breloom. Head on and speak
with Duskull to play chase. Since your assistance is no longer required, you
can leave the house. Back outside, you can befriend Metapod and Kakuna.
Befriend Electrode as well.

To the Granite Zone                           2.15


Head back to the meeting place and you'll find out that the hole in the balloon
will be sealed. Head over to Primeape and speak with him to increase the
strength of your iron tail. Speak with Skorupi to gain access to the Granite
Zone. Furret will be the first pokemon you'll see in the area.

Head over and speak with him. You'll be asked to play hide-and-seek. Furret
will be very close by laying curled on the ground by some broken rocks. You can
play chase with Lopunny. She hops around fairly quickly, so you'll want to keep
dashing and use the thunderbolt attack to keep it close to you.

Evee will also want to play chase. The little tyke is fast, but you're faster.
Charizard is near a stair area and will want to speak with you. He'll also want
to battle. Be careful, as his fire blast is fast and powerful. You'll want to
strafe around the side, using your thunderbolt dash combo. Absol will have an
attraction for you to do once you've beaten Charizard.

Absol's hurdle Bounce

You're supposed to run fast and jump over the hurdles. Shake the wii remote
start running. Jump by pressing 2 when you come upon a hurdle. Don't bump into
them, because they'll slow you down.

When you get past the final hurdle, a last final rapid shake will give you a
little pushing strength to get to the finish line. Ponyta, Lopunny and Breloom
are the skillful pokemon of this attraction. Find a rhythm and jump over the
hurdles and obstacles, and keep running.

Again, if you don't panic, and take your time you should do fine. You'll gain a
Prism Piece when you finish the attraction. Hoppip wants to speak to you, so do
so. Knock into the mechanism to activate it. Head outside into the open area
and you'll be stopped by Flygon. Speak with him and head round the side to get
to Blastoise. Speak with him. He'll want you to beat him in a battle.

Start off using your thunderbolt and dash attacks. He's got his powerful
cannons that shoot off hydro pump, but you can avoid them and shock him until
he can take no more. Head across the bridge that you moved, or chose not to
move. You can hit the mechanism again if the bridge isn't facing the correct
place. Take the path above the red icon.

Heading up the stairs you'll come across some gaps and some platforms will come
together where you can jump over them. Jump all the way across the platforms
and an area will open up. A spot with flames will also become accessible. Now
head on over to the room to find Porygon-Z to the right of the red icon (that
little narrow path). He will be surprised you found him, and will quiz you.

The sky Pavillion is said to lie beyond the granite zone. Snorlax was sleeping
the first time you saw him. You can dig up iron ore in the lava zone. After
answering these questions into the quiz, he'll give you the secret word. The
secret word is LOVE. Yes, LOVE.

Head to the top right section to find Skorupi. Head on next to see Bronzor. Now
head straight to get to Electivire. The hulking brute will want to battle you.
He has a very quick and very power full swift attack. Jump round or strafe left
or right to avoid them, then use a dash or iron tail attack. Nearby there is a
mechanism to dash into.

Activate it and the fire will go down. Head straight to ride the rope cart.
Speak with Togekiss. You'll gain another secret word if you play obstacle hop.
Take your time and hop over the obstacles to get to Togekiss. The next secret
word is PEACE. Climb back into the Rope Cart.

Head to the Cavern Zone again to ask Snorlax of the secret word. You can Battle
Hitmonlee and befriend Mawile before speaking with the big guy. The password is
RAINBOW. Now head all the way back to Flygon and tell him the three words.
You'll be given passage to the Sky Pavillion. Speak with Flygon again, and
you'll be able to play chase.

You can't use your thunderbolt, so wait for him to come onto land or close to
land and jump into him. Jolteon will also want to play chase. He's fast, but
you're still faster. Speak with Salamence. You're gonna have another attraction
to do.

Salamence's Air Ace

Smash into the targets as you zoom by. Tilt the remote to steer left or right.
Tilt it backwards or forwards to move down or up. The 2 button is used to
perform a move. Move into a target. Break them by pressing 2. You can either
break the targets by moving into them, or shooting them.

The point values range from most to least: Gold, Red, Blue, so try hitting as
many Golds as you can. Flygon, Staraptor and Gliscor are the skillful pokemon
in this section. Start off by strafing to the right and left, and continuously
shooting. You don't have a supply of your attack, so you can keep shooting
infinitely. The trick is to move up and down the stage, and left and right at
the right time to hit the objects.

Shooting should be done rapidly, and aiming should essentially be done with
your movement. Keep this up, and you'll be done with the attraction soon. Don't
forget to prioritize the more valuable targets. You'll attain a Prism Piece
after you've completed the attraction. Once you're done, you can socialize with
the pokemon in the area. Arcanine should be nearby.

Though fairly fast the problem with playing chase with him is that he drops
little fireballs on the ground behind him. Chase him following him to the side
as opposed to directly behind him, and shock him when you're close to succeed.
Staraptor should also be nearby if you're itching for a battle.

As it's a bird pokemon, you'll want to use your thunderbolt in the air as it
tried to swoop down to you, or when it comes close to the ground. Befriending
will be automatic after you win, and if you're looking for another flying
pokemon to chat with, speak with Aerodactyl. He's going to want to battle.

He flies fairly high, but swoops down to the earth frequently. Shock him when
he lands or right before he attacks to get the jump on him and win the bout.
That should do it for befriending in this section. Speak to Jumpluff to gain
passage to the next spot, or keep exploring the area at your leisure. Head on
through the path past the granite zone to the Flower Zone.

The Flower Zone                               2.16


Bellossum will be at the entrance to speak with you. Look around the new
landscape if you wish. If you're in the mood to make friends, play chase with
Cyndaquil. He shouldn't be too fast for you by any means, though the other
pokemon you can play chase with may be slightly more challenging.

Lucario should be about if you wish to play chase. He's quick and uses attacks
to stop you from chasing him. However, if you run around to try and cut him off
and retaliate with attacks of your own, you should be able to catch him. You
can befriend Skiploom and Budew free of charge if you'd like. Even the gigantic
Dragonite will like to play chase with you.

You'd think he'd want to battle. You'll see why, though, he flies really high
up. Follow after him while he's in the air. Your only hope here is when he
comes back down to the ground. Dash into him then. You can also play with the
less winged Mareep in the area.

Shaymin will be the one who wants to speak with you, so if you want to get down
to business, head to the little guy. Next, speak with Mareep to get a clue as
to where to go next. Your next destination is the meeting place. Head to the
Drifblim station and head all the way back to the meeting place.

Your buddies will have some words for you. Head up the great tree when you're
done speaking with your buddies, and head up to the top to find the object you
are looking for. Now take the item back to the altar and place it in for a
show. Rayquaza will be summoned. Speak with the beast again to play Rayquaza's
Balloon Panic.

Rayquaza's Balloon Panic

Here you have to go through circles on the Rayquaza balloon. From there you
have to zap targets. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Hold your wii remote to steer, and
be careful because falling off is not the most difficult thing to do if you
aren't being cautious. Head through the circles to gain points.

The colored ones give the most, the red ones give less, and the yellow ones
even less. When a Voltorb or Electrode will do damage, so jump over them with
2. Going off the sides will make you lose points and so will bumping into the
pokemon. In the event you get up to Rayquaza's head hold the remote so that the
sensor faces the screen.

A pointer will appear to let you know you've done so. Press A to shoot the
flying target. Infernape, Luxray and Lucario are the skillful pokemon of this
section. Start off and be careful. Head towards the rings, but be sure to note
the clockwise and counter clockwise sections of the body that are going to be
moving. Grab the rings, and jump over the oncoming pokemon.

When you finally get to Rayquaza's head, turn the remote forward and start
shooting the on coming targets, while aiming with the reticule. Don't hit any
of the Xs. You'll obtain a Prism Piece for completing the attraction that
Rayquaza has just challenged you to.

You may save the game if you wish. Tell the good news to Shaymin and you'll
learn about your next goal. Speak with Bellossum. Grab the sprout bottle and
use it to water the plant. You'll soon make it to the Sky Pavillion.

Sky Pavillion                                 2.17


Head up towards the higher level and speak with Piplup. You'll speak with Mew.
He'll explain the importance of the friendship making you've been doing
throughout the game. He'll also say he wants to play skill games with you. Be
courteous and don't deny his offer.

Head forward on the platforms that have risen. Head towards as close to the
tips as possible and hop to the other platforms. Some of the spacing is, so
take your time and make it to the top. Mew will then turn into a Magmortar. Use
your thunderbolt dash/ iron tail combo and dodge the launching flame attacks to
be proven the victor.

You're quicker, so run around circling your foe to avoid damage and get in a
nice spot to shock him. Mew will then transform into Garchomp. You can't use
thunderbolt so wait for him to dive at you, then retaliate with your dash
attack. Be patient and you'll win easily. Mew will next turn into Tyranitar. As
it's a rock type, iron tail works wonders.

Use your thunderbolt and follow up quickly with iron tail. Watch out for his
quick projectile attack, but if you get the combo in, it shouldn't take you
more than two attempts. Next you'll have to chase Mew. You're quick enough to
do so without thunderbolt so just keep at it until you make it. After listening
to the kind words, speak with Mew again. Watch the heartwarming cut scene.
You've earned it.



This pokemon can be found at the Pokepark entrance.


This pokemon can be found at the Lava Zone.


This pokemon can be found at the Granite Zone.


This pokemon can be found in the Haunted Zone.

These pokemon can only be obtained once you've cleared
the bonuses in Venusaur's Vine-Swing, Blaziken's Boulder Bash,
Tangrowth's Swing-Along,and Dusknoir's Speed Slam. To attain all
of the bonues, you'll have to play the attraction with each pokemon
and attain the goal's bonus. Attaining the bonus is explained in
the attractions sections above in the guide. As you can go back to these
events, you should then have all the necessary pokemon to do so.

Credits                                       3.00

This guide is copyright of 2011 Jim Jememies and is
not to be hosted without permission. You can contact me
if you have any questions regarding the game. Thanks for reading.