Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition

  • Released on Oct 19, 1999
  • By Nintendo for 3DS, GBC

Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition review
Pikachu! I choose you!

The good:

Super highly addicting RPG gameplay.
Keeps you busy for ages.
Graphics, for the most part, look pretty good, and color schemes don't look crappy either.
Pokemon don't look weird anymore.
Catchy soundtrack.

The bad:

Can get boring after long periods of time.
Some Pokemons' cries sound very, very annoying.


Lastability: 8/10.
GOTTA CATCH EM ALL, GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! GOTTA CATCH EM ALL, GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! However this gets tiring and boring after some time.
Graphics: 10/10.
As good as Pokemon Red looked, with some color, everything just feels much better to look at! Plus, the Pokemon sprites are no longer freaky (not even Golbat...). The overall graphics look mighty impressive.
Sound: 8/10.
It's catchy and it's not annoying (or isn't too annoying by today's standards). What more could you ask for? Some of the Pokemon battle cries are quite annoying though, and at 8-bit quality, it really shows. It's more improved at 16-bit (and eventually 32-bit, aka the DS) quality, but man is 8-bit quality annoying for annoying sounds...Pikachu when it follows you isn't annoying though, so points for that.
Gameplay: 9/10.
You walk around trying to catch all the Pokemons! You also get to battle trainers and their Pokemon! You have to find the gyms to get the 8 badges to get to the Pokemon League to face the Elite 4 and eventually become... THE POKEMON LEAGUE CHAMPION! It gets a bit boring after long times of playing it, but so do most games. Uh, yeah, it plays exactly like Pokemon Red, but you got Pikachu following you and you can't evolve it. For shame...
Overall: 4.6/5.0
It takes everything from Pokemon Red and Blue, and makes improvements. Kudos to Game Freak, though I think it's kind of lazy and greedy making it this way...

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