Pokémon XD: Gale Of Darkness review
The Darkness Returns

The good:

Four (4) Legendary Pokemon to capture: Lugia, Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno
New Battle CD battles
Easier access to the big one: Orre Colosseum
Better graphics
Introduction to the 4th Generation Pokemon
Challenging as any pokemon game
Easier Purification process

The bad:

Battling over and over again can start to get boring and drive you to sleep...


Gameplay: 4.5
The story is the sequel to the popular Pokemon Coloseum game, which began the GBA type Pokemon games on the Television. You have a better type of tutorial than any other game, a battle simulation for everything you need to know about battling. Novices to pokemon will find it easy to get used to. You are equipped with a snag machine early in the game and you catch your first Shadow Pokemon: Teddiursa early, not late like in Coloseum. Orre has expanded, more worlds make it more interesting right? Overall, the new worlds and new bosses make the game better than Colosseum

New Stuff to the game 4.0
The Lugia (a.k.a. XD001) is the big thing in this game. It is a Level 50 to start so it is really an important one to capture, considering its the only one you can capture without cheating. The new Purification chamber makes purifying the shadow pokemon so much easier, because every step you take even if its not in your party purifies it. The chamber is also good practice for Type compatibilities. The 4th generation pokemon introduced cannot be captured, but they show that a future game will have them, these pokemon make players wonder what will come up next. Miror B. from Colosseum is now a wanderer. If you failed to capture a shadow pokemon in a battle, he will have it later in the game. The new Battle CDs and Battle Bingo in the new Realgam tower are a new way for trainers to have more fun and challenges when battling. The battle bingo and Battle CDs require a good mind to think about the situations. Other than wild pokemon this game doesn't have too much new stuff that other Pokemon games contain.

Challenges: 5.0
This game can get tough. The only basic way to get a good level team in this game is to take 6 and only 6 pokemon to train. Because of this, a whole lot of your success in the game depends on your early decisions. For example, what do you want your Eevee to evolve into, which Shadow Pokemon should I purify, which should I hold off until later? All of those questions must be answered early. If you mad good choices, the game is easier, if you made bad, the game is much harder. The end battle is not the toughest ever, but it sure is tough with 6 shadow pokemon to capture! And believe me, capturing 6 shadow pokemon whose moves will always go over normal pokemon without losing is tough!

Graphics: 4.5
Who can't argue with these graphics? These are awesome graphics, better than Colosseum. The pokemon look better, the moves look better too. The locations are filled with appropriate colors that make the place look better than what it could look like. How can anyone argue with them?

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