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A tip for beginner lugia catchers
So if you like lugia and you want him so bad heres somethin' for you: If your stuck with this
1. don't know were to get the masterball to catch lugia with

Heres how to do the master ball thing:
When you beat the capher key lab go to galon port and go to the place you got the special scooter talk to the guy inside he'll
tell you to go to the spookey place to battle robo groudon battle him and go to galon port then talk to the old guy again then go to the first place you start at go see the dude with the red hair he'll take you to down to his special place inside you'll find a special box with you guessed it the master ball

hope i helped
All Elements
For all those that fret about what your going to turn your eevee into, don't. XD is much more different then colloseum, after you talk to Vander at mount battle (When he's training the newbies) he'll tell you about the ciper labratory, once you get there, the Sexembrothers (Thats how its spelt in game) will come out, its quite a funny cut scene, but anyways after your done, fight the red one, then the blue, so on and so on, each one has a different attribute of pokemon.

The red brother has a Houndour Lvl 17
The blue brother has a Spheal Lvl 17
The brown brother has a Baltoy Lvl 17
The purple brother has a Gulpin lvl 17
The green brother has a Seedot lvl 17
The yellow brother has a Mareep lvl 17

As you can see,

Red is fire AND Dark, Flareon/Umbreon
Blue is Water, Vaporeon
Brown is Rock/Physic Baltoy, Espeon (Believe it or not)
And Yellow is Jolteon

Like I said, no need to fret over this at all, its very easy to catch them, get them down to yellow and inflict a status problem if possible, if not, no problem, bring at least 10 pokeballs, if after your third pokeball you still can't catch it, kill it, pick a different brother and come back after your done that one, they will keep challenging you and challenging you.
Alternative pokemon healing
If your Pokemon are low on health and there is no healing machine around, DON'T PANIC!
Just find the nearest PC. Log on. Put all your party
Pokemon into the PC. Take them out again and they will have full power.
I have tested this tip. AND IT WORKS.
Battle Bonsly
To use this tip you must be at the point where the old man shows you a picture of Bonsly and asks you to find him. To battle Bonsly you must get the Bonsly bingo card. You first must find him on the S.S. Libra. He will run away. Afterward you must put food on the oasis Pokespot. He will usually be the next Pokemon that shows up there. You MUST then SLOWLY push up on the control stick and you will get him. The screen will turn white or black and you will appear at the top of the TV station. The old man will thank you and give you a Bonsly bingo card. You can use this at the Battle Bingo place. Then you will be able to battle Bonsly.
Change the Pokemon at the Pokespots!
OK, this is not a cheat but at the pokespots you know how Trapinch, Wooper, and Surskit are very rare to encounter? Ok you lay the food stuff at the pokespot (I strongly suggest doing one at a time).

Step 1. lay food at a pokespot.

Step 2. exit the pokespot and save the game in another area.

Step 3. run around for a couple of minutes then save.

Step 4. repeat step 3.

Step 5. once the poke radar goes crazy DO NOT SAVE!!!!!!!!! VERY IMPORTANT!

Step 6. go catch your pokemon.

what I am trying to say is that once you save the wild pokemon will not change. The pokemon, gender, nature, and level will stay the same.

If you manage to save before your poke thingie goes off you can reset your game.
The best time to get is at least a minute before it goes off.

Here are the pokemon and their locations and their encounter rate:



surskit-very rare



tranpinch-very rare



wooper-very rare

I really hope this helps those who want to get a specific pokemon!
Choosing your starter
When you go to Gateon Port and talk to the big man in the Parts Shop,he offers you a Fire,Water, or Thunder Stone,plus a Sun or a Moon Shard.Here's the scoop.
Vaporeon is of the Water type.It's pretty fast but it may prove harder to raise.

Jolteon is very fast and because it's Electric type,it only has one weakness-Ground.Plus,it can put foes into Paralyses.I actually never chose it though...

Flareon is of the Fire type,however,because it's Atk is higher than its SpAtk,its Fire attacks won't inflict a heavy amount of damage.

Espeonis fast and its SpAtk is high,plus its Spd.Its Psychic type.Unfortunately,it has low Def and HP,so...

Umbreon is Dark type.It learns more strategy-related moves like Double Team,Confuse Ray,and Mean Look.It sadly doesn't have a high selection of Dark type moves(Bite and Faint Attack,which are basically the same).It can learn Psychic,though,and it has devastatingly high Def and SpDef.

If you stick with Eevee,though,you'll find it fairly weak in all stats.Plus,you'd never havea type advantage over any foes.
Easier Means Of Lowering Health For Snagging
Have a shadow pokemon that knows Shadow Half (Swellow, Arbok, Hitmonless and Electabuzz all fit this role). Ensure that they are not purified enough to have lost the move. This move won't KO any pokemon as it simply halves the current HP, making it much easier to lower the health without worrying about overshooting and accidentally KOing the target.
Easy Training
Go to Mt. Battle. Then beat areas 1, 2, and 3. Area 4 is hard if your Pokemon are not raised properly. So repeat 1, 2, and 3 to train even more so that area 4 is easy. Keep doing this the higher you go up. This helps to train your Pokemon a lot. I only caught 10 Shadow Pokemon and my Umbreon is Lv. 60!
Getting Johto Starters
To get the Johto starters then you must beat Mt. Battle. You can only choose one. You can get the others by beating Mt. Battle again. They all have elemental versions of Hyper Beam.
How to get a Pikachu...
This is how to get Pikachu, before you beat the game, you must trade all lengendary PKMN there are other then Dexoys to the game, but, u have to have fought already Lugia, caught it, and purified it before u caught Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Otherwords u most lose unporposely to Grand Master Greevil. you can still catch Rhydon, Exaccutor and Touros (this guy must be from Kanto). It'll make no difference. NOTE: You still have to trade the Birds over even though they are catchable. Then when you beat Eugan at the PKMN Lab where you live, he will give you a LV.5 Pikachu and a Thunderstone. If this doesn't work e-mail me.
how to purify lugia
the center pkmn must attack(the pkmn connected to him)and be super affective
ex flying/fire(moltre)vs bug/figth (heracross)

fire==>bug=super affective
flying==>figth=super affective

super affective+super affective=perfect combo!

you must as much as possible to make many combo like that
(i know becaus i have purified lugia)
one thing!if you trade pkmn from gba,it will be easier to make combo!
Interview Items
In the interview with Acri in Gateon Port, you can get four different items, depending on how you answer the three questions she asks you. Depending on how many of them you answer "Yes" to, the item you recieve will change. The White Herb, Mental Herb, and Quick Claw can all be purchased at Mount Battle, making the Amulet Coin the best choice.

Amulet Coin Say "Yes" to every question.
White Herb Say "Yes" to 2 questions.
Mental Herb Say "Yes to 1 question.
Quick Claw Say "No" to every question.
Mount battle starters
In order to get the Johto legue starters you must go through all of Mt. Battle with the same pokemon in your party. If you don't do this you will have to start mount battle all over again. I suggest making a PC bax titled Mt. Battle. It makes it a lot easier.
never miss a shadow pokemon
Miror B. only appears when you miss a shadow pokemon and somehow has the shadow pokemon you miss. Like if you missed Loverina's delcatty you'll get it from Miror B.
Problems with Greevil? No problem
Did you beat Grandmaster Greevil but didn't get all the shadow pokemon? Ran out of balls? Defeated one? Well, you're in luck! You can battle Greevil as many times as you like!
Shodow Dragonite
First, snag all 82 Shadow Pokemon. Next, the Miror. B radar will go haywire. Head to Gateon Port and Miror B. will be at the highest point of the lighthouse. Battle Miror B. and defeat all his Ludicolos. Then, he will use Shadow Dragonite.
Stronger Alakazam
You will need a Plusle, a Minun, and an Alakazam with Skill Swap. First, send out Alakazam and Minun. Have Alakazam use Skill Swap on Minun, and have Minun use whatever. Now switch Minun for Plusle. Alakazam's minus and Plusle's plus will power each other up. Now, your Alakazam is even stronger then usual.
Tips for begginers/newcomers
Eveelution ~ At first you can either choose to have a Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon or Umbreon. The one I chose was Espeon because it deals heavy damage, but it's defense is also low. The one I use alternatively is Jolteon because it's best over all, but it's hard to raise. Flareon is somewhat weak, Vaporeon is fast and powerful but defense is low and Umbreon is weak but has good defense.

Mirror B ~ Fail to catch a shadow pokemon? Know how it says the pokemon ran away somewhere? They get captured by this guy. Find him in the cave pokespot at first, and after a while he usually shows up at Realegam collesuem.

Master Ball ~ You can find this when your about to go to Citadark Isle. It's in the room where you got your snag machine. Prof. Krane will have a suprise for you...

Lugia ~ Surrender your Master Ball, he's extremelly hard to catch with any other ball.

Purifying Lugia ~ Fill the Purify Chamber with pokemon that fill up the Tempo all the way in ALL the sets. If you failed to catch a shadow pokemon Mirror B really comes in handy here.
Tips for Beginners
1. Evolve Eevee at level 15 because at level 16, all of its evolutions learn a certain attack (ie: water gun, ember, thundershock, confusion). You won't learn another attack of their type until level 52 (ie: thunder, hydro pump, fire blast, etc.)

2. Teddiursa is your first Shadow Pokémon. It has the trait Pick Up. This means after a few battles, it picks up items like Super Potions, Nuggets, Great Balls, Ultra Balls, Protein, etc. Keep it in your team because you can win a lot of free items and make a lot of money. When it's Purified, it learns an attack called Return which deals more damage depending on whether or not it likes you. It'll like you if you heal it often and battle with it a lot. It's much more powerful than Eevee through much of the beginning. A good battle strategy with them is for Eevee to use Tail Whip then Teddiursa to use Return to KO an opponent, but it won't be long until Teddiursa can KO them on its own with 1 hit. If you don't like to use Teddiursa, leave it in your party anyway! It picks up items even when it's not battling! (note: You can't just walk around and find items, it only happens after battles)

3. When you arrive in Agate, at the upper right is an eldery man with a Tailow. Every 10 minutes, he'll give you a random berry. These are very useful in the beginning.

4. When you arrive in Pyrite, check the soda machine to buy low cost curative items that heal a lot of HP. This is a good idea if you want to save money.

5. Before you enter Cipher's HQ you encounter the Hexagon Brothers. You can battle them as much as you'd like before entering the HQ. Even if you don't capture their Shadow Pokémon the first time, just leave them come back and they're ready to rematch you for it. Use them to reach level 20. (BATTLE THEM FROM RIGHT TO LEFT!!)

6. If your opponent uses an accuracy reducing attack, simply Call your Pokémon. It's accuracy goes up.
Who needs awakenings? Not me.
Instead of wasting your hard earned poke on Awakenings, just Call your pokemon to wake them up.


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Level 100 Pokemon early in the story
Challenge Mt. Battle as soon as it's available. All you have to do is go through the first three zones and go to Cipher's lab and return. It is now available. It might take a while but you can get to higher areas and even level crunch your Pokemon all the way up to level 100 before taking on Cipher. Plus you can get all three Johto starters if you can beat Mt. Battle without going to the pc and changing your Pokemon. Oh and if you go to Agate Village and go straight toward the daycare to the Pokemon Center and back to the entrance three times, well that's an easy way to get a berry. Both of these in game cheats have been tested a thousand times over and I swear by my honor that they work every time. Give it a try. I triple dog dare you!


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how to get pass the glass wall
when you see Master Greevil at the Top of Citadark (or cinidark) he'll talk to you then he'll put up a glass wall. when you press the A button it will just say " its impossible to get through"
theres also a healing machine inside, so use it.
keep pressing A on the glass wall. and keep going in and out. if that dosn't work, go outside and you'll see an elevator that you cant use. hit A on that. and go back inside and repeat the wall thing. go back out side and the top guy at the pokemon shadow lab will come out of it. beat him, heal your pokemon (you'll need it!) and use that elevator. there will be a dude down there so battle him too. he's just a peon.
if you need to, heal your pokemon. go back and go up the indoor elevator where you battled the peon. then once your on the other side you'll have to battle the red guy.
if your saving up balls for greevels pokemon. just beat all of his pokemon without an effort to catch em'. they'll flee and go to the Afro dude later.
then go to the other ele. on the left side and there you'll meet greevle.
oh. and after you beat the red guy, the glass will go down.
hope this helps.
How to Purify Shadow Lugia with no other shadow pokemon
To purify Shadow Lugia without shadow pokemon you should fill all the purify chamber with pokemon and make all of the tempos all the way up (i reccommend you catch pokemon from the previous games and trade them) (leafgreen,firered,emerald,sapphire, or ruby) well then you have to put lugia in any of the sets and wait a while and he'll be purified if you have been training him while he was shadow he'll get his lvl up, mine grew to lvl 73 when i done this...... Hope i helped
Master greevil again
If you don't get all of Greevil's shadow pokemon you go back to the place go to where he was befor and you can get the shadow pokemon you killed.
Missed Shadow pokemon
if u ever miss a shadow pokemon, it will go to a trainer called Miror B. he will apper radomly. however, when u first see him, he will be at the cave poke spot. after you battle him, you will get the miror rader which will say "Miror B. may have appeared!" when you can fight him. The first few times you fight him he will be at the Pyrite Colosseum in one of the battles. Later he will be at Reglam Colosseum. Try to snag every shadow pokemon possible because later he will have a shadow nosepass that you can catch anywhere else. Also, when u beat Greevil, he will appear in Gateon Port's light house no the top floor. even better, he will have a shadow dragonite!
If you miss a pokemon from greevil, you can fight him as much as you want. Also, if u kill shadow Lugia you will NEVER be able to catch him again so i extremly recomend using your master ball.
Munching Munchlax
when ever you go to a poke spot and leave poke food its almost allthe time munchlax is eating your food,but thats sometimes good beacause when the trainer (A.K.A the old lady) gets there she gives you the same or even more poke food
Shadow Lugia, and Grand Master Greevil.
Once u beat Chiper Key Lair you will be able to get a master ball from the Pokemon HQ lab place.I recomend you have a extra space with you at all times in Citdark Isle. Just before you fight the final boss ( Chiper grand master Greevil) he will summon project XD001 ( A.K.A. shadow lugia) NOW IS THE TIME TO USE YOUR MASTER BALL!!!!!!!!!!! it is almost nearly impossible to catch him with out it ( for you that did, good job i dont realy care) after this fight u wont be able to go to a PC before your fight with Greevil so its good to have a extra space for Shadow Lugia even though all of Greevil pokemon are shadow.

Grand Master Greevil's pokemon:
Shadow Exeggutor
Shadow Moltres
Shadow Articuno
Shadow Zapdos
Shadow Tauros
Shadow Rhydon
To Level-up Pokemon in an one area
To do this look at the map and then decide where you want to level up and then face the trainers within the area and then go off of that area seclect another area and thn go back to the spot that you where at and you can face all the trainers over and over again. (Also works on Pokemon Colosseum)