Pokémon Battle Revolution review
Battlers only!? The marmite of pokemon...

The good:

The graphics are tremendous! They really emphasize the Pokemon in every detail; from the looks to the way they move, even down to the moves they use. The only way they could improve the Pokemon on a whole would be their sounds, but that's off track...

The concept is easy on the brain too. Battle, battle and more battle. Only they are different this time, there are different ways of battling, such as a wheel of fortune, where your Pokemon are mixed with the opponents, and you have to get lucky to get your own. There are also Tournaments, under level five battles and singles battles, where you cannot switch. The amounts of Pokemon able to use changes through each colleseum, but you create a personalized trainer card with the six Pokemon you can choose from.

The way to battle is similar to Diamond and Pearl, as you choose the Pokemon, and it's move and on whichever opponent, this also includes abilities, items held affecting these or status problems and so on. The battles are commentated too, with a crowd cheering and booing depending on the type matchups. This counts for whether you match your team well too, for example putting a ground type with a Pokemon with a levitating ability, so it doesn't get hurt. The commentator praises your preparation even down to your held item, like berries, he can say that the Pokemon look healthier.

Though there is no in game, the variety of battles makes it more interesting than it seems.
There are also mystery gifts, such as the surfing Pikachu, Magmortar and Electivire. There are also items that can be brought with "poke coupons" which are sent to your Diamond or Pearl game!

Another thing to add is the trainer! This time not only do you choose to be male or female, you choose their age range, skin color and clothes! Good for all those Sim lovers out there!

The bad:

Going to the title, all you do it battle, this can put some audiences off, such as contest lovers and poffin makers, but there is plenty of other games for them. This games for the proper strategy battlers.

Dragon lovers, this is bad, Ice Pokemon take over this game, and a single Icebeam can conquer your Salamences and Garchomps. Or whatever you have... This can make the battles extremely short, considering that the Pokemon can faint due to one attack, either yours or the other team, though there are a lot of battles to conquer, so this should make up for it.

There are also problems with stats in this Pokemon game; I will take my Salamence for an example. On Diamond, I have a high level Salamence, whom can withstand at least 2 Ice beams from the same level Pokemon as it. On Battle revolution, Pokemon can completely annihilate my Salamence with one move, and with speedy Weavile about, we're in trouble.


The trainers are actually good at rivaling your Pokemon, and use match ups to defeat you. The double battles are usually best, as the combinations are extremely hard to overcome. Once completed all the Colleseum Leaders once each, the battles get harder and harder, which in some cases good, but in others, very bad as it can put people off if it becomes impossible!

However, Lucario is moving up with power, it's a great Pokemon to have in the party as it stands a lot of attacks, and can conquer most Pokemon with the right move sets.
Staraptor, Rotom, Weavile and Heracross are common Pokemon foes in this game, and very tough battlers too, so if you buy this game, get a good flying and electric type, because you'll need it!

Buying this game is a total gamble; you'll either love it or hate it, or maybe both, depending on your mood. The battles are totally different from Diamond/Pearl, but for the good as the battles are more challenging and offer a whole lot of extra options. The lack of an adventure element may put off some gamers, but if you can look past that then you'll find a Pokemon battler's dream. Plus it's a chance to see your favourite Pokemon in full 3D, and what Pokemon fan doesn't like the sound of that?

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