Pokémon White Version review
A Few Downfalls, But Brilliant!

The good:

-Graphics have improved.
-Engages the player more.
-Improved GTS Trading System
-Higher Shiny Catch Rate
-Imaginative new Legendary Pokemon
-New Rotation Battles Function

The bad:

-GTS System Still Needs Work.
-Pokemon Dream World Needs Wi-Fi
-Pokemon Dream World maybe hard to understand for younger players.


This game is a definite improvement graphically from the other games, The likes of Black City and Pokemon League are very detailed and accurate. Game Freak has really improved character design and came up with more inspiring gym leaders and their legendary gyms, this makes the gamer more excited about the characters. The amount of details that Game Freak have added to the town's details is utterly amazing.

The new Legendary Pokemon are completely new ideas and are really imaginative, you really get excited when you receive one at the end and it made me want to buy Pokemon Black straight afterwards because I wanted my hands on Reshiram! Also, new Pokemon have amazing abilities and are brilliant for battling, New additions Zorua and Zoroark especially. The events and story-line of the same also has you glued to the game, I literally could not get off it for 3 days and at one point, was on it until 2am! The dramatic twists and turns are very engaging and keeps you interested in the game.

There is also a lot more activities to do once you have completed the game, Game Freak has really took this into consideration by including more events to do after you have completed the game so the gamer does not get bored and still plays it. The new really good features include Pokemon Dream World and Pokemon Theatre. Pokemon Dream World is a very nice touch to Pokemon because they offer Pokemon with special abilities (Contrary for Spinda, Anticipation for Eevee and Moody for Smeargle are too name but a few.), some of which are great for battling but also great for building a foundation of a collection of Pokemon. However, the bad point to this feature is that you need wireless internet connection and the system can sometimes be very hard to understand. Also, receiving the Pokemon can also be troublesome and quite complex to understand, this is not really ideal for younger viewers who are new to the internet.

The GTS system is a lot more controlled but it is still not perfect and would not really be suited for someone who wants to find legitimate Pokemon. There is a Higher Shiny Catch Rate, it is a genuine buzz when you encounter a shiny pokemon, so a new higher shiny rate has been introduced, making it easier to encounter a shiny pokemon whether or not its in the tall grass or sea! I have seen a major improvement in my shiny catch rate from Pokemon SoulSilver to Pokemon White.

The combat system closely resembles that of former games, tweaked a bit here and there. Each trainer can have up to six pokemon on their team and then take it in turns unleashing attacks, such as direct damage moves or ones to affect status. The game uses a complex sort of rock-paper-scissors system with its types to enforce a tactical approach to battles, ensuring that you always have to think.

Game Freak have also cleverly added the Rotation Battles function to make battling more interesting and more appealing to the gamer, however, this may be complicated to understand for younger players, The animation in the Rotation Battling however is just as good as normal battling animations, if not, better. Another new feature, Triple Battling has the same good points and bad points as Rotation Battling. The attacks are still clear to the user and the same animations are used than in any normal battle, which will help the player progress through the game.

The overall difficulty of the game is a slight improvement from SoulSilver/HeartGold, but Game Freak have added in Rotation Battling, Dream World and Triple Battling which might be complicated to younger players of the game and could instruct what to do a lot better. But it is easy to understand for anyone 10+.

This game has its ups and downs like every other game but it is essential to every Pokemon fan and is a really nice present for Christmas Great Work Game Freak!

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Dark Arcanine Dec 22, 11
Nice review. I wanted to point this bit out though:

The GTS system is a lot more controlled, ideal for those who want legitimate Pokemon. However, it is still not perfect and would not really be suited for someone who wants to find legitimate Pokemon.
The two sentences are direct contradictions of each other so I'm not sure if you want to remove one or if you meant to type something else there.
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Amsey Dec 23, 11
Whoops! I didn't notice that! :3
Thanks for pointing it out ^__^
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Chromatus Nov 22, 12
Very nice review, Amsey! I really wish I looked at this a year agao!
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Vast Jul 2, 15
lovely review amsey
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ShinyMilotic Jul 2, 15
I'm glad I got white and not black now, thank you
-2 thumbs!
Amsey Jul 2, 15
*bleep* you guys
0 thumbs!
Vast Jul 2, 15
whoa language

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