Pokémon White Version review
Near-Perfect Pokemon Series Additions

The good:

- Brand new game with an interesting storyline
- 155 new Pokemon. Most interesting new batch of additions in many years
- Large world map and cities/towns. One of my favorite world maps in the whole series
- Great music and graphics
- Season changes/weather effects
- TM's can be used over and over again! Great addition to the series
- I love how B/W are entirely separate games from the rest of the series until after the Elite 4. It is great that these games no not use past Pokemon for 9/10 of the game. B/W feel so fresh and new.
- The legend of White, Zekrom, is awesome
- New and improved Pokecenter/Pokemart all in one building! Great addition to the series
- Poketransfer lets you migrate your Pokemon from past games into B/W. Much more helpful than past similar methods
- Dream World is a new addition and is very interesting and fun. Great new way to collect past Pokemon and even helpful Berries
- C-Gear is great and is customizable with cool skins
- Battle Subway is a fun addition, as are the Battle Domes
- Triple Battles and Rotation Battles are new and both very fun
- Interesting version-exclusive areas: Black City and White Forest
- Critical Capture is a great addition to the series!
- Lots of great new Hold items
- Quick select menu is very helpful
- When you beat the Elite 4 once, their teams get bigger and stronger for future battles
- For the first time, when you enter the Elite 4, you can choose which order you want to face them in. This is a GREAT addition to the series
- The best Pokemon Gyms found in any Pokemon game
- Lucky Egg/Audino training method is very helpful
- Great events, such as the Roaming Beasts, Ash's Pikachu, and Zorua/Zoroark
- Certain long routes have rest houses. VERY helpful
- Many Legendary and special Pokemon to catch in the game
- Great post-Elite 4 storyline. The game does not stop once you become the League Champion!
- More character development than any other game in the series
- Love the moving Pokemon in battle. Great addition to the series
- Great looking Elite 4 area and Victory Road
- More than 200 hours to do and see everything in the game
- Once you beat the Elite 4, a large area of the map opens up and Pokemon from old generations become available in this new area.

The bad:

- Storyline not developed enough and was confusing
- Way too many new legendaries. Most of them you cannot even get in the game as of its release date
- Still no simple way of checking your EV's!
- Seasons are pretty pointless most of the time
- Only a few Triple Battles in the game, and how they work out is very odd
- Black City and White forest are very pointless and both should be available in each game
- Alternate forms of certain Pokemon are interesting but pointless
- There are a lot of non-storyline things to do in the game, but none are fun or helpful
- There is one town in the NW of the map that can only be gone to by taking a subway ride to it. This was very dumb, and there is no point to the town. I was more than 170 hours into the game before even realizing the town was there.
- The addition of more items that Pokemon hold means that there are way too many of each. You bottomless Bag is overflowing.
- The introduction of Pokemon from past games into the Elite 4 teams, after you beat them one time. Their teams should have remained B/W Pokemon only
- Gym leaders do not have enough Pokemon on their teams when you face them. Way to easy.
- I hope one day, future games will change the 3 starter Pokemon types so they are not always grass/fire/water
- Both B/W game covers are boring and simple
- Wish the Underground game play was in the game
- The huge city of the game has wonky camera angles at times
- No double battles with other characters in the game
- The new area of the map that unlocks once you beat the Elite 4 is great for the new Pokemon you can capture, but the towns are pointless
- I hate that every time I start up the game, I have to tell the game to not turn on my C-Gear. Since you only need it for certain occasions, it does not always have to be on.
- Battle backgrounds are so simple
- Though I understand why each game in each generation has version exclusives, I still and will always find it annoying


B/W are the most exciting new additions to the Pokémon game series since Silver/Gold. There are so many great new additions that these games added that make them some of the best in the whole series, and makes me even more excited for future game releases. Well worth the wait since the Diamond/Pearl game releases.

Since both Black and White are almost entirely the same game, this review separates and combines discussion of various topics.

The format is the same as it always was. You are a new Pokemon trainer, going around the region collecting Pokemon, building a team, and taking on Gym leaders and other trainers. Your end goal: beat the Elite 4 and become the Pokemon champion. Along the journey, you will have to take down an evil organization, who are trying to execute an evil scheme throughout the region. This format is never going to change, and it will always work. I enjoyed that there was some storyline and tasks to complete after the Elite 4 is beaten. The games do not just stop, which is great.

The world map is great this generation. It is big, and filled with many great and diverse areas. It is one of my favorite Regions since the Red/Blue region. Two issues I have with the map is the pointless town in the Northwest that is easily unnoticeable and a little harder to get to than any other town/city, and the map area that opens up once you beat the Elite 4. Other than the new Pokemon that roam this new area, the cities and pointless, and there is no storyline tie-in for this area.

Graphically and musically, B/W are some of the best in the series. The graphics are the same 3D side-scrolling found in Diamond and Pearl but they are much more fine-tuned and smooth this time around. Very colorful and bright. I did not enjoy the D/P graphics at the time, but B/W did those graphics right. The gyms of the two games are the best in the entire series. I was very surprised at how unique and cool some of them are. The music of the game is great and features new and old music. It is simple yet effective, and different music can be heard in every area of the game. This game has some of my favorite tunes of any of the games in the series.

As for the new Pokemon, there are 155 new additions to the series. I must say that this new batch is some of my favorite Pokemon since the Red/Blue batch. Yes there are some new Pokemon that do look absolutely ridiculous, but a lot of them are interesting and strong and have some presence to them. The last few generations do not have a lot of Pokemon fit that mold.
B/W have added so many great things to this game series that make me very excited for the future.

One of my favorite additions was how you can use TM's over and over again and not have to keep buying them. They work like HM's now: they do not disappear. This should have been added to the series when Silver/Gold came out. It should not have taken this long to add this feature, but I am glad it has been added. It makes me want to collect all the TM's, and it greatly helps me customize each of my Pokemon how I want to without having to spend a lot of money.
I love how this game is its own game and stands on its own. For the first time since the series of games began, you can play most of the game without seeing a single Pokemon from past generations. I love that! B/W feel fresh and as new and exciting as they can be. Great idea.

I really enjoy a lot of some other new additions. The Poketransfer system make it so easy to bring Pokemon from past games into this generation. The mini game is very fun. Dream World is very fun and is a great way to collect berries and older generation Pokemon. I hope to try this out more in the future. It is an interesting way to join the DS system with the internet. The Battle Domes are very fun and I enjoyed going to them every day and fighting trainers, thus training my Pokemon. I love the addition of Critical Capture. This means that occasionally, you might capture a Pokemon on one or two ball shakes, instead of having to wait for 3 or for the Pokemon to escape capture. One small addition to the series that I enjoyed was how on long map routes, there were occasional rest houses (to rest up your team). This was very helpful on some long routes. Some rest houses are in past games, but not to the frequency that these games had.

The C-Gear is very cool and helpful, and I enjoy the fact that you can customize its Skin (background) now. I just wish that the option to turn it on did not come up at every game start up, since you almost never need to have it on. It should have been an option to turn on ONCE you have already started up your game.

One of my favorite new additions is the combined Pokecenter/Pokemart. I love this! Instead of having to always go to each building in each city, they were finally combined into one building. Such a great idea, and should have debuted much sooner in the game series. I hated always having to go to both buildings in each town/city.

Another of my favorite additions is how you can now choose the order of the Elite 4 members you want to face. This is great! Now you do not always have to face the same order of members every time you challenge the Elite 4. You can pick and choose any order, so you have the ability to make each Elite 4 run different and unique. Great idea.

I also really enjoyed the addition of the Pokemon moving in battle. Though they mostly just sway back and forth, it really brings them to life. They do not seem an stone-like as they do in every past game.

With every new Pokemon game, there are always things that I wish were different. Some of the more noticeable problems are:

While the storyline was interesting, it was VERY underdeveloped. Because of this, it was very confusing and felt very unfinished. This should have been much better. There really is no excuse why the storyline was so basic. The bad guys seem to not fully commit to their evil scheme.

EV's are not 100% necessary to explore for your Pokemon, but it would be nice if one day a generation would feature the ability to somehow check the EV's you have collected for each Pokemon. I have explored EV's in the last few generations, but am completely ignoring them this generation because I was so disappointed in the above issue. Players should not have to make lists and track them ourselves. It is annoying.

One of my biggest issues with these games occurs after you beat the Elite 4 once. Their teams get bigger and stronger, which is great, but the new team additions are past generation Pokemon. What the heck were you thinking?! You spend 9/10 of the game making this game its own and separate from the rest of the series, and then you ruin this by adding past generation Pokemon onto the Elite 4 teams. This was a stupid idea.

Not too sure why the Underground area was not added to this game, but I have a feeling that this angered many fans of this game series. It was very fun and gave players a lot of extra things to do in the game, and this should have been present in B/W.

The rest of the issues with these new games are minor. There are too many new Legendary Pokemon, and most of them cannot even be captured; seasons for the most part are pointless; Triple and Rotations Battles were new to the series, but there were only a few of each in the games. Pointless to add them if that was going to be what was done with them; there also should have been more Double Battles, and battles where you are alongside another character; the game-exclusive areas, Black City and White Forest, are absolutely pointless; many of the non-storyline things you can do in the game are useless,; new items that Pokemon hold were not needed (there are way too many now); Gym leaders and the game itself are too easy and should have been harder; the B/W game covers are too simple and boring; the same old grass/fire/water starters needs to be changed (it is getting boring); the Northwest town was completely pointless and takes special effort to reach it; the new towns unlocked after you beat the Elite 4 are all pointless; I hate always having to tell the game to not turn on my C-Gear at the games start up; and the backgrounds features in every battle are so simple and should have been more detailed.

All things considered, Black and White are some of the best games in the Pokemon series, and if you enjoy the past games, you will love these games as well.

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