Pokémon White Version review
Pokemon White Version Review

The good:

New Pokemon
Changes to battle style/animation
Introduction of new attacks, combos, battle formats, etc.
Deep, immersive plot

The bad:

Some of the pokemon look kinda strange, but there's always some in the bunch


Got the game the other day and started playing it. First off, the game has a sort of refresher to the series by having a whole new set of pokemon that you come across during the main storyline.

The game's turn based battle system got some much needed changes in pokemon now moving, attack animations, and the introduction of triple battle and rotation battle. Also, the game has a series of combo moves that can drastically change the outcome of any battle. Though the core of catching team members and picking on type weaknesses through pokemon and move selection is still relatively intact.

The series has also done something that could be considered an icebreaker. In Black/White, the story plot is more immersive with the coming of Team Plasma, an organization who seeks to have pokemon seperate from humans. From the way the story progresses, it's easy to tell that this isn't just some "get a legendary and rule the world" kind of thing. Also, unlike it's predecessors, gym leaders play larger roles in the main storyline, mainly dealing with interaction w/ plasma.

The game's graphics in terms of overall are really great and take near full advantage of the 3d capabilities of the Nintendo DS. As one could tell right off the bat, the game does utilize more 3d than any other pokemon ds game, from Diamond to Soul Silver.

In terms of the pokemon, it's easy to say that there's an interesting mix of them. Some people say that it's the worst, yet they forget pokes like muk, grimer, and some others. In terms of type combinations, Black/White has a fair share of pokemon whose dual types are never before done and can affect their performance in battle as well as what moves that can learn.

Soundwise, the game still maintains somewhat of it's original scheme which isn't too bad. The game introduces the C-Gear, an in game device which allows the player certain wifi capabilities such as battle, trade, and even going to different areas such as the Dream World and such. Though this may be good, at times it can be a battery killer, so it'd be a good idea to keep a charger nearby just in case.

Like games before, Black/White has the ability to have pokemon migrate from one to another called PokeShift which isn't available until playing through the main storyline. However, there are some things to notice about this. For one, this is DS only migration ability, and like the gba to ds, once they go, they can't go back. The difference maker in all this is unlike the others which only allow once a day migration, the games let you do it constantly or as much as you want.

Gameplay speaking, the games still maintain the day/night system introduced back in Gold/Silver. While keping that, the game also introduces the season system which affects just about everything, from scenery, to battle conditions, music, and even the type of pokemon you can get. So you could say it's a sort of hook n' reeler for players to keep coming back.

The games have two rivals instead of one, both of which you interact and battle with as you go along.

In conclusion, the series has come out with another hit that ushers in some new while keeping and leaving the old. However like any game, Black/White are not perfect as they have their downsides like any other. They are few in number and not as noticeable as the benefits. Black/White is sure to excite those new to the series and interest those who've been with it since Blue and Red in the late 90's. Overall, the game deserves 5 stars for its innovation in battling and graphic detail,the main storyline plot, and extra features accesible along the way. With 649 to get, can YOU catch them all?

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