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A Few Downfalls, But Brilliant!

The good:

-Graphics have improved.
-Engages the player more.
-Improved GTS Trading System
-Higher Shiny Catch Rate
-Imaginative new Legendary Pokemon
-New Rotation Battles Function

The bad:

-GTS System Still Needs Work.
-Pokemon Dream World Needs Wi-Fi
-Pokemon Dream World maybe hard to understand for younger players.


This game is a definite improvement graphically from the other games, The likes of Black City and Pokemon League are very detailed and accurate. Game Freak has really improved character design and came up with more inspiring gym leaders and their legendary gyms, this makes the gamer more excited about the characters. The amount of details that Game Freak have added to the town's details is utterly amazing.

The new Legendary Pokemon are completely new ideas and are really imaginative, you really get excited when you receive one at the end and it made me want to buy Pokemon Black straight aft...


Near-Perfect Pokemon Series Additions

The good:

- Brand new game with an interesting storyline
- 155 new Pokemon. Most interesting new batch of additions in many years
- Large world map and cities/towns. One of my favorite world maps in the whole series
- Great music and graphics
- Season changes/weather effects
- TM's can be used over and over again! Great addition to the series
- I love how B/W are entirely separate games from the rest of the series until after the Elite 4. It is great that these games no not use past Pokemon for 9/10 of the game. B/W feel so fresh and new.
- The legend of White, Zekrom, is awesome
- New and improved Pokecenter/Pokemart all in one building! Great addition to the series
- Poketransfer lets you migrate your Pokemon from past games into B/W. Much more helpful than past similar methods
- Dream World is a new addition and is very interesting and fun. Great new way to collect past Pokemon and even helpful Berries
- C-Gear is great and is customizable with cool skins
- Battle Subway is a fun addition, as are the Battle Domes
- Triple Battles and Rotation Battles are new and both very fun
- Interesting version-exclusive areas: Black City and White Forest
- Critical Capture is a great addition to the series!
- Lots of great new Hold items
- Quick select menu is very helpful
- When you beat the Elite 4 once, their teams get bigger and stronger for future battles
- For the first time, when you enter the Elite 4, you can choose which order you want to face them in. This is a GREAT addition to the series
- The best Pokemon Gyms found in any Pokemon game
- Lucky Egg/Audino training method is very helpful
- Great events, such as the Roaming Beasts, Ash's Pikachu, and Zorua/Zoroark
- Certain long routes have rest houses. VERY helpful
- Many Legendary and special Pokemon to catch in the game
- Great post-Elite 4 storyline. The game does not stop once you become the League Champion!
- More character development than any other game in the series
- Love the moving Pokemon in battle. Great addition to the series
- Great looking Elite 4 area and Victory Road
- More than 200 hours to do and see everything in the game
- Once you beat the Elite 4, a large area of the map opens up and Pokemon from old generations become available in this new area.

The bad:

- Storyline not developed enough and was confusing
- Way too many new legendaries. Most of them you cannot even get in the game as of its release date
- Still no simple way of checking your EV's!
- Seasons are pretty pointless most of the time
- Only a few Triple Battles in the game, and how they work out is very odd
- Black City and White forest are very pointless and both should be available in each game
- Alternate forms of certain Pokemon are interesting but pointless
- There are a lot of non-storyline things to do in the game, but none are fun or helpful
- There is one town in the NW of the map that can only be gone to by taking a subway ride to it. This was very dumb, and there is no point to the town. I was more than 170 hours into the game before even realizing the town was there.
- The addition of more items that Pokemon hold means that there are way too many of each. You bottomless Bag is overflowing.
- The introduction of Pokemon from past games into the Elite 4 teams, after you beat them one time. Their teams should have remained B/W Pokemon only
- Gym leaders do not have enough Pokemon on their teams when you face them. Way to easy.
- I hope one day, future games will change the 3 starter Pokemon types so they are not always grass/fire/water
- Both B/W game covers are boring and simple
- Wish the Underground game play was in the game
- The huge city of the game has wonky camera angles at times
- No double battles with other characters in the game
- The new area of the map that unlocks once you beat the Elite 4 is great for the new Pokemon you can capture, but the towns are pointless
- I hate that every time I start up the game, I have to tell the game to not turn on my C-Gear. Since you only need it for certain occasions, it does not always have to be on.
- Battle backgrounds are so simple
- Though I understand why each game in each generation has version exclusives, I still and will always find it annoying


B/W are the most exciting new additions to the Pokémon game series since Silver/Gold. There are so many great new additions that these games added that make them some of the best in the whole series, and makes me even more excited for future game releases. Well worth the wait since the Diamond/Pearl game releases.

Since both Black and White are almost entirely the same game, this review separates and combines discussion of various topics.

The format is the same as it always was. You are a new Pokemon trainer, going around the region collecting Pokemon, building a team, and taking on Gym leade...


A Whole New Region, a Whole New Realm.

The good:

-Pokemon MOVES!
-Dynamic and effective camera usage
-Complex storyline
-New Pokemon, moves, abilities, items, battle systems

The bad:

-Internet is a MUST to enjoy this game all the way.
-Berries are grown in PDW.
-Rare abilities, moves and Pokemon mostly on Internet PDW


After the successful breakthrough of Pokemon Pearl/Diamond/Platinum and Heart Gold/Soul Silver, Nintendo has tried to take Pokemon to another level; literally. Pokemon Black and White introduces some new abilities, moves, Pokemon and more, but some unsatisfactory features as well.

If you've ever played any Pokemon game, you have already gotten the image. For people who haven't, no worries; Pokemon games (especially the Black and White versions) are EXTREMELY nice to beginners. The instruction manual basically covers every control, and you'll get the hang of it after you've played fo...


Battle On In A New Region


If you're even remotely aware of video games then chances are you've heard of Pokémon. When these critters burst onto the Gameboy nobody could have quite predicted how successful the series would become, and while various parts have since died off there are still areas of the franchise that continues just as strong as ever. Pokémon White (and Black) are the fifth generation installments into the core games and promise to bring an experience that is refreshing but still retains the elements that have made it such a success. So join me as we delve into the depths of Unova and uncover what awa...


Change Isn't Always Good in Pokemon


Finally, Pokemon Black and White are here! If you're a veteran to the series, you've been awaiting this release for a while. You rush to your local game store, pick up your copy, giggle like a schoolgirl all the way home, turn on the game... and are in for a bit of a disappointment.

Right off the bat, one of the things I noticed was that the bottom screen of the DS wasn't being used much. Interesting, considering Soul Silver and Heart Gold utilized the bottom screen as the menu, and that seemed to work rather well. Then it got worse: you can't use the touchscreen to advance conversation, or ...


Pokemon White Version Review

The good:

New Pokemon
Changes to battle style/animation
Introduction of new attacks, combos, battle formats, etc.
Deep, immersive plot

The bad:

Some of the pokemon look kinda strange, but there's always some in the bunch


Got the game the other day and started playing it. First off, the game has a sort of refresher to the series by having a whole new set of pokemon that you come across during the main storyline.

The game's turn based battle system got some much needed changes in pokemon now moving, attack animations, and the introduction of triple battle and rotation battle. Also, the game has a series of combo moves that can drastically change the outcome of any battle. Though the core of catching team members and picking on type weaknesses through pokemon and move selection is still relatively intact.

The se...

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