Pokémon White Version Tips

Easy Experience without much effort!
In the game, there is a special Pokemon named Audino that makes leveling-up your Pokemon easy. To find an Audino, go to almost any route that has wild grass. With enough time and patience, you will see a patch of grass shake in the midst of other patches of grass. This usually indicates that an Audino is in that patch of grass (Audino is not in the shaking grass 100% of the time in some areas). Proceed to the patch (without triggering any other battle) and fight Audino. Audino will yield a good amount of experience after your have made it faint, this is particularly useful for raising weak-leveled Pokemon as well as higher-leveled ones!

Audino appears virtually anywhere there is wild grass, meaning players who have just started are in the same position as players ahead in terms of easy leveling-up. Also, Audino will match the levels of the surrounding wild Pokemon.