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[edit] Background

Pokemon White Version 2 puts the player on a journey to capture and train Pokemon to stop the evil Team Plasma, be the best in the Pokemon League and potentially capture a legendary Pokemon.
The players journey in the Pokemon world takes place in the Unova region two years after the events of Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version. The adventure starts in Aspertia City, which is located in the far southwest corner of the Unova region.

Pokemon White Version 2 is the sequel to Pokemon White and is the final versions of the the 5th generation of Pokemon. Both Pokemon White games are paired with a Pokemon Black version counterpart; these game pairs are essentially identical to each other however they have some small differences.

The game is exclusive to the Nintendo DS handheld console.

[edit] Gameplay

Pokemon White Version 2 follows the traditional gameplay of other Pokemon games which is made up of capturing wild Pokemon and training them mostly through battles against wild Pokemon or other trainers. The player can teach their Pokemon new attack moves as the Pokemon levels up and certain Pokemon are able to 'evolve' to another form once a certain level is reached; players also earn money by winning Pokemon battles which can be used to purchase items to use in fights such as healing items and Pokeballs which are used to capture wild Pokemon. The game has over 300 Pokemon including all from Generation V.

The Pokemon World Tournament has returned and players are able to battle every Gym Leader and almost all Champions from the core series. As always, the Gyms are still in the game and the player still needs to defeat all of the Gym Leaders in the game. Pokestar Studios is a new feature added to the game which allows the player to make Pokemon based films; the player can choose from various scenarios to act them out.

Pokemon White Version 2 is different to Pokemon Black Version 2 in one main way; it has the Pokemon Zekrom in the game. Zekrom is a legendary Pokemon and is only available in the Pokemon White games; Pokemon Black Version 2 has the legendary Pokemon Reshiram instead. Both these Pokemon have the same purpose; they are both used to create a new stronger Pokemon and in the case of White Version 2, Zekrom is fused with another legendary Pokemon called Kyurem to create Black Kyurem.

Several upgrades were made to the Version 2 games; a new feature called the Unova Link adds a few things to that game such as the Memory Link which allows players to reflect on the past of Pokemon Black and White. Certain Pokemon and a special TM that were only accessible though Nintendo events in the previous games, are now in the game with no special requirements. Pokemon breeding was also changed slightly so that the Everstone item always passes down the nature to the offspring; if both parents hold the item then the nature is selected randomly.

Players can battle in PvP battles using local multiplayer and they can also fight people around the world using wi-fi; to initiate this the player needs to go to the top of any Pokemon Centre when trying to play through wi-fi, for local multiplayer this is not needed. It's also possible to trade Pokemon with other players using the same method.

[edit] Features

Catch them all – There are over 300 Pokemon to find and capture

Multiplayer – Players can battle and trade with other players using the local and online multiplayer modes

Be the best – Players can fight the best trainers in the Pokemon World Tournament

Train your team – Raise the Pokemon you've captured and train them to become champions

[edit] Players liked:

  • Lots of play-time
  • Nice graphics
  • Pokemon from multiple generations

[edit] Players didn't like:

  • Too similar to Pokemon White
  • No new Pokemon
  • Story not very strong

This game is also known as Pocket Monsters White 2 in Japan.

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my flygon in pokemon white 2 and my toughest pokemon besides empoleon.he is level 53and knows the moves:...

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