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Soul silver and heart gold are remakes of the 2nd generation of pokemon games, gold, silver and crystal, this games are a mix of the original 2nd gen with some new elements.

Before moving in the gameplay/plot/Graphics/,etc. i need to remark the monumental importance of the 2nd generation of pokemon, in first gen there were several inpediments that made the game to not so fun. The inability to remove HM moves and the limitation or restrain of the moves a pokemon could learn made first gen (pokemon red, blue, yellow and green [the last being a japanese exclusive version]) not so fun. Things changed and a lot for 2nd gen, Pokemon Gold silver and crystal (and since this point onward I will refer to this as G/S/C) introduced new mechanics, move deleter, egg moves, new TM's, pokes, moves, cities, evolutions, methods of evolution (the "love" factor, if a pokemon like evee loves you a lot it can evolve into umbreon or espeon instead of its standart 3 forms: Jolteon, Vaporeon, and flareon), the team rocket plot is expanded too.

Also it introduced something that makes the pokemon collectors go mad and get hungry for, the shiny pokes, a shiny pokemon is such when it has a diferent color than normal, a gyarados is normally blue, but instead the gyarados can be red too, the latter is the shiny poke. As such the long awaited remake of the second generation came, but is it worth it? Read below to know.

Gameplay: the gameplay remains unchanged and as friendly as ever for in game, this being said, the game consists of capturing as many Pokemon with poke balls, and evolve them, along with trading them with friends.

As there is an in gameplay there are also its mechanics, since the second generation Pokemon's could, mate and so get a new poke in the form of egg, also the second generation (from now on onwards and for the sake of this review i will refer to this as gen instead of generation), there is still the TM (items that teach a move to a poke, and these moves can be replaced by new moves that the Pokemon's learn when it reaches certain levels) and HM (similar to TM's only the move deleter can make a poke forget these).

As I have told once in this review the gameplay remains virtually unchanged, still the same gotta catch em all still lives.

Plot: there is not a lot to say of this, but nintendo did expanded (even by little) the original plot, trough an event of celebi (TRU fateful encounter celebi) you will be sent to the past and see the origins of the infamous team rocket and the efforts of its leader to strive to make the criminal organization true, still its all about a boy (or girl) that goes onto the world o be the best trainer and int hey catching a ton of pokes, and kicking trainers butts.

Graphics: this game has slightly better graphics than Pokemon's Diamond pearl and platinum, still this is nothing to brag about when the DS can do some things, still they suffice combining a 2D with a 3D environment.

conclusion: a long awaited remake seems to be a success, it left the "spirit" of the second nearly intact, adding some new characters and quests we get what we deserve probably the most important pokemon game on the nintendo DS, although i wish they added a unlockable version of the original as a bonus.

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