Pokémon SoulSilver Version Glitches

Evolve Pokémon Via GTS Without Trading
This glitch lets you use the GTS to evolve a pokémon that evolves by trading (eg Scyther or Graveler) without actually sending that pokémon to another player.

1. Enter the GTS building in Goldenrod city (this is a large building on the left side - go to where the rail station is and head left past the radio tower).
2. Put the pokemon that can only evolve by trade up for trade at the GTS (ensure that if it requires an item that it is holding said item). It is recommended to ask for a pokémon in exchange that is legitimately impossible (eg a low level Mewtwo) so that someone doesn't snatch away your creature before you have completed this.
3. Complete any other random trade that doesn't involve the pokémon you just deposited.
4. Withdraw the first pokémon from the trade slot
5. Your pokémon should now evolve.