Pokémon SoulSilver Version Tips

You know how when if you're trying to get a pokémon from the Safari Zone and you have to wait a certain amount of days? Its kinda annoying coz for some pokémon you have to wait for 100 days
(like a Gible). Heres a way to speed things up a bit: Once you place your objects in the Safari zone, retire and save. Then Turn off your DS. Go into DS Options(The little DS ICON underneath the GBA slot game option). Select the 2nd Icon. Click the clock(Not the alarm clock). Then set the time to 23:59. Wait. Watch TV, Read a book, play another game, Go on the web. If you want to level up one pokémon, then send it to your pokéwalker, and catch one pokemon and find one item. using the dowsing mchn. Just keep it there. This will work coz when its 00:00, it means 1 day has passed and SoulSilver reads the DS internal clock(the one you tampering with right now). With this method i caught a Riolu(70 days), Gible(100 days), Bronzong(110 days), Bagon(110 days) and a Sealeo(80 days) and a Dusclops(20 days) it took me like about 3 hours, but it was worth it instead of waiting for 1 year <img src="http://staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />