Pokémon SoulSilver Version Tips

Method to find Entei and Raikou
-Fly to any one of Ecruteak, Mahogany, Goldenrod or Violet Town. I personally find Ecruteak the best option.
-Entei and Raikou often visit spots nearby these towns.
-Once you have flown to the town, check your map. If their image is nearby yours, you must quickly run to where it is. It will either be the first or second pokemon you encounter. If it is not, then it has already run away.
-If the image is not nearby, use your flying pokemon to fly to THE SAME TOWN you were at until its image is next to yours.
-This method increases your chances of running into one of them. I know that using this method, I ran into them 14 times and caught them in one day.
Note: If you injure them, they stay injured, and they can run away even if they're asleep.