Pokémon SoulSilver Version Tips

Looking for Rare Held-Items?
Some Pokemon like wild Abra/Kadabra and Horsea/Seadra often hold Rare Items such as a Twisted-Spoon, or a Dragon Scale. These items may come in handy if you have a Seadra you want to evolve into a Kingdra, and so on.

The Bug Catching Contest is held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. If you ever want, or need a Pokemon that is able to locate these wild Pokemon and their held items, go and catch a Butterfree at the Bug Catching Contest on one of the days listed above.

Butterfree has a rare ability called "Compoundeyes" which, in battle, raises it's Accuracy by 30%.
Outside of battle, (if Butterfree is the leading Pokemon in your party, even if it has fainted) has the unique ability, thanks to Compoundeyes, of finding a Pokemon with a Held-Item in the wild by 50%.