Pokémon SoulSilver Version Tips

Never get hurt by Mewtwo
Go to the safari zone at night and go left from the front gate into the grassland and find a Murkrow. They do take some time to catch but it is worth it. Make sure it is level 17 or 18 and KEEP it at that level until you get to Mewtwo. Make it know Astonish, Pursuit, Fly, and Wing Attack. When you finally get to Mewtwo don't send out Murkrow until one of your strongest pokemon gets its health down to the red zone then switch to Murkrow. Mewtwo's moves are Power Swap, Defense Swap, Psycho Cut, and Amnesia. Since Murkrow is Dark Flying type Psycho Cut will not affect you and the other moves are stat raising moves. Just use Pursuit for a while till he has a little health then use Astonish until you can barely see his health. Now leave Murkrow out and nothing will happen to him while you are using Ultra Balls and Dusk Balls (recomended).