Pokémon SoulSilver Version Tips

Secret Rooms in the Ruins of Alph
These rooms are hidden in the rooms with the puzzles in the ruins of alph. They are behind the puzzles. There is a different colored wall with a yellow brick in it. These are doors. If you press A on these doors a message spelled in unkowns will appear. Each message requires a certain command to open it.

Here are the messages and their actions:

Escape-Use an escape rope
Light-Use flash (a pokemon move)
Ho oh-Have a Ho-oh first in your party and press A on the door
Water-Use a water stone

Do these actions in front of the doors.

When each door opens you will go into a room with four items in each of the four rooms. There is also a hole in these rooms. Fall through it and you will go into another chamber with a message on the floor.

When you fall through the second hole in the second chamber of these secret rooms you will be in the normal chambers of the ruins of alph and be able to find different kinds of unkown than you could before.

Hope this helps with your quest for all the unkowns!