Pokemon Gold Treasure Hunting FAQ v1.1 - Hafiz Rahman
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: : : : Pokemon Gold Treasure Hunting FAQ

Pokemon Gold Treasure Hunting FAQ

by Hafiz Rahman   Updated to v1.1 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Pokémon Gold on the GBC, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the GBC version of the game.
Told there is a BERSERK GENE is in Route 24, but don't know the exact place?
Ever thought to find a NUGGET in MooMoo Farm?
Or, a cheap PP UP in Mountain Road?
Anyway it's all here, go check it out!
                           POKéMON GOLD / SILVER
                  HIDDEN Treasure HUNTING FAQ VER. 1.1
 _____________                    __________________
| A U T H O R \__________________|_G A M E  D A T A \_______________________ 
|Author   : Hafiz Rahman           |Developer : Game Freak/Creatures        |
|E-Mail   : <not included>         |Publisher : Nintendo                    |
|Homeland : Indonesia              |Platform  : GameBoy/GameBoy Color       |     
|Date     : April 04, 2002         |Version   : North American              |

© 2001-2002 Hafiz Rahman 
The disclaimer part is in the end of this file, it's not that I forgot it.
That means there is still no reason for you to steal it :)
Pokémon and related indicia are copyright 2000-2001 Nintendo/Creatures/
Game Freak and whoever else I never could list, all rights reserved. Used
without permission. Sorry... but millions of FAQ writer did this too :)

Table of Contents
1 Introduction & Version History
   (About the FAQ itself, why is it here, and some other things you will find
    in any other Introduction all over the world...) 
2 How to be a Hunter
   (What you need and what to do to get all the treasures...) 
3 Treasure Hunting List Part 1: Johto
   (Don't ask me what it is.)
4 Treasure Hunting List Part 1 1/5: Intermediate
   (About places that couldn't be neither Johto nor Kanto.)
5 Treasure Hunting List Part 2: Kanto
   (Don't ask me what it is.)
6 Credits
   (In other words, thank you...) 
7 Disclaimer
   (Some usual stuff most of you tend to ignore :) 
8 Epilogue
   (After-Ending scene. It's sad, really.)

Introduction & Version History
<December 4, 2001 - 05:31:25 PM, my computer time>
   100 new monsters. Breeding. Chain breeding. New moves. Eggs. Colosseum.
Time Capsule. Pokégear. All these things had been stealing most Pokémon 
players' attention from a small feature from the past R/B/Y games. Yeah, the
Treasure Hunting.
   Treasure Hunting has been one of my favorite mini-game in this Pokémon
game. I spent quite some time all over Kanto (although they didn't put this
name in the first place) to search for hidden treasures in Blue version. 
It's just interesting looking for items that could be ANYwhere. On the road,
inside a tree, behind a rock, wherever.
   Why did you do that, you asked me. Don't you have to raise your Pokémon?
   Well, nope. Unlike most of you, I don't really feel like raising mine to
their max. I do fill up my Pokédex, but I don't fill my box with anything
listed in there, already in Lv.100 with their best moves. I loved mine just
the way they are, young and weak :) I also don't have much friends for link
battle so having Lv.100 monsters aren't worth it. So that's why I'd rather
search for treasures than crawling for exps...:)
   So now, in Gold version, I meet the feature back and since the world has
been double-sized from the first one, the hunt shall be twice greater as
well. I found out that it hasn't really covered much in any FAQ, so I
decided to make one.
   I hope that this FAQ will be some sort of help, and I hope it is worth
reading it. If any of you needed help, sorry, I don't include e-mail, 
because I'm just too lazy and don't have enough time to cover it all...
Thanks, and happy searching!
<Version History>
 Version 1.0 January 12, 2002
 - Everything you see is the content of version 1.0 :)

 Version 1.1 April 04, 2002
 - Side Areas are done, including caves, BUT darn it, the seas are NOT (yet)
 - New treasure(s) contributed by reader(s) who actually found my address :)
 - Did some spellchecking and such. English ain't no my main language, so
   don't blame me for mistakes (please) :) 

 Things to expect in future version:
 - Seas, maybe?
 - FAQs
 - Crystal version treasure, maybe?

 Things NOT to expect in future version:
 - Again, quick update. 
 - My e-mail address. I'm kinda lazy checking it, still.
How to be a Huntér
   First of all, you might want to know that all we hunt here are scattered
items. In the world of Pokémon, there are many items hidden anywhere. It 
could be right under your feet, or inside the stone right in front of you.
You don't get any signal or clue where it is, unlike in some Final Fantasy
games where the items are in jars, nor getting a "!" signal like in FFIX.

   In order to find it, you will have to press A button to the direction
which you think the treasure is in. If you're doing right, you will be infor-
med that you found an item. Remember that the item could be anything, it
could be a mere Potion or a worth-tracking Full Restore (or PP UP :)

   But we all know that it will be a real pain if we have to press A anytime
we step, or checking any corner and trees and stones and whatever. That's
why we will need the help from a handy item namely ITEMFINDER. This item
is back from R/B/Y version and it's as useful as ever. 

   To get the ITEMFINDER, all you need is to reach ECRUTEAK City and talk
to the guy inside the house next to the gym. He will give you the item for
free and it will sit right inside your bag. It is a KEY item, so you could
use it again and again without having to worry to lost it or charge its

   Anywhere you feel like you want to search an item, just bring the ITEM-
FINDER and use it. There will be two kind of responses you might get:
A) Nope, ITEMFINDER isn't responding!
   :: This is obvious, there are no item nearby. Look somewhere else. ::
B) Yes, ITEMFINDER indicates there's an item nearby!
   :: You're close to the item! Keep searching! ::

   However, the ITEMFINDER didn't tell you EXACTLY where the item is. It
does tell you that you're close to an item, but you should still check it by
yourself. So, you still have to move step-by-step, pressing A each time you
walk and checking every direction. However it will still be easier that way,
rather than getting no clue whatsoever :)

   To help you searching, try using ITEMFINDER frequently as you will notice
the item location range. The range shown should be a full-square, so you 
might want to know the borders of the square to help you find the item. Like

   1    AAAAAAABBBBBBBCCCCCCC        Okay, this is dumb coordinates, but
   2    AAAAAAABBBBBBBCCCCCCC        just to help you, the coordinates of 
   3    AAAAAAABBBBBBBCCCCCCC        the upper-left-most of the A is (a,1),
   4    AAAAAAABBBBBBBCCCCCCC        thus the lower-right-most of the C 
   5    AAAAAAABBBBBBBCCCCCCC        is (u,7). I hope you understand ^_^; 

   Understand this. The area with B is the item area, while the A and C are 
not. If you stand anywhere on B, you will know that ITEMFINDER indicates 
there's an item nearby. Of course, you won't get anything if you're standing
on A or C.

   Now what if you don't know the range? That's why you need the ITEMFINDER.
As an example, you're standing anywhere on B. Your ITEMFINDER ringing, and
you're burning in passion as you're going to find treasure. Now you will
have to do as follow:
   - Walk one step left. Use your ITEMFINDER again. If it does not indicate
     anything, then STOP stepping left. If it does, walk one step to the left
     again, use ITEMFINDER and check whether it still indicates or not. 
     Lather, rinse, repeat. Once your ITEMFINDER stops indicating, stop
     moving to the left. You have found the LEFT border of the range.
   - Now, you might as well check one step up and down. This way, you will
     eventually find the TOP and the DOWN border.
   - Thus, it will be easier for you to find the RIGHT border too. Do so.
   - Now you get all the borders, just try to find the item inside this
     border. Move along the LEFT/RIGHT/DOWN/UP border consecutively and
     patiently. Finally, you will find the item.

   And just a little secret between you and me, if somehow you could notify
the area like it shown above, somehow the item is located at B(k,4). In 
English, it is in the middle of all the range. Believe me or not! 

   Note that the steps above are for patient and dilligent people. There are
two kind of people in this world. People who used his brain to work in order,
or in a NEAT way, and people who used his brain to work randomly, or SCRUFFY.
NEAT people uses the steps above. SCRUFFY people, you could include me, just
ignore those borders, and try to find the items randomly. Sometimes random
search are even better and faster, but of course you can't always depend on

   Both ways are good. Just find out in which side are you, NEAT or SCRUFFY,
and use your own way to find the items. Eventually, all of you will find the
items you want. 
   One more thing. In R/B/Y, one thing that might be helpful is that hidden
items is usually in either:
A) A corner.
B) A lone rock or tree.
C) A weird, one-of-a-kind things.
D) once in a blue moon, hidden behind bush (needed CUT).

   In other words, the hiding place could easily be recognized. However, in
this Gold/Silver version, things are getting harder and tougher. Now, items
could be just on the ground, which is hard to recognize since most ground
are wide area, and so on. So keep in mind that all you have to do is to
press A for each step and for each direction you could face.

  Heh, just kidding. I just realize that there is a new pattern of hidden
items in Gold/Silver. It is:
A) Most item lying on the ground next to a corner or a dead-end. Like this:
                _ _ _ _ _ _
                _ _ S X|_|_|   
   Imagine that the boxes are trees or walls or whatever you couldn't step
   on. Usually the item will be at the place noted with X. If you want to
   get it, you will have to stand on S, face east to the X and press A.
B) Earlier in the game, the old pattern is back, you should stand right
   on the corner and check the wall surrounding it.
C) More earlier in the game, mostly in Kanto, the other old pattern are
   also back. Item mostly hidden inside a lone-obvious rock.
D) If there's any pattern I could find, I will put it here :)

   So, as a summary:
   - Treasure hunting is actually looking for lost items activity.
   - You do this by pressing A to check the ground, or anything you face.
   - Lost items could be anywhere, and you're dumb if you try to press A for
     each step you take. At the very least, you will hurt your thumb a lot.
   - That's why, you will need an ITEMFINDER. You get it from a man in 
     ECRUTEAK City, and it's free.
   - You don't need to have ITEMFINDER to find hidden treasures, but again,
     it's dumb not to have it.
   - ITEMFINDER doesn't tell you the exact location, but it will ruin the
     fun factor if it does anyway :)
   - You have to be patient once ITEMFINDER shows you the item range. You
     could use the NEAT or the SCRUFFY way, depend on how you work with your 
   - Check weird noticeable things first. Usually items lay next to them, but
     don't you always depend on this fact.
   - Check corners. Just don't ask me why, perhaps the designers aren't that
     good in hiding treasures...:)
   - Treasure Hunting is fun, and once you get into it, you will forgot that
     your baby Pidgey needed a little level-up treat...:)

Author Note: These FAQ was made based on my own Gold version game. I do not
own Silver nor Crystal, nor planning to have and play one. I believe both
G/S have similar treasures, but if it doesn't, then please don't ask me to
do so for Silver. I'm not as workaholic as you guys when it comes to Pokémon.

UPDATE:: Now I have Crystal, and maybe about to play it, and maybe I'll try
doublecheck into it but don't expect me to be able to do that FAST. Sorry :) 
Treasure Hunting List Part 1: Johto
::NOTE:: The item will be listed as you went through the game. That means,
         you could also use this list as a small walktrough. Enjoy.
                              J  O  H  T  O
Johto is the first world map where your character should explore. You will
have to collect all the 8 badges all over the cities in this place. Check
your Pokégear to see the world map. Many new Pokémon lives here (the ones
listed as #152 and above, that is). If you take notice, most cities in this
map are tree name-based. Cherry, teak, wood, whatever.
1. New Bark Town
The Town Where the Winds of A New Beginning Blow

Description:: Your hometown. I mean, your character's hometown. Your mom and
              Prof. Elm lives here. If you keep going east, you will eventu-
              ally reach KANTO, the second world-map where R/B/Y version 
              took place (Ash's world, that is).

Treasures:: N/A

2. Route 29: Cherrygroove City - New Bark Town
Description:: Quite a long way, especially when you compare it with the later
              route you will find, but it's not that hard. You might want to
              use CUT in advance, what else, than to make shortCUTs :)

Treasures:: N/A

3. Cherrygroove City
The City of Cute, Fragrant Flowers

Description:: The first city you will reach. Nothing's quite interesting,
              but you'll meet your archrival for the first time here.

Treasures:: N/A

4. Route 30: Violet City - Cherrygroove City 
Description:: Pay a visit to Mr. Pokémon's house and get some berries. This
              is also the first time you will get your first phone-pal.

POTION: Go to Mr. Pokémon's house and check the flower patch to the lower
        left. Check the lower-left-most flower from its left side (i.e. head

5. Route 31: Violet City - Cherrygroove City
Description:: The way are getting somewhat longer, but it's not that hard.
              You will find Dark Cave, but as it name tells it is pitch-dark
              inside and I don't want to talk about it right now.

Treasures:: N/A

6. Violet City
The City of Nostalgic Scents

Description:: Your first gym battle is here. Get to SPROUT TOWER too.
Pokémon Gym:: Leader: Falkner
              The Elegant Master of Flying Pokémon

HYPER POTION: You need CUT to get this. To the right of Earl's Pokémon
              Academy, CUT the bush and move up. Stand one square before the
              dead end, face north, and get the item (I believe that there's
              a VISIBLE item there, but the hidden one is also there!).

7. Sprout Tower
Experience the Way of Pokémon

Description:: The place made for something... see it by yourself and get 
              your first HM here.

Treasures:: N/A

8. Route 32: Violet City - Azalea Town
Description:: A long way to run, but that's what you need for some level-up,
              filling Pokédex and hatching the egg. Fishing, anyone? There's
              a Pokécenter in the end of the road.

SUPER POTION: Walk to the grass patch in the upper section of the water area.
              The treasure is on the top-right-most ground, so stand one
              square before it (i.e. on its west or south) and face east or
GREAT BALL: It is in the dead-end of the short way north of Pokécenter. The
            item is right where Frieda of Friday is standing. Stand one 
            square before it, face east, and enjoy.

9. Union Cave (Upper Floor only)
Description:: A place to get ground Pokémon. I personally hate caves, but
              feel free and make yourself at home in this place.

Treasures:: N/A

10. Route 33: Union Cave - Azalea Town
Description:: Heh, a real short route. There's a SLOWPOKE WELL but ignore it

FULL HEAL: It is right in the middle of the northern wall of the entrance of
           SLOWPOKE WELL (phew). Face south, and you'll get it.

11. Azalea Town
Where People and Pokémon Live in Happy Harmony

Description:: A simple place where Kurt the ball maker lives.
Pokémon Gym:: Leader: Bugsy
              The Walking Bug Pokémon Encyclopedia

Treasures:: N/A

12. Slowpoke Well (without HM Strength)
Description:: A nice place to get one of my favorite dude. Slowpoke.

Treasures:: N/A

13. Ilex Forest
Description:: Full of weak bugs. You need HM CUT to get through, but soon
              you'll have it.

FULL HEAL: After the sign that warns you about falling items, which located
           near the water area, circle around to the small dead-end in east
           and again, the item is on the dead-end ground. So stand one square
           before it, just as usual, face east, and press A.
SUPER POTION: After the Full Heal, keep heading northeast and you'll find
              another small dead-end to the north. This time the item is
              also on the dead-end ground, so stand one square below it, face
              north, and get the item.
ETHER: After Super Potion, move east and north pass the ledge and see another
       small dead-end to the east. Ether may be found on the dead-end square,
       so stand one square before, face east and get it. I bet you couldn't
       guess it would be there, rite? (:sigh:) Game Freak isn't that creative
       this time...

13. Route 34: Goldenrod City - Azalea Town; Ilex Forest Somewhere Between
Description:: Another short way. Look, it's Pokémon Day Care! It's breeding

SUPER POTION: It's in the backyard of the Day Care. From the door, walk 3
              steps south and then 3 steps east. Press A. Sounds like
              pirate, eh? :)       

14. Goldenrod City
The Festive City of Opulent Charm

Description:: Celadon City of Johto region. Explore it by yourself and get
              a bike, radio card and coin case. The Hair Cut is here too.
Pokémon Gym:: Leader: Whitney
              The Incredibly Pretty Girl!

PARLYZ HEAL: Head to the Basement. There's a space in between Hair Cut
             brothers' desk and the other desk to the north of it. As usual,
             the item is on the dead-end, so stand one square before and
             face the empty space to get the item (i.e. to the east).
ANTIDOTE: From the Hair Cut, move north and head east to the locked door.
          From the front of the door, move one step south, face west, and
          get the item.

15. Route 35
Description:: Still a short way, but some trainers might hold you down.

Treasures:: N/A

16. National Park
Description:: Enjoy the Bug-Catching Contest!

FULL HEAL: Go way north-east and find a little open space to get behind the
           fence. You may want to get the Pokéball to the southeast, but
           that's not what we called a treasure. Instead, move west, follow
           the path and then to the south. If you get straight down,
           you'll get another item, but to get the treasure move southeast
           and yes, you'll see the entrance of the Park. Guess what, the
           item is on the dead-end! Bet you couldn't recognize a pattern
           here, could you? :)

17. Route 36
Description:: Another short way with only two trainers. Catch that Sudowoodo
              and let the road be free... 

Treasures:: N/A

18. Route 37
Description:: Another short way, but has three kind of Apricons!

ETHER: Right in the left-most corner near the route sign. Face the square
       and press the A button. Notice the pattern? :)

19. Ecruteak City
A Historical City Where the Past Meets the Present

Description:: Nice, have access to Tin Tower and Burning Tower (see Side-
              Areas section below). HM Surf is here.
Pokémon Gym:: Leader: Morty
              The Mystic Seer of the Future

HYPER POTION: Move north and see the small pond. Move in front of the door
              of the house nearby (to the east). From the door, move 2 step
              south and six step east. Face east, get the item.

20. Route 38: Olivine City - Ecruteak City
Description:: A straightforward road with a chance to get Miltank...

Treasures:: N/A

21. Route 39: Olivine City - Ecruteak City
Description:: Visit Farmland and help them out. This place is yet so short.

NUGGET: Stand in front of the door of Farmland's main house. Move 8 steps
        south and press A. If you can't find it, then add one more step
        to the south and press A. Sorry, I can't remember exactly -_-...

22. Olivine City
The Port Closest to Foreign Lands

Description:: HM Strength! And, well, have a nice visit in the port...
Pokémon Gym:: Leader: Jasmine
              The Steel-Clad Defense Girl

Treasures:: N/A

23. Olivine Lighthouse 
Description:: Go help that poor Ampharos...

HYPER POTION: It is in floor # 05, where you fight the bird keeper one
              (the loser that will FLY way back to Cianwood, that is :).
              Move down to the dead-end and check the right-most corner.
              (:sigh:) This is getting pretty repetitive and boring...

24. Route 40: Cianwood City - Olivine City
Description:: Remember the SURF down to Seafoam island and Cinnabar Island
              in R/B/Y? Here we go the first part of the long winding road!

HYPER POTION: Now this is getting somewhat intriguing and interesting :)
              For this, you will need to teach TM 08: Rock Smash to one of
              your Pokémon. Don't worry, the item isn't in the water, it's
              still on the beach, near the route sign. Break the leftmost
              rock and the item is right beneath it. You still need to 
              press A to find it, though.

25. Route 41: Cianwood City - Olivine City
Description:: Same old Tentacool... Tentacool again... My, where's the land?!

Treasures:: <bear with me, the sea is rough and wide! Give me a lil' more
             time! I don't think there's an item underwater, though...>

26. Cianwood City
A Port Surrounded by Rough Seas

Description:: HM Fly! Now you don't have to SURF that long way. However,
              remember that you're here to help Jasmine and Ampharos.  
Pokémon Gym:: Leader: Chuck
              His Roaring Fist do the Talking

REVIVE: Rock Break the second rock placed from the north. You have to beat
        a Lv.15 Krabby first (as for me, that is).
MAX ETHER: Again, Rock Break the leftmost rock, near the house. 

27. Route 42: Ecruteak City - Mahogany Town
Description:: You will need SURF and CUT to get another Apricorns. Don't
              worry, it's another short way. See the dark MT. MORTAR
              entrance, but ignore it first.

???: The ITEMFINDER indicates there's an item in the small lake you will
     find. But where? How? I've got no idea. If it's underwater, then how
     do I get it? I dunno! AArrgh! (The roar of a frustated hunter...)

MAX POTION: I don't know what happened to me, the item is just so easy to
            find. It is in the west side of the small island in the middle
            of the small lake, just stick to the surface and face east to
            get it.

28. Mahogany Town
Welcome to the Home of the Ninja

Description:: Weird city, closed gym... RAGECANDYBAR...
Pokémon Gym:: Pryce
              The Teacher of the Winter's Harshness

Treasures:: N/A

29. Lake of Rage
Description:: RED Gyarados! Go get it. It's rare. Anyway, don't get into
              the first building you see. Right, that building to the right.
              DON'T get into it. Choose the grass patch way instead.

FULL RESTORE: You need SURF and CUT. From the very first entrance (not with
              the Rockets) stay in the left side and SURF the water to get
              to a somewhat-secret road (but NOT the one with Bitter Berry,
              it is to the north of it). Keep moving, cut the bush and move
              up a little. FULL RESTORE is on the ground, near the ledge 
              area. Unusually, it's one square before the corner :) Stand
              right on the corner, face west and get the item.
MAX ETHER: After FULL RESTORE, move up and right, get another bush CUT and
           MAX ETHER should be lying on the ground nearby...
MAX POTION: Although you could get the signal by keep moving up and east af-
            ter getting MAX ETHER, actually you should get back and head to
            the lake on the normal way. Head to the most northeast part of
            the lake, see a little corner of tree to the west and as usual
            the item is there.

30. Team Rocket Hideout (Under Mahogany Town's Shop) 
Description:: Watch out explosives Voltorb! Anyway, that's our old Lance,
              isn't that?

REVIVE: Head down to floor #02, but get up the stair again. Move 2 steps
        north and press A. 
FULL HEAL: In floor #04, head south to see a little dead end with computer.
           The item is in the supercomputer or cupboard or whatever it is,
           number three from the wall (so stand beside the computer and
           face north).

31. Radio Tower of Goldenrod City 
Description:: If only they had an elevator...

Treasures:: N/A

32. Basement (Behind the locked door) 
Description:: Watchout your rival's 3rd grade evolution starter!

MAX POTION: After getting the first visible FULL HEAL (by turning SWITCH 1 
            on), walk to the southwest corner and face east. Press A to get
            the item.
REVIVE: For the very first time turn SWITCH 3 on, move directly south until
        the burglar challenges you. Beat him, then turn around and press A 
        as the item is right behind you.

33. Route 44: Mahogany Town - Blackthorn City 
Desription:: A quite small route with no grasses so you could get out of it
             without any encounter whatsoever. But obviously there will be
             some trainers too.

Treasures:: N/A (or have I found something but forgot to note it out?)

34. Ice Path 
Desription:: Bring something with STRENGTH. No way out without it.

CARBOS: Push all the boulders to the hole, and get down to the huge skating
        zone. Move to the southwest part and see a little no-skate area :)
        As usual the item is in the very most corner, you know where.
ICE HEAL: After CARBOS, continue your journey until you came by a small room
          with ledges. Reach your own way to the ladder in the middle, but
          don't get down first. Instead, stand on the top-left corner of the
          no-skate area (with the ladder that is) and move up. You should 
          bump a lone stone. Press A and get the item.
MAX POTION: Okay, now you may climb down the ladder. Move right. See the lone
            stone in the middle of the others? Get yourself there, face it
            and press A. 

35. Blackthorn City
Desription:: Ledges, ledges and ledges... anyway, visit the Move Deleter!

Treasures:: N/A

36. Dragon's Den
Desription:: The name said the inside! (I know that's kinda pushy... :)

REVIVE: Immediately in Floor 3 (the first large room you'll see), move to
        the rightmost corner and if you have read the whole FAQ up thru here
        it'll be easy for you to guess where the item is :)
MAX ETHER: After you get the DRAGON FANG, surf to the small water area in
           west and check the northwest corner. Face north (to the square
           rock) and you'll get it.

37. Route 44: Mountain Rd. Ahead*
* I'm assuming that you start it from Blackthorn City, not from the area
  down there between New Bark Town and Cherrygroove city. Anyway, there's
  no chance for you to climb up the ledges from down there :)

Desription:: Way, way down without any chance of getting back up. There are
             some different routes with different trainers here...

PP UP: Okay, listen carefully. Stay near the rightmost wall while keep moving
       down and jumping the ledges, and eventually you will meet a small pond
       with a MYSTERYBERRY tree (if I'm not wrong). Now SURF into the small 
       pond and make your way to the southwest corner. Move one square to the
       right, face north, and press A.
       (Yep, it's underwater. I guess I had to take the chance searching up
       Route 41 also... sigh... I can't stand rough seas...)

Side Areas: Johto
Dark Cave* 
* I'm assuming that you're getting in from near Violet City entrance. 

Desription:: Dark. Dark. Dark. Even the items are for Dark-type.

ELIXER: Keep moving and stick to the southern part of the cave. Eventually,
        you will find the way out, the entrance from Mountain Path (the
        place with two Berry trees nearby). From that entrance, keep moving
        northwest and you will eventually have to Rock Break another rock.
        Do so, and you will see a little corner in the northwestern place
        nearby. As usual, the item is there.
Ruins of Alph
Desription:: You know where it is. Check your gear map.

Treasures:: N/A

Union Cave (deep down inside, i.e. floor 2, Lapras and another puzzle areas) 
Desription:: Notice that the trainers here are strong and the wild Pokémon
             ones are also at some kind of high level. Don't get inside it
             too soon, or else you might ended up in front of the Pokémon
             Center you last visited, with half-cut money in you pocket.

Treasures:: N/A

SlowPoké Well (with HM Strength)* 
* With HM Strength, you will be able to move the boulder at north thus 
  getting deeper inside the well.

Desription:: Well, this is the place to get Metal Coat...

Treasures:: N/A, I'm happy to say.

Burned Tower 
Desription:: Be prepared for the legendary dogs...

ULTRA BALL: Right away, jump straight to the hole to your left once you
            enter the tower. Once you're down, face left, and get the
BURN HEAL: Now climb back up, and jump straight to the hole to your
           right. Face the empty space between the rock lines, and as
           always it's there.
ETHER: Okay, climb up again. Now move northwest, break the rock with Rock
       Smash, face the trainer and keep moving as you could see that the
       path circles around the middle of the room. Don't drop down the 
       hole yet, instead just go to the end, you could get the visible
       item there, and see that there's a little corner (nook?) to the
       east? As always, it's there.
NUGGET: Once you broke free the dogs, move up the ladder until you hit
        the wall, move one step left, face south, and check it out. 

Tin Tower*
* To avoid confusion, let's say that the first floor is the very first
  floor you see once you enter the tower (i.e. the one that looked
  similar with Sprout Tower, with fenced wiggling-pillar).

Desription:: One simple word. Ho-oh.

MAX POTION: In FLOOR #4, on the very northeast corner where you should
            reach first from the ladder in FLOOR #3. From there, reach
            the platform with the wiggling-something in the center. You
            know, the one that used to be a giant Bellsprout in Sprout
            Tower. Yep, that moving pillar. From that platform, check
            the most northeast square of it.
FULL RESTORE: In FLOOR #5, try to get to the very southeastern platform
              where you could also find a down ladder there. Stand beside
              the ladder, face north, get the item.
CARBOS: Still, in FLOOR #5, now try to get to the very southwestern
        platform. The place is an isolated area, you couldn't go anywhere
        but going back :) From the ladder, move down one step, face east,
        get that item.

Whirl Island* 
* From here, to avoid confusion, there are four island here. From now on,
  I will call them the NE (northeast), NW (northwest), SE (southeast)
  and SW (southwest) islands. The SW, as an example, is the island 
  closest to Cianwood City, and the NE, I believe, is the place to get
  in touch with Lugia.

Desription:: Another simple word. Lugia.

MAX ETHER: NE island. First, get rid the WHIRLPOOL and move to the
           lone platform near that WHIRLPOOL. It is the small corner that
           is surrounded by seas. SURF there, and check the southeastern
           corner of that four-square land. 
ULTRA BALL: Still in NE island, get into the cave and FLASH it up. SURF
            all way right and get down the ladder. After that, keep moving
            to northeast and you will eventually see a little corner to 
            the north (with 2 rocks). Stand before the corner, get it.
FULL RESTORE: NW island. Get inside the cave, down the ladder and you will
              be on a huge room. Move south, still on the high platform,
              and you will eventually meet a ladder to the lower platform.
              Check the stone located at the leftmost of that place.
RARE CANDY: NW island. I don't know how will you do it, but from the place
            you get that FULL RESTORE (see above), find your own way to
            the very northeast corner of the huge room. You're on the right
            place if you could find a ladder up and a corner to the north. 
            As usual, check there. 

Mt. Mortar* 
* From here, since there are three entrances, I will give it some notes.
ENTRANCE 1: Near Ecruteak City, before SURFING or anything else.
ENTRANCE 2: The entrance found after SURFING once, near the place with
            three apricorns.
ENTRANCE 3: The entrance found near Mahogany Town, with a trainer nearby
            that is.
Desription:: The place is so damn confusing, the encounter rate is kinda
             high, it needs to be FLASHed up first... Better bring up some
             Escape Rope... (and an empty space in your team, trust me).

HYPER POTION: ENTRANCE 1. Get in, FLASH up, get into the door to next room,
              then (in the next room) keep moving east, you will see a 
              boulder, but keep moving east and get to the door in the end
              of the way. Get in, and you will be in somewhat watery area.
              Hit the stone to your west, and press A.
              (maybe, if you take note, it would be easier if you get in
               from ENTRANCE 3, as you will already be in the room with that
               item if you do so :)
FULL RESTORE: ENTRANCE 3. Find your very own way, to the place where you 
              could get the item namely Dragon Scale. If you can't, just
              try to SURF, use WATERFALL on the waterfall (duh), get into
              the door, and you'll be in a huge room. The Dragon Scale
              should be relatively in the northest part of the room. Using
              some SURF or so, you will eventually reach there. If you 
              find it, you should see that there are two ledges lined up
              vertically (top and down) to the right of the platform where
              the item is. Now move around all your way back to the northern
              way (before the ledges), then drop down the first ledge,
              stand on the left side of it, face east, get the item. 
MAX REPEL: Now, to the west of the Dragon Scale, there should be a ladder.
           Climb it up. Now, keep moving east, ignore the first ladder you
           see, and eventually you will see the rightmost ladder, to the 
           lowest platform. There should be a lone rock there, check it out.
           (maybe, if you take note, you should see that you are actually in
            the big room that is connected by ENTRANCE 1 and 3. If you want
            to ruin all of your exploration, just jump off the ledge near
            the lone rock and you should find yourself in a familiar place.
            However it could be confusing because when I got in from ENTRANCE
            1 and reach the northeast part of the big room (that is, the 
            place after you drop down that ledge near the lone rock), 
            ITEMFINDER could indicate that hidden item. Of course, we
            couldn't get it from there because of the ledge, and we should
            use the ENTRANCE 2 instead. But anyway, after all, bet you don't
            care or even understand what I'm talking about. Just forget it :)
MAX REVIVE: Anyway, from the MAX REPEL, move up the ladder again, move north
            west to the ladder you see before, down, and follow the way to
            southwest. You will eventually find a ladder down. Climb it down,
            and you will see a lone rock near you, sits right in the middle
            of the way. Just check it out.
            (Just a note, to make things all easier, it is the place where
             Blackbelt Kiyo is training secretly).

<Phew, can't believe I just explore this cave :>

Mt. Silver
Description:: Alright, this place is NOT supposed to be a side-area. This is
              the final place, where you will get the final showdown, with...
              I won't spoil it anymore :) However, this place is only 
              accesible once Prof. Oak told you to go there. And Prof. Oak
              will tell you to go there only if you have collected 16 badges
              in total.

DIRE HIT: From the entrance, just move up and east, up the higher platform,
          follow the path and go to the ledges in east. You will see a lone
          rock. Do as usual.
ULTRA BALL: Now follow and progress yourself until you find the door to the
            north. Don't get in--instead, walk southeast and you will find
            a small corner of rocks. Stand one square before, get the item.
MAX POTION: Now enter that door (see above). Once you get in, see the lone
            rock to your left and check it out.

<Just a note, I finished this whole treasure-hunting adv. right in this
 place! Well, there are still those sea routes, but... :>

Treasure Hunting List Part 1 1/2: Intermediate
Tohjo Falls
Desription:: One (err, two) big waterfall exist, right inbetween the two
             big continents... However your nice HM will get you through it.

Treasures:: N/A

S.S. Aqua
Desription:: The big ship travels between Olivine City of Johto and Vermilion
             City of Kanto. You may get on it if you've become a champion, 

Treasures:: N/A 

Treasure Hunting List Part 2: Kanto
                              K  A  N  T  O
Any Pokémon veteran who had played the R/B/Y should've familiar with these
places and feelings. Yep, the world map where Ash Ketchum lives and wander,
it's here for you to explore. Much things had happened since Ash's conquer
of Pokémon League. The volcano in Cinnabar Island erupted. The Power Plant
had been rebuilt and reused once again. The Pokémon Tower in Lavender had
turned into a Radio Tower. Safari Zone's closed. Mimic had to move from her
previous home because it was torned down and replaced with a train station.
Many things had happened, and the worse is, I have spoiled all the fun and
all the surprise to you :) Sorry, sorry guys... 

1. Route 27
Description:: Your very first step in Kanto should be not so long ago. Now
              is the time to take a brave step, your very first step toward
              the Pokémon League. Err, anyway, visit the nearest house to
              get a TM. 

Treasures:: N/A

2. Route 26: Pokémon League Reception Gate
Description:: Keep moving, as you see other trainers with the same purpose
              as you have in your mind. Battle them, and maybe they'll see
              that, unlike you, they're not prepared enough.

Treasures:: N/A

3. Victory Road
Description:: Cheers. No boulder moving, no trainers. This place is getting
              quite nicer nowadays. The encounter rate might still high,
              but it won't be as hard as in the past to get through Victory

FULL HEAL: Right after the entrance, move to the left side of the leftmost
           LONE rock, and face that rock. The item should be there.
MAX POTION: Sooner or later (usually after you battle your rival), you'll
            find the one and only hole. After you drop down, stand to the
            north of the lone rock nearby, face south, and get the item.

4. Indigo Plateau: The ultimate goal for trainers! - Pokémon League HQ
Description:: This is it, trainers. The place for you all to grab any fame
              and honor. Anyway, I had a good tips for trainers who hadn't
              enough level to battle Elite Four. First, save ALL of your 
              money in your mom. Now, use any of your best Pokémon and 
              challenge Elite Four. Somehow, eventually, you will get much
              experiences, much level-ups, and whether you could reach
              Lance or not, let yourself defeated. I mean, if you think
              that your Pokémon aren't good enough to battle in this place,
              it's OK and just let yourself beaten. Once all of your buddy
              fainted, move inside the building and talk to the man with
              Abra and get way back home to mom. Save all of your money
              with your mom again, SURF to the east water area, move about
              two square left and you should be able to FLY back to Indigo
              Plateau. Prepare your Pokémon again, face the Elite Four
              again, get beaten (or retreat) again, talk to the man with
              Abra, save ALL your money, lather, rinse, repeat. That way,
              you will eventually build up your Pokémon level plus you
              will gain some money as you could beat some of the Elites.
              By using that way, I could eventually beat up all the Elites
              with less problem, so I guess it won't hurt for you to try

Treasures:: N/A (this time, focus on the battle of your lifetime :)

5. Vermilion City
The Port of Exquisite Sunset

Description:: Once you get off the ship, you will be here. Anyway, that
              Snorlax is still blocking the way, and now it's fourth as
              bigger! As a little secret of our own, that man near the
              Snorlax will give you a HP Up if you collect all the Kanto
              (remember, Kanto) badges.
Pokémon Gym:: Leader: Lt. Surge 
              The Lightning American 

FULL HEAL: Move and stand next to the bush that lead to the Gym. Face south
           (to the plant that cannot be CUT) and press A.

- From reader -
The whereabouts of this item was informed by  "DragonSquallZ"
<dragonsquallz@yahoo.co.nz>, so the whole credits goes to him/her :) 

IRON:: Now this will be a little bit tricky. First you will need to go to 
       Cianwood City (right, in Johto) and board in the fast ship there. Once
       the ship's arrived, get out of it and STAY! Stand on the dock's 
       bridge and SURF to the water area to your right. Just SURF all way
       up, and then all way right. Keep facing to your right and the IRON 
       should be there. 

6. Route 6
Description:: A short way with no trainer to the next destination.

Treasures:: N/A

7. Saffron City
Shining, Golden Land of Commerce

Description:: What else can I say, this is one of the biggest city in 
              Kanto. It has Magnet Train now, you should take advantage 
              as a way of transportation, until you know that something's
              wrong with the electricity...
Pokémon Gym:: Leader: Sabrina
              The Master of Psychic Pokémon!

Treasures:: N/A

8. Route 5
Description:: Ah, the old Day Care is here. But now they're moving to
              Johto, as we have knew...

Treasures:: N/A

9. Cerulean City
A Mysterious Blue Aura Surrounds It
Pokémon Gym:: Leader: Misty
              The Tomboyish Mermaid     

BERSERK GENE: First, find by yourself the guy that'll tell you there was
              a dungeon in this town in the past, with a strong Pokémon
              inside... After that, the guy will tell you that his ITEM-
              FINDER is responding. Now, don't act dumb by checking the
              ground. Just leave him, move up the bridge and turn around
              to the river in west. Keep moving down and you will eventu-
              ally see the guy again. Now, in front of that guy, to the
              west, you should see a corner. Check it. This is by far the
              second hidden treasure that was 'clued' by a person in the
              game. The first one, I believe, is the item in Burned Tower.
10. Route 9: Cerulean City - Rock Tunnel
Description:: Ahh, memories...

ETHER: Once you battle CAMPER SID, move south until you hit the plant,
       move one step left, face south, get the item.   

11. Power Plant
Description:: Hey, this place ain't messed around like it was before!

Treasures:: N/A

12. Route 24
Description:: Cerulean Cape Ahead! A place each girl should love...
              Anyway, if you look for BERSERK GENE, check the Cerulean
              City section above. 

POTION: An obvious lone plant in northwest area, I quickly use it on my
        Lapras without any thinking. So easy to find, it deserves to be
        a potion anyway :) 

13. Route 25
Description:: Annoying kids awaits! 
Treasures:: N/A

14. Rock Tunnel*
* Assuming that you enter it from near Lavender Town. I know, I should
  have done it in reversal order, but this will give you more
  challenge to explore Kanto, sorry :)

Description:: The old place with new layout.

X DEFEND: Once you enter the place, FLASH it up, move a little to the
          eastern way and see a corner to the north nearby. Stand one
          square before the corner, face east, get the item.
MAX POTION: Now find the ladder down (or is it up?). Down (or up) there,
            move south, find a little corner, and use the usual way.
            Not pretty creative, even in Kanto, eh, GameFreak?
X ACCURACY: Now find the ladder up, and find the next ladder up, and
            some other ladders. Eventually, you will be in a place with
            some rocks lined-up making 90º-ly-counterclockwise-rotated
            L-shape. In English, they should looked like this:
            If you still not pretty clear, just use your ITEMFINDER
            each time you climb a ladder and it will eventually show
            you the way. Now, as usual, check the corner inside the L.
            (And if you still not pretty clear enough, it IS in the
             very first floor when you get in the Rock Tunnel via
             Route 9).    

15. Route 10: Cerulean City - Lavender Town
Description:: What do you expect from this tiny weeny way anyway?
              There used to be a lone rock with hidden item here before,
              but now it's gone. 

Treasures:: N/A

16. Lavender Town
A Noble Purple Town

Description:: Now, there's a new Soul House, since the old tower had
              been replaced with a Radio Tower.

Treasures:: N/A

17. Route 8
Description:: They got Haunter here at night, believe me or not.

Treasures:: N/A

18. Route 7
Description:: And Murkrow and Houndour, at this place.

Treasures:: N/A

19. Celadon City
The City of Rainbow Dreams

Description:: Here she is, the biggest city on Kanto!
Pokémon Gym:: Leader: Erika
              The Nature Loving Princess

PP UP: Find the restaurant, but don't get in. Instead, move east and then
       north to a dead end. Stick in the corner, face north, check it out.

20. Cycling Road (and Route 18)
Description:: It's hard to get the item, you have to move horizontally,
              from left-to-right or in reversal, and not vertically.

MAX ETHER: Right in the grasses you met at the first time. It's two square
           away from the southern grasses border and it's one square away
           from the eastern grasses border. If you can't get what I mean,
           just check the grasses :)
MAX ELIXER: Cycle your way down until you hit the wall. Move to the center
            and see there are two fences in the middle of the way. The item
            is in the left fence. 
21. Fuschia City
Behold! It's Passion Pink!

Description:: Sigh, no more Safari Zone... They don't even leave an item!
Pokémon Gym:: Leader: Janine
              The Poisonous Ninja Master

Treasures:: I told you it's N/A, they don't even leave an item :)

22. Route 15: Fuschia City - Lavender Town
Description:: Chansey, where are you?

Treasures:: N/A

23. Route 14
Description:: Chansey: As rare as ever.

Treasures:: N/A

24. Route 13: North to Silence Bridge
Description:: I remembered that this place was full of Bird Keeper
              in the past, my Pikachu had quite some level up or so.

CALCIUM: Find a Trainer Tips sign that told you to check the left side
         of the post? Then do so. Turn around to the corner and check
         the fence. It's three clued item now.

25. Route 12: North to Lavender Town
Description:: Get the Super Rod here!

ELIXER: Find a small land surrounded by water at north, SURF there, 
        face the southwest square, press A.

26. Route 11
Description:: I remembered I've got my first Drowzee here.

REVIVE: As always, the lone plant nearby the entrance hide something.
        I mean, the EAST entrance, not from the Diglett Cave one.

27. Diglett's Cave
Description:: What else, it's a Diglett only!

MAX REVIVE: Sigh, this is not creative... Check the obvious lone rock
            in the middle of the way. I didn't even need my ITEMFINDER
            to find it...

28. Route 2: Viridian City - Pewter City
Description:: The Forest is all... gone! Anyway, this is the place to 
              get your Pikachu, as you might see. Any fans, cheers.

FULL RESTORE: Once you enter the place where it used to be the Forest,
              you should see four square plant in front of you. Check
              the northwestern one.
REVIVE: From the entrance, move east until you hit a corner. Face south,
        and get the item.
MAX ETHER: Once you found the berry tree, keep moving on the way. While
           you move south, you will hit another corner. Face east, get
           the item.
FULL HEAL: From the corner where you get Max Ether, move west and north,
           and you will get yet another corner. Stand one square before
           the corner, face north. Get the item.

29. Pewter City
A Stone Gray City

Description:: And the Museum is closed too...
Pokémon Gym:: Leader: Brock
              The Rock Solid Pokémon Trainer

Treasures:: N/A

30. Route 3
Description:: The same old route.

Treasures:: N/A

31. Mt. Moon
Description:: Go get those cute fellow from outer space!

Treasures:: N/A

32. Route 4
Description:: It is outside Mt. Moon, that is.

ULTRA BALL: Soon you will fight a female trainer. Near her, there
            should be a "platform", a place that is higher than the
            other. Climb the ladder and move north until you hit the
            wall. Move one step left, face south, get the item.

33. Viridian City
The Eternally Green Paradise

Description:: To meet the gym's leader, go to Cinnabar Island.
Pokémon Gym:: Leader: ...
              The rest of the text is illegible...

Treasures:: N/A

34. Route 1: Pallet Town - Viridian City
Description:: Wait, don't step on tall grass, wild Pokémon lives there!
              Remember that? No? So this is your first Pokémon game, eh?

Treasures:: N/A

35. Pallet Town
A Tranquil Setting of Purity

Description:: Ah, hometown. Anyway, meet Prof. Oak, Ash's mom, and of
              course, Daisy ;)

Treasures:: N/A

36. Route 21
Description:: Water.

Treasures:: My service excludes sea areas, at least for now :)

37. Route 20
Description:: Water.

Treasures:: My service excludes sea areas, at least for now :)
38. Route 19
Description:: Water.

Treasures:: My service excludes sea areas, at least for now :)
39. Cinnabar Island
The Fiery Town of Burning Desire

Description:: Nothing's much but Blue here.

RARE CANDY: As usual, an item sits in the corner to the northeast.
            Stand one square before it, as usual.

40. Seafoam Island
Description:: Nothing's much but Blaine here.
Pokémon Gym:: Leader: Blaine

Treasures:: N/A

41. Route 22
Description:: Nothing has been changed a lot here.

Treasures:: N/A

42. Route 28
Description:: A whole new path! Bring up your SURFer and CUTter!

FULL RESTORE: Keep SURFing and keep moving until you hit the most western
              part. You're in the right place if you're on a platform with
              double line of plant. Move and stand beside the plant to the
              rightmost, hit the wall, move one step right, face south, get
              this item.
RARE CANDY: Find the Center, and move to the path to your right that is
            closed with bushes. CUT those bushes, visit the hidden house
            you will found, get out, keep moving to northeast until you hit
            the corner. Face north, get the item. 

Side Areas: Kanto
Undeground Path - Cerulean City-Vermilion City* 
* I'm assuming that you're getting in from near Vermilion City entrance. 

Desription:: At first, this place is closed. But once you could collect
             all 8 Kanto badges, and beat all trainers in Kanto, this place
             will be opened up. At least that's what happened to me :) 
             I really don't know what makes this place opened again :)
             Seriously, I guess you have to beat the Bikers gang or
             whatever their name was, all of them, and eventually the
             place will be opened up again. As far as I remember, it was
             my very first time to get a hidden item using a ITEMFINDER
             in this place, way back then in Blue. Ahh, memories... :) 

X SPECIAL: Alright, once you're underground, move west until you hit the
           wall. Move one step up, press A. One step up again, press A.
           Keep doing this until you found the item. Sorry I couldn't
           notice the exact place :)
FULL RESTORE: From the north ladder, keep moving down a little and press A
              for each step you take. I mean, it's hard to take note when
              everything's look all the same :) Just keep move down and
              you'll find it.

Allah SWT, for everything. _Every_thing.

Thanks to:
- CJayC. No reason needed :)
- "DragonSquallZ" <dragonsquallz@yahoo.co.nz>,
  Despite of the little error saying the new hidden item is in Viridian (it
  is actually in Vermillion), but his/her discovery is invaluable for this
  FAQ. Thanx for being so eagle-eyed hunter!!! Check Vermillion section to
  see where the item goes!  
- CreatureKeeper 20XX, for making a nice trainer FAQ. It's fun and worth
  reading. Keep rocking and writing :)
- MMeevasin, for making the one and only Gold/Silver walktrough I have in
  my harddisk to help me through the game... It was a great FAQ indeed.
- Donald, for his G/S/C FAQ. I used it as a comparation, as an alternative
  helper, and as a great source of Pokémon thingies. Thanks a lot dude. 
- Megawati Soekarnoputri. She's the president of my country, and she (or
  whoever it is) gave us students a long holiday during November-December
  2001, thus giving me a lot of free time to play Gold and make this FAQ :)
- Whoever had an idea for GameFreak to add the feature of registering a key
  item and having SELECT buttion as shortcut to use it in this game. It might
  not pretty important for most people, but for lazybones like me, it helps
  a lot :)
- KLa Project, for keep performing their KLakustik concert back and forth
  while I wrote this FAQ and my other Pokémon FAQ :)
- Rei, for keeping me sane. I know you know who she is. The one with EVA-00,
  I'll be honest. I'm not a freak of NGE, I just liked the art somehow :)

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 “For a treasure hunter, there are no more passionating time rather than
         when his detector senses a presence of unknown things, 
               buried deep down beneath the earth...”

                                                 ~ Quote by, err... myself :)

Well, that's it, all you hunters. I hope the item you find will be helpful in
future, and I hope I will be able to get my hand into Pokémon Advance, what
else than to look for another treasures. Until that time, let us search for
another treasures! Okay, if you found any new treasure I missed, my address
is <kuadrantiga@yahoo.com>. Use Treasure or something like that as subject,
and please don't send in any other thing but new treasures or else it might
get ignored, deleted, or replied with a nasty virus attached... :")
Anyway, if you really want to help, please tell me if there's any hidden
ones in those annoying seas (both Kanto and Johto) that I haven't completed
yet. Thankz alot :)

              “After countless hours in front of the monitor,
                       bathing myself with radiation, 
               and miles miles away from home searching for,
               now may I fulfill quite some sleepy ambition?”

                                                 ~ Again, quote by myself ;)

Bonus Chapter
As a bonus, I will give you some ASCII character that maybe you can't just
type with a simple keyboard touch. Use this to decorate your FAQ, of course
if you plan to made one. Okay?

Alright, see ya all! ZZzzz.... 
The End