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Pokémon Silver Glitches

Refight Gym Leaders (Easy Pokémon Training)
Like how much experience a gym leader gives? Well, you can refight them.

<span style="color:red;">*NOTE*</span> Only works until your next save.

1. Start off with at least 2 Pokémon. Make 1 hold an item. (Any item)
2. Save in front of the gym leader.
3. Fight and try to win with the Pokémon holding the item.
4. Once you beat them, go put the Pokémon you used to battle in the PC.
5. Do the Cloning Glitch*.
6. When you turn the game back on, you will be back in front of the gym leader. Do not fight. Instead, go to the PC. You will see the Pokémon you battled with before in the PC.
7. Repeat if you wish.

If you want to continue raising the cloned Pokémon, release the lower level Pokémon and use the cloned one instead.

<span style="color:red;">*NOTE*</span>
Cloning Glitch

1. Give a Pokémon an item, then save in front of a PC
2. Put the Pokémon that is holding the item in the PC.
3. Change the Box
4. When it says "SAVING DON'T TURN OFF THE POW", turn it off. *
5. Turn the game back on. The Pokémon you put in the PC will be in your party and in the PC. It will still be holding the item you gave it.


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