Pokémon Silver Tips

Pokemon setup
This is a perfect combination for the entire game using ONLY pokemon you first catch. Be aware, this will make your game play experiance VERY hard. This is a suggestion for you if your bored playing the game and want a challenge.

Starter Pokemon: Cyndaquil - Evolve it
Flying Pokemon: Hoothoot - Evolve it
Normal Pokemon: Rattata - Evolve it
Bug Pokemon: Weedle - Evolve it
Psychic Pokemon: Abra - Leave it at Kadabra
Dark Pokemon: Zubat - Evolve to Crobat

A well rounded set of pokemon to take on EVERY type in the game. Teach your pokemon any moves needed. Your not going to have the option for the 3 water HM's...but you can put away any pokemon you dont need to use. You could also start out with totodile to eliminate this problom. But make sure you dont teach it all 3 HM's. This will make it VERY hard to do anything when you reach the elite four.

Your best bet is to not teach these pokemon any HM moves. Find pokemon that can learn them and dont require evolution to learn these moves.