Pokémon Silver Tips

Last week, i read a cheat says that you bread a Lapras and a Seadra will get a egg inside have a level 5 Lapras with Hydro Pump attack. I teach my Lapras surf, and i train my Horsea to Seadra and bread them. Today, I hatch the egg, and i was SHOCK because the egg wasn't Lapras,but a Horsea with Surf!
So, maybe i will catch a Lapras girl............
OK, the breeding process with Lapras and Seadra will get a Horsea with Surf if u teach Lapras surf(I think):
1)Get a Lapras with Surf(Let's try it WITHOUT surf)
2)Get a Seadra with Hydro Pump Attack
3)Match them in the Day-Care Center
4)Hatch the egg inside and You will get a lvl 5 Horsea with Surf(if u get a lvl 5 Lapras with Hydro Pump Attack,u are so lucky...)
Thank You all that support me(maybe now dun have....)