Pokémon Silver Tips

The easiest way to find the 3 legendary dogs
You must have met all 3 dogs in order to do this!

Get a Pokemon that has very good speed and knows how to put other Pokemon to sleep. Also get a high level Pokemon that knows "False Swipe", I recommend Scizor if you can get it.

Make sure you take a lot of Pokeballs, Great Balls, or Ultra Balls with you.

Step 1: Put the Pokemon that knows how to put another pokemon to sleep at the top of your party.

Step 2: Next fly to Mahogany Town. Save.

Step 3: Check your Pokedex to see where all 3 dogs are. If they are not close to you, reset the game and turn it back on. (NOTE: May take a while to do.)

Step 4: If any of them are close to the left or right of the town, go to that direction they're the closest; DO NOT GO UP! If not in the area you are in, walk into town and check your Pokedex again. Repeat until in they are in the same area as you, and then use a max repel. (NOTE: there is ONLY 1 place with grass to the left and right of town.)

Step 5: If they are in the same area as you, use max repel and go find them!

Step 6: Once you have encountered one of them, put it to sleep then switch the Pokemon to the one that knows "False Swipe". Use "False Swipe" until it has 1 hp left or until it is weak enough, then throw a ball at it.

Step 7(optional): If you fail to catch them and they ran away, repeat Step 3- Step 6.

NOTE: I did this and caught ALL 3 in ONE DAY!!! XD

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